Top 5 Tips on How to Win Races In Angry Birds GO

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Posted on May 30, 2021

In 2013, Rovio published the eighth installment in the Angry Birds series in the form of a kart racing game called Angry Birds Go. Despite having an entirely different gameplay structure, fans of the franchise positively received the game boasting more than 10 million downloads in its first month alone. Inspired by classic go-kart racing games like Mario Kart, Angry Birds Go is a decent racing game that packs quite a bit of challenge.

Most of the challenges come from the game’s track or course design and controls which, in its entirety, requires a lot of practice to master. In addition, the abilities of each character can only be used once and require in-game currency to execute for the second time. Not to mention the daunting task of upgrading your karts to match the power of your opponents. In a nutshell, Angry Birds GO exploits the Freemium marketing model to the maximum. Nevertheless, just like any freemium game out there, there are ways to enjoy the game without spending too much or not spending any real-world currency in the game at all.

Angry Birds Go Kart

With that in mind, we collated five of the most effective tips that you can use to win races in the game without getting angry or frustrated. So without further ado, check out our shortlist of Angry Birds tips below.

Angry Birds GO Tips for New Players

Before we get into the specifics, the tips on this page apply to the overhauled version and latest update version of the game, which is version 2.9.1. This means that if you played the old version or the version below 2.0, you will notice some changes in the game’s appearance, upgrade system, and challenges. With that out of the way, let’s continue with our list of tips.

Angry Birds Go Tips


1. Manage Your Tickets, Gems & Coins

The three types of currencies featured in Angry Birds GO are Tickets, Gems, and Coins. Among the three, Gems is the rarest, meaning that the easiest way to acquire this resource is through the in-game shop using real-world currency. Gems are used for the second burst of power-ups, acquiring parts or missing resources during upgrades, opening toolboxes, and purchasing coins in the in-game store. You can also earn gems by watching ads and opening toolboxes.

Meanwhile, Tickets are for opening toolboxes and often found in daily and regular races. You can also get tickets by watching ads. Tickets are important since this is the only other currency that you can use to open a toolbox. Without tickets, you won’t be able to acquire upgrade parts and blueprints. Toolbox sometimes contains a decent number of coins and gems.

Lastly, Coins are the easiest currency to acquire. Coins are used for upgrading karts. You can collect coins during an active race or as a level completion reward. You can also purchase coins using gems, and opening a toolbox. With that said, you must keep an eye on each of these currencies and spend them wisely.

2. Complete Daily Races & Open Toolboxes

As you have probably realized by now, tickets are one of the most flexible among the in-game currencies since you can use them to open a toolbox. A single ticket can open one toolbox and if you are lucky, you will find 40 gems, 50 blueprints, rare upgrade parts, and hundreds of coins.

Angry Birds Go Races

Tickets are also the most abundant in daily races, however, you need to earn stars to acquire them. The number of stars you get depends on the level of difficulty and your performance in the race.

Now, winning an easy race will grant you a single star multiplier; 2x during a race with medium difficulty; while 3x during hard races. Beating a daily race on medium difficulty with a three-star rating will earn you six stars, plus you can earn three more stars by watching an ad bringing the total to 9 stars. To get the reward for daily races, you need 5 stars for the easy reward, 15 for medium, and 25 for hard.

3. Upgrading Your Kart

Upgrading your karts will consume a huge chunk out of your resources, that is why you should plan your upgrades carefully and strategically. First, you should check the CC requirement for the current level that you are in before unlocking or upgrading any vehicle. In addition, you need to check the venue of each race and upgrade the most efficient vehicle in the selection. Doing this will save you a decent amount of resources and will make your upgrades more efficient.

4. Toolbox & Luxury Toolboxes

As you may have noticed, most of our tips point to proper management of your resources. This is because having enough resources will allow you to access luxury toolboxes. The expensive price of a single luxury toolbox comes with epic and rare upgrade parts, coins, and a decent number of blueprints. However, luxury toolboxes do not contain gems, unlike regular toolboxes. With that said, you need to make sure that your purchase is worth it. To do that, you need to choose the 10-piece bundle worth 360 gems. In other words, as tempting as it may be, refrain from purchasing a single luxury toolbox.

Angry Birds Go Toolbox


5. Enjoy The Ride

Once you have established a strategic approach in managing your in-game resources, the next thing that you can do is allow your strategy to sink in and enjoy the game. Angry Birds GO is not a flawless game and it has its own set of flaws. These flaws can sometimes be annoying but always keep in mind that this is just a game made for enjoyment.

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