Bistro Heroes – A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

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Posted on March 10, 2021

If you are looking for an interesting and unique RPG that you can play, then you better check out Bistro Heroes, a role-playing game that’s published by Team Tapas. What’s unique about this RPG is that it comes with a cooking aspect as well. That’s right, it’s not just the typical RPG where you go on adventures and fight enemies, this game also has cooking elements to it.

Cooking is actually one of the main parts of what the game offers. One of the main characters you will use is a cook and he is the one who will prepare dishes while you use the others for fighting. It is an interesting and unique game that you will definitely enjoy playing. But how do you play this game anyway? Are there any tips or suggestions? Let’s discuss all of these things in this article.

The Cooking Element In Bistro Heroes

Let’s begin by talking about the cooking element of the game. As mentioned earlier, this is a big part of the gameplay. You will instantly see this during the game’s tutorial which will teach you about the basics of battle, as well as cooking. Your base of operation will be a small cooking stand called the Bistro. Now, whenever you battle, you earn ingredients as rewards and you can use them to cook food.


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The food you cook will eventually be sold to make money. This is your main way to make money in the game, and it’s the reason why cooking is important. To cook more food, you need to obtain new dishes and new ingredients. Dishes are obtained through rewards from completing certain battle stages. Dishes are sold automatically, but it takes time. To lessen that, you can upgrade The Bistro to improve its turnover rate and allow you to earn quickly.

Bistro Heroes’ Unique Battle System

The battle system for the game is also unique. Before you start, you can select which hero you want to participate in the battle. Then once it begins, your heroes will begin all bundled up together. There will be dotted lines that show where each hero will go after performing the action.

There are certain situations wherein placing the heroes together is a good option, so look at the battle first before lining them up. Heroes will also attack automatically. They will attack the nearest enemy. But you can make them concentrate their attack on a particular enemy by clicking that enemy.

Acquiring New Heroes & Gacha Summoning

Unlike most RPGs, this game doesn’t rely on the gacha system to acquire new heroes. Instead, you will just earn heroes as you progress in the game. They usually appear after you complete a certain story, and they can be used in battle. This is great since this is one RPG game that doesn’t have hero collecting as one of its main objectives. However, this doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have a gacha summoning system.

The gacha summoning is for the costumes (skins) and furniture you can use in the game. Costumes and furniture are items that buff up your heroes. The costume can also change your hero’s appearance while the furniture further makes The Bistro look more like a restaurant and attract more customers in the process. And like other RPG gacha systems, the costume and furniture here will belong to 1 of 5 tiers, with the C tier being the lowest and SS the highest. The higher the tier, the lower the percentage of summoning it.

Stamina & Upgrade System in Bistro Heroes

Like most RPG games, Bistro Heroes also have a Stamina system. You will need the stamina to participate in battles. Of course, you can upgrade to increase its limit and reduce the time needed for them to replenish. You can also watch ads to replenish a portion of the stamina to allow you to battle again.

The upgrade system is another huge part of Bistro Heroes. Not only can you upgrade your stamina to increase the limit and reduce replenishing time, but upgrades also play a role in improving your hero. You can upgrade them to increase their overall durability and damage. You can also upgrade the cooking spell speed and gold capacity. This is why upgrading is a huge part of the game.


bistro heroes pc download
bistro heroes pc download


Tips for Playing Bistro Heroes

Now that you have an idea of the basics of Bistro Heroes, let’s discuss some tips for you to properly play the game.

  • Upgrade the cooking spell to improve your dishes and sell them faster.
  • Focus on the minions first when battling.
  • Always polish weapons and level up the armor of the main heroes.
  • Participate in events for more rewards.
  • Decorate The Bistro to improve heroes and attract more customers.

It’s not easy being a restaurateur and warrior at the same time. So, keep these basic tips in mind whenever you start playing Bistro Heroes! If you haven’t downloaded the game yet and you want to play it on PC, you can do so with the launcher.



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