Among Us Game: A Guide in Discovering the Killer

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Posted on September 15, 2020

If you are looking for a fun, exciting, but also challenging action game, then you should try Among Us. It’s a mystery-solving multiplayer action game that you need to play with at least four players and a maximum of 10. All players will be labeled as part of the Crew. The goal is to complete several tasks, which shouldn’t be that hard, considering there are many players.

However, to make the game more exciting and challenging, not every player will be Crew members. There will be one or up to 3 players who will play the role of Impostor. The role of the Impostor is to prevent the Crewmates from completing their task and killing them all. Since Impostors are part of the game, another task that Crewmembers need to do to win the game is to identify and vote out who the Impostors are in the match.

The game sounds simple, but it isn’t. There are a lot of different dynamics that will be at play, especially if you consider the fact that you are playing with real people. So completing simple tasks, and even finding out who the Impostor is, will not be as easy as it sounds. If you’re new to this game, you might be confused at the beginning of what you need to do.

Whether you’re a Crew or Impostor, you might have a hard time doing your tasks properly or grasping how the game works might also be a challenge. But no need to worry as this article is a guide for beginners that will help you better understand how to play Among Us properly.


How Among Us Work

To help you understand how to play Among Us properly, let’s break down this game further and see how it works. As mentioned above, this is a mystery-solving multiplayer action game where your goal will either be to complete tasks or kick out the Impostors, or sabotage everything and kill Crew members. You will play with at least four and up to 10 players with 1, 2, or 3 of them being Impostors. You can choose to play the game with your friends, creating a private server, or doing it face-to-face using one WiFi network for everyone.




Different Cosmetics for Customization

Since you’ll play Among Us with other people, it offers an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from others. You can customize your character, first by changing the color of the avatar you are using. Second, you can wear different hats to personalize further what your avatar will look like in the game. And lastly, you can purchase cool-looking skins to make your avatar stand out in the game. It is important to remember, though, that your character’s color will automatically change, especially if there’s already someone in the server you joined that is using the original color you selected.


Different Maps and Languages to Use

Aside from customizing your character, you can also choose the map that you want to play in, as well as the kind of language you want the game to play in. There are three different maps available to use, The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus. Each map will have different layouts, as well as how evicted players are dealt with. It would be best if you familiarized yourself with them to know where to go when you’re already playing.

The game is also available in 6 different languages, English, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Portuguese. The language is for the text that will be in the game, not necessarily for the chat function. During discussions, people will still talk or chat in the language that they prefer to use.

It is important to remember that being a Crewmate or an Impostor is chosen at random. You will know what your role is right before the game starts. So it’s not going to be easy to plan on how you will play the game since you wouldn’t know if you’re part of the Crew or an Impostor. To further understand what you will do, let’s discuss each role.


The Crew Members

This is the most common role you will likely get whenever you are playing Among Us. This is because there are just more Crew members than Impostors, so you are likely going to be in this role whenever you play the game. As part of the Crew, your ultimate goal is to complete all of the tasks assigned. Most of them are simple and easy to do, like swiping your card or realigning power to certain rooms.

There are likely 4-5 tasks for everyone to complete, and they are spread across the map. Aside from completing tasks, you will also have to fix things that Impostors are sabotaging and also be on the lookout for them. To win the game, you either have to complete all tasks before all Crew members are dead, or successfully evict all of the Impostors. Each Crew member will have the ability to call an emergency meeting.

It is during this meeting where discussions as to who’s the possible Impostor. The Emergency Button for every map is located at the center table in the Cafeteria. It can be anytime except when the reactor, the oxygen, and the lights need fixing. A meeting is also usually called whenever you or another player reports a dead body. When you’re killed as a Crew member, whether by the Impostor or by being wrongfully evicted, you become a ghost. As a ghost, you can’t participate in discussions, but you can still complete tasks.

Discussions can usually go smoothly, especially if you happen to play with rational people. But more often than not, the discussion can go a bit chaotic, especially if you happen to play the game with people who prefer to accuse and point fingers. Things can also go a bit chaotic if you happen to join a server where multiple languages are used during discussions.




