Arknights – The Best Operators to Train

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Posted on October 27, 2020

Take on the role of Doctor, the lead strategist and essential member of Rhodes Island in Arknights. As the decision-maker, you have to sift through hundreds of Operators and choose the best ones for your unit. Don’t worry! Amiya is here to guide you along the way. As a leader, her job is to make sure that your Operators perform well in every battle.

This anime-style game will awaken the otaku in you. With the elements of strategy and action combined, it’s more than what you bargained for. You will have numerous Operators at your disposal and every single one has unique strengths and abilities. It’s going to be a tough decision knowing who to lead in battle, and who gets to man the fort. So check out this simple list to find out which Operators are experts on the battlefield.

The Doctor’s Frontline Operators

Guards are the primary melee DPS unit. They can deal severe damage against the enemy and often have reliable offensive abilities. The S-Rank Operators are the most powerful of the bunch. The operators that stand out among the rest are Che’en, Skadi, SilverAsh, and Hellagur.

Vanguards are low-cost units with deployment abilities. They have the ability to generate Deployment points allowing you to put more units on the field. They usually excel at the beginning of a battle. Standing at the top of the roster is the six-star Siege. She has an AOE nuke that can deliver a devastating blow against hordes of Infected.

On the other hand, Myrtle is one of the best additions because of her first skill. She’s a DP battery capable of generating more Deployment points than Siege. Be careful because she loses the ability to block units once you use any of her skills.

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The Game’s Formidable Arts Masters

Casters are powerful units that deal Arts damage. They are ranged damage dealers with a high Deployment cost. There are usually three types of Casters: AoE, Debuff, and Single-Target. Each one has their respective strengths and weaknesses. What separates these Operators from the rest is that they completely ignore an enemy’s defenses.

Eyjafjalla and Ifrit are two of the strongest Casters in the game. They can both apply negative buffs on enemies as well as deal massive AoE damage. If you want a Caster on your squad, make sure you can save up enough DP to deploy them.

Another Arts Operator is the Supporter. Their primary role is to hamper enemy movement. To achieve this, they have skills that apply specific debuffs to enemies like Slow, or even summon apparitions that can block enemies. Even though they attack enemies from a distance, they don’t deal as much damage as Casters or Snipers.

Among the Supporters, Angelina and Magallan are your best choice. The prior has super AoE slow skill and the latter is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the role.

The Backbones Of Every Squad in the Battlefield

Stalwart Defenders are your shield on the field. They have high HP and often deploy defensive skills. Some of them also come with minor healing skills that recover injured allies. They are built to tank enemies and would always be the last Operators standing in a fight. Hoshiguma and Saria are the best defenders in the game. Saria has healing capabilities while Hoshiguma can reflect damage back to your enemies.

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Pair Defenders with Medics and you basically have an immovable mountain. Their task is to heal any injured Operators. They can recover multiple units or simply heal one unit back to full health. They are deployed as range units– and would often need to be kept away from harm. The most reliable Medics in the game are Shining and Nightingale. Shining can regenerate a single target back to optimum condition while Nightingale can help multiple units.

Complete The Ranks With Specialists & Snipers

Snipers and Specialists are unique Operators that have their roles spelled out for them. Snipers are long-ranged units that can take out enemies from afar or can make quick work of flying targets. They can also deal single target and AoE damage. The most formidable Snipers to have around are Firewatch and Exusiai. The latter specializes in single-handedly sniping enemies one at a time, while the prior can take down multiple enemies from afar.

Specialists on the other hand are versatile units that can be deployed on both ranged and melee tiles. They can hamper enemy movements, even push and pull them to holes. They are meant to cause chaos against enemies on the battlefield. Cliffheart and FEater are the game’s top Specialists with FEater serving as both a disruptor and damage dealer. Cliffheart can pull enemies towards a hole in front of her– making them fall to their deaths.

Ultimately, Arknights is a strategy role-playing game that relies heavily on your mental skills. There’s also the chance that you might not get the mentioned characters as it is still a gacha game. However, a wise Doctor knows to adapt to the situation. So test out your strategic skills and play Arknights on your PC now!

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