The Best & Top 5 Deception Games Like Among Us

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Posted on September 19, 2020

Among Us is a popular and fun game that is taking the gaming world by storm. It has millions of daily players, but many different contents are coming inspired by this game. There are comics, videos, animation, and many more about Among Us. The gameplay is very simple and easy.

A game will have 4-10 players, and 1-3 Impostors will get randomly chosen before the game starts. The rest who were selected will be part of the Crewmates. Their goal is to complete tasks or successfully identify and eject the Impostors. As the Impostor, the role is to kill all the Crewmates without being identified. It’s a game of deception, and the best and most exciting part of this game is usually the discussions.

This act is where most of the fun in the game happens. But is Among Us a unique game? The answer is no; there other similar games out there that are just like this one. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 of the best deception games similar to Among Us. Look at this list below.


Town of Salem Gameplay


1. Town of Salem – The Coven

One of the best deception games that you can play other than Among Us is the Town of Salem – The Coven. It’s a strategy game where 7 to 15 players can play the game. But unlike Among Us, this game has more than two roles available to play. There’s the Town member, the Mafia, the Serial Killer, the Arsonists, and Neutrals. Roles are in random options, so you will only know your position before the game starts.

The Town members are the good guys, and the goal is to track down all the villains successfully before they complete all of their plans. Each villain will also be playing specific roles in the game. The Serial Killer’s role is to kill other players while the Arsonist’s role is to set houses and buildings on fire. It’s a fun game that is more challenging to play since there are different roles that you will need to deal with if you’re a Town member.

2. Mafia Online

Another good alternative to Among Us is Mafia Online. It’s a text-based deception game where players are divided into Civilian or Mafia roles. The Civilians’ goal is to successfully identify and kill all the Mafia members, while the purpose of the Mafia is to kill all Civilians without getting caught successfully. However, unlike Among Us, there are also various special roles that both groups can have.

On the side of the Civilians, there’s the Doctor, Sheriff, Lover, and Spy. On the Mafia side, there’s the Terrorist and Barman. The game also features the Journalist and Bodyguard, which are not part of the Civilians, but are part of the peace group, therefore will help Civilians. The Mafia kills during the night, while the Terrorist kills during the day. The minimum number of players that can play is 5, while the maximum is 21.


werewolf online


3. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online is another great deception game that you can play other than Among Us. It’s also a text-based deception game, but this time, you get to see the Avatar of the players you’re playing with. The leading roles in this game are Villager, Werewolf, and Solo. But like most games on this list, there are other sub-roles available under each central role. Villagers’ main goal is to kill all the Werewolf, and for the Werewolf, the role is to kill all Villagers.

Solo players will have various roles to complete. An example would be the Fool, whose goal is to get lynched by the villagers. The player wins if the villagers lynch him or her. Another Solo role is the Cannibal, who can eat 1 Villager a night or save the hunger and eat up 5 Villagers one night. The Werewolf can’t kill the Cannibal, and the player wins if he or she is the last player alive. It’s a fun game that provides a variety of different roles for each player to play.

4. Mafia42

Another Mafia game on this list is Mafia42. It’s a game that’s based on the classic Mafia game that came out in 2002. Like most of the deception games on this list, it’s also a text-based game and has a variety of different occupations (roles) for players to play. Of course, the main one would be Citizen or Mafia. The goal for the Mafia is to eliminate all Citizens without getting caught successfully. It’s for the Citizens to successfully identify all Mafia members and eliminate them before they’re all killed.

There is another role, which is the Cult Leader. This role doesn’t belong in either team and is also trying to aim for victory. This role can convert other players, except the Priest and Mafioso, to its side, which can help during the voting process. It’s a fun and dynamic game to play since there are more roles available.



5. GM Online: Murder Among Us, Hide & Seek, Fall Run

This play is another Among Us alternative. But unlike most of the games on this list, this is not a text-based game. It’s a first-person game that offers a variety of different game modes. The game mode that is similar to the deception game is Murder Among Us. In this game, you either play the role of murderer, detective, or bystander.

Well, that’s all that we can offer for you today. If you’re looking for more games like Among Us, trying these games will certainly give you the thrill of knowing who the suspect is. Invite your friends to play these fantastic matches with you as well for more fun!

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