Among Us Airship Map Guide – Tips To Get Around The Map

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Posted on September 30, 2021

One of the most anticipated updates for Among Us is the Airship Map. It was the 4th map that was released in 2018. Not only is the Airship a new map, but it also provides new features that you won’t experience in the first 3 maps of the action multiplayer game.

One example is the fact that the Airship is more elaborate since you won’t just go left or right here. You’ll climb stairs, use moving platforms, and so on. This provides you with a more dynamic map, making the gameplay of Among Us more fun. Though the map has been around for a while already, many players are still having trouble getting around it. To help with that, this blog post will provide you with tips and a quick Among Us Airship map guide.

Getting Around The Airship Map

One of the things that you’ll notice with the Airship map is that it’s currently the biggest map available. It’s even way bigger than the Polus map, which makes it a great map to take advantage of the 15-player match. It will be more challenging for both Impostors and Crewmates since the big map can be both an advantage and disadvantage to everyone.
among us new airship

This map also features multiple stories, providing for more dynamic gameplay. It does feature the usual room you’d find in an Among Us map like the meeting room, medical, electrical, and so on. This map also features many different unnamed rooms, as well as large corridors. This may seem like an advantage for Impostors since large maps make it easier to pick apart Crewmates.

But that’s not the case since the map also provides features that Crewmates can take advantage of. Let’s discuss some tips for both Impostors and Crewmates on how they can utilize the Airship to their advantage. The Airship map might be a big and dynamic map, but it does offer advantageous features for both Crewmates and Impostors. Let’s discuss what are those in this section.

Tips When Playing As A Crewmate

A large map is seen as a disadvantage for Crewmates because it makes it easier for Impostors to pick you apart. Though that may be the case, the map does offer features that can help mitigate Impostors’ advantage on a large map. One of those features would be security cameras. One of the best would be the security camera in the Cockpit, which shows you the location of all alive players.

This is helpful since you’ll know where all the players are. Then there are also the cameras in the Security room as well as the vitals in the Medical room. These things can be helpful in tracking down all the players. It’s also important that you try to avoid the Gap Room altogether. It’s the room where you can use the moving platform. The issue with this room is that you won’t be able to cross the gap if the moving platform is located on the other side.

Another player would need to use it first so it will go to your side. This can be a big issue, especially if you’re being chased by an Impostor. You might find yourself trapped and get killed. Of course, it can also be a way to leave behind the Impostor, but it’s not a reliable option. You should also mind the shadow in the Armory as it can be a good hiding spot for Impostors or for dead bodies.
Airship Among Us Deck


Tips When Playing The Impostor

If you happen to play as an Impostor, then there are also advantages that the Airship map can offer you. As mentioned above, the Armory has a shadow area where you can hide and wait for unsuspecting Crewmates to ambush. You can also wait for them to enter the shadow before going for the kill. This way, their bodies won’t be discovered immediately.

The Armory is not the only location where you can find spots to hide dead bodies. There’s also the upper engine in the Engine room, the area next to the guns in the wall of the Armory, and the area behind the toilet door. These areas are good spots where you can kill Crewmates since it would be hard to find their bodies. The doors in the Electrical are also a good area to ambush Crewmates.

This is because the door is randomized, so it can be a big advantage if you’re playing the Impostor. Also, avoid killing Crewmates in the Meeting Room. Though the room is isolated, it doesn’t have a vent and you can easily be spotted if someone is watching the security cameras. You can check the cameras in the Cockpit to get an idea of where the remaining players are.

Final Thoughts

The Airship map can be confusing to get around to at first. But once you’re used to it, you’ll see it can be a fun and great map to use. The tips provided in this blog post will be able to help you greatly in getting around the Airship map.

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