Arknights: How to Level Up & Farm Materials

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Posted on December 22, 2020

In Arknights, your Operators possess different abilities to strike down enemies. A well-balanced team can clear off levels quickly. But as you progress in the game, you will eventually encounter a level that is hard to beat. When this happens, you need to check if your Operators need to be upgraded.




If you want to upgrade your Operators, you need the right materials and Battle Records that give experience and Lungmen Dollars (LMD). Each Operator has a Battle Record where they can collect materials and use them to upgrade. You can complete missions, Event Operations, and Challenges to gather these materials.

Missions, Operations, and Challenges are typically accomplished by defeating the enemies you encounter there. The enemies will drop random materials that you can collect. However, take note that operators can only gather materials if you have them at your party and if they have participated in the mission.


How to Upgrade and Promote Operators

Just like any other RPG, you have the ability to level up and promote your Operators in Arknights. Leveling up happens when your Operator’s EXP bar gets filled up. To fill up their EXP bar, you have to have them in your squad whenever you play a mission. Aside from filling up the EXP bar, your Operators also have a star ranking which denotes how rare they are. This star ranking is important since it determines how difficult it is to get the next upgrade.




Operators can be promoted twice, depending on their star ranking. For example, Melantha is a 3-star Guard which means she is in the middle ground in terms of rarity. As such, you will need a bit more material to promote her. One way to farm for her materials is to include her in your squad and let her participate in missions. This way, she will gain EXP, LMD, and have the chance to get rare materials on her Battle Record.

It is also important to check your Operators’ star ranking since some of the lower-ranked ones have a lower level and skill cap. This means that once they’ve reached their limit, they won’t get to level up and you would have to promote them—provided that they have the necessary materials on their Battle Record.


Knowing Different Upgrade Materials in Arknights

We’ve stated before that Operators need to gather Materials on their Battle Records so that they can use them to fulfill their promotion requirements. However, Materials are not just used for promoting your Operators, you also need them to level up their skills and abilities.

In Arknights, materials have varying rarities. You can determine how rare a Material is by looking at their borders. Gray borders mean they are Tier-1, Yellow is Tier-2, Blue bordered Materials are Tier-3, Pink ones are Tier-4, and Gold Materials are Tier-5.




You can farm for these different-tiered Materials by completing main operations. Tier-1 to Tier-3 Materials are the most common drops whenever you finish an operation. On the other hand, Tier-4 or Tier-5 Materials are rarer drops. Moreover, you can purchase Materials in various in-game stores. Tier-1 and Tier-2 Materials can be bought using Credits in the Store. For Tier-3 Materials, they are available at the Commendations Store and cost Qualification Certificates.

As for Tier-4 Materials, you will need Advanced Certificates to purchase some of them at the Distinctions` Store. Lastly, you cannot purchase Tier-5 Materials but you can use the Workshop to combine Tier-2 to Tier-5 Materials by using lower-tiered Materials. For example, if you wish to get a random Tier-5 Material, you will need to combine Tier-4 Materials in the Workshop. This is the only way to get Tier-5 Materials without resorting to grinding for it on missions.


Farming for Materials

Speaking of grinding, the most common way you can use to promote and level up your Operators is by farming Materials. Completing main and daily missions is the fastest way to farm for Tier-1 to Tier-3 Materials.

If you are lucky, you might get a Tier-4 Material during one of your daily missions. However, they are actually very rare, so you might end up grinding for it. One workaround to this is by utilizing the Workshop. Use your excess Tier-3 Materials to combine them for Tier-4 Materials. Do this often or if you have the resources so that you are that much closer to crafting a Tier-5 Material that you can use to promote or level up one of your favorite Operators.

This leaves the question—how do I farm for Materials efficiently? First, you need to complete all the Daily Event Missions each day. This helps you get a lot of Tier-1 to Tier-3 Materials. You can also clear Event Operations and Challenges, but your squad needs to be in tip-top shape before you proceed since these are usually hard to complete.

There are also Chip Operations that help you gain Chips, LMDs, and Tier-5 Materials for your Operators. Chip Operations are often scheduled on specific days for certain Operator Classes. Take note that Chip Operations are usually tough, and you will need at least moderately high-leveled Operators (around 4 to 6-star ranked) to have a better chance at completing the Operation and getting the rewards.

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