Arknights F2P Guide: Saving Up For The Character W

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Posted on December 3, 2020

Arknights is the only tower defense game where a lot of players value the cuteness of a waifu or husbando over effectiveness in-game (besides The Battle Cats, that is). Well, technically, it’s the ONLY tower defense game with a ton of excessively gorgeous characters. That’s anime for you, baby.

And, if you have been following and playing Arknights since the global release back in January 2020, you know about W. Yes, W – that one girl that EVERY Arknights fan page and subreddit cannot stop talking about. She’s villainous, she’s a yandere, and she’s just damn cute. Imagine Taihou, Roon, Deutschland and Graf Spee combined their looks and attitudes to become an Arknights operator; you get W.

But now that she’s bound to arrive soon since Arknights is about to celebrate its first anniversary in the Global server. Is it worth saving up for W? Most likely, her banner will show up in January but should you even stack up on the Orundum and Originium? Here is a guide from one of our writers: Dr. Matoy#9855 who is currently at level 83 as of this writing.


Arknights W


Who is W?

We want you to get a bigger picture of who this W character is. Yes, she is boiling and a certified 10 out of 10 with great fan arts on Twitter, Pixiv and Danbooru, but why are the filthy weeaboos so stoked about this one girl and not the others?

If we speak about the lore, she is a member of Reunion: a group of terrorists infected with Oripathy that want to take over cities and make a utopia for the Infected. Oripathy is the untreatable disease in the game’s story, and those that are infected with it are called, well, Infected. You are a Doctor with a PhD in Harem who leads an organization called Rhodes Island. This special operations unit deals with Reunion and just about anybody that disturbs the peace of the cities.

W is one of the main antagonists of the game which, SPOILER ALERT, defects at some point and joins Rhodes Island. That also means you, the Doctor, have a shot in winning her heart but also has a high probability of Dr. Kal’tsit or Amiya killing you first.
She is also a 6-star AoE Sniper – much like Rosa, Meteorite, Catapult and Shirayuki. The Chinese players consider her as the best AoE Sniper in the game, and it’s just because she is hot – but because of her usefulness.

Her Talent is as follows:

  • Ambush: “After remaining deployed for 10 seconds, obtains 40% Physical and Arts Dodge, and is less likely to be targeted by enemies.”
  • Insult to Injury: “Enemies in range take +18% Physical Damage when stunned.”

“Wait, that’s it? Just two passive talents?” Well, yes. And also because she packs a huge punch, especially if you have operators with Stun talents. Quite stunning.

Did I mention she’s super hot?

Saving Up for W (Completely F2P)

If you are a whale, please get out and buy more Originiums and Headhunt Permits because you will need as many as you can before the banner turns up. However, if you are dimeless, you may want to follow the next tips since these are crucial.
According to her banner in China, if you do not get her within 299 pulls, the 300 pull will guarantee her to show up. You’d either be a whale to have that much pull or you have been doing nothing but grind for the in-game money since January.

Stacking Up on Originiums, Orundums and Headhunting Permits


This part includes both the normal levels and the harder ones. One complete stage with three stars will give you one Originium. There are a total of 6 Chapters so you may want to complete these first so you can level up quickly and have enough juice for your Operators in Annihilation.


The fastest way to gain as many Orundum as you can is to complete the Weekly Annihilation – all 3 of them. While the 3rd one is a pain in the butt, you got to complete it by whatever means necessary. Even if you have to resort to watching KyostinV and his cheesy Kroos/Jessica moves on YouTube. Completing all 3 Annihilations will have a total of 1700 Orundums to collect. You have to finish this every week if you want enough free resources for at least ten pulls for W – which will cost you 6000 Orundums.




Event stages offer the same way as the Story stages: One Originium per 3-star completion. Also, you may want to preserve enough of the event currency to buy yourself a cluster of Orundums and Headhunting Permits in the event store.


Go over the Certificate tab, and you should find the Commendations, Distinctions and Intelligence stores. There are several Originiums and Permits to buy there and if you have even just enough, go ahead and purchase them. After all, you are going for that W butt and no other Operator.

Completing Daily and Weekly Missions

This one is obvious, but one completed Daily mission will give you 100 Originiums every day while the Weekly mission provides 500 Originiums. Given that you finished every daily task in a week, you have 700 plus 500 Originiums. That’s 1200. Combine that with clearing the weekly annihilation (1700 Origs), and you have a total of 2900 Originiums in a week. That’s 11,600 a month.

A Small Price for a Subscription

This portion may be unfair, but for anybody desperate to increase the count, even more, Arknights also has a subscription fee which ONLY costs $5 a month. That’s equal to 11 Orundums after the purchase and 200 Originiums every time you log in during the 30 days. It’s worth it, especially if you don’t want to be called a whale, but you want to whale just a tiny bit. Like, as small as Durin and Myrtle.

Don’t Pull for Any Other Operator.

We cannot stress this enough but save up for W. Do not have that mentality of “It’s just one pull, what can go wrong?” Well, listen to us, buckaroo, you are gambling here. But, instead of casino chips, you have waifus. Waifus are precious, and W is the epitome of adorable. I do not care if you missed out on Magallan, Exusiai, Siege, Bagpipe, Schwarz, Mostima or any other girl. You are reading this because you are in a desperate attempt at going all-in with W.

If you do get W when her banner is finally up, congratulations! You have transcended from a filthy weeaboo into a gacha gambling degenerate. Also, if you are here to correct us for calling you a “weeaboo” and not an “otaku”, stop, okay? Calling yourself an “otaku” in today’s age is just pure cringe. Don’t you know that’s considered an insult in Japan? Weeb.

Also, don’t forget to try out Arknights on PC using our game client

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