The Impostors

As the Impostor, you will do things differently from Crew members. Your ultimate goal is to sabotage everything to prevent them from completing tasks. You also have to avoid being suspected, which is why there are some tasks that you can do to make it seem like you are a legit Crew member. But other than that, you will mostly be sabotaging certain rooms, as well as trying to kill Crew members one by one.

To make it easier and faster to sneak around, you will be able to travel through vents. You can use this to go to different rooms and kill unsuspecting Crew members. Killing Crewmates can’t be done as much as you can since there’s a cooldown period for the Kill Button. The length of the cooldown period will depend on the server that you are joining. There are some servers where there isn’t a cooldown for the Kill button, or it’s very short, so you will be able to kill 2 Crew members quickly.

But there are some servers where the cooldown is longer, so you can usually kill only one member at a time. You can also report a dead body even if you are an Impostor, which you can use as a way to direct the suspicion away from you. Discussions are usually the tricky part since your goal here is to avoid the suspicion on you. The best way to avoid it is to have a good alibi in case they suspect you. You can also try to put the suspicion on someone else, especially if other players started accusing as well.


Is It Better to Be an Impostor or a Crew Member in Among Us?

As to which role is better to play will really depend on your preference. If you’re someone who prefers to just complete tasks and doesn’t prefer to do anything else, then being a Crew member is right for you. But if you prefer to be the disruptor and sneak around a lot, then being an Impostor is better for you. Take note, as mentioned earlier, you don’t really have a say on what role you will play in this game. It’s all chosen at random and will be revealed right before the game starts.

The best you can do is perform your roles well when the game starts to help your team win. If you’re part of the Crew, you either complete all tasks or successfully kick out all of the Impostors. If you’re an Impostor, the goal is to kill all crew members.


Playing Among Us

Now that you have an understanding of how the game works and what are the roles of each player in the game, it’s time to discuss what it’s like to play Among Us. The first thing that you will do after downloading and installing the game is to customize your character. This means changing the color of your character, as well as adding accessories like hats, masks, add pets, or even a kid. You don’t need to use too much time here since your appearance can still change when you enter a server room, especially if there is already a player that’s using your chosen appearance. After customizing, you can start to join the servers.


Free to Play Game Mode

If you prefer a test run of the game, you can choose the FreePlay Mode. In this mode, you play with bots, and there are no Impostors. The bots don’t do anything except to stand around in certain rooms. You can call a meeting once, and these bots will vote, but there won’t be any discussion whatsoever. The purpose of the FreePlay Mode is for you to experience the different tasks that you will do as a Crewmate. During the actual game, things can happen fast that you might not even get a chance to do a few tasks.


Local and Online Game Mode

If you want to play for real, you will have two modes to choose from Local and Online. Local is where you play with people who are in the same WiFi network. This is the mode where you can play with people face-to-face.  Online is the mode you play if you don’t have anyone to play with on your WiFi network. In Online mode, there are three game modes to choose from, Public, Private, or Host. Private is a game mode that will require a passcode to join. This is usually for players who prefer to play Among Us with friends or people they know. The Host is where you create your own game, set the parameters, and then either make it public or private.


Public Game Mode

The Public is the game mode where everyone looking to play can join. There are many different servers available, but you can narrow them down by providing additional filters like what map to use, how many Impostors, and what language is on the chatbox. The language part is not that reliable since people can still freely use any language they prefer when chatting. Once you’ve chosen a game mode, you will go to the waiting room and wait for the server to be filled. After that, it’s time to play.


Among Us Final Thoughts

Among Us is a fun, exciting, entertaining, challenging, and sometimes, even a frustrating game to play. The game itself is not that hard or hard to learn, as you can see from the details above. You complete simple tasks as a Crewmate or kill Crewmates as the Impostor to win. What makes this game challenging and even frustrating to play is the people you are playing with. Some people are just very toxic to play with and wouldn’t care much about the dynamics of the game.

If you’re unlucky to join a server, you won’t have much fun. But if you get on a server where players take the game seriously and are more than willing to cooperate, you will enjoy it. It’s fortunate that the number of good servers far outnumber the number of toxic servers.

If in case you joined a toxic server, you can just quit the game and join another server. With so many servers available, it’s not hard to play the game again. Regardless of the toxicity of some players, Among us is still an excellent game that can keep you playing for hours. Whether you play as a Crew or as an Impostor, you will enjoy this action game.

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