Arknights: Advanced Annihilation 2 Guide

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Posted on April 30, 2021

Arknights players know that completing the weekly Annihilation is the best way to earn a huge amount of free Orundum. Completing Anni 2 will increase the weekly Orundum cap to 1500. If your operation is done properly with the right operators and timing, you can passively earn 1500 Orundums through the autoplay.

If you are having a rough time completing it on auto mode, perhaps you might just want to try out our advanced Annihilation 2 guide. This strategy is also inspired by KyostinV’s guide. But if you want to read our Annihilation 1 guide, click here.

Map Layout

Anni 2 is a much more vertical map than Anni 1. Furthermore, the enemy count is at 400, with ever-increasing difficulty. If you want the most effective strategy, you need a mix of the most viable 5* and 6* operators in the field. Sorry guys, but there’s no other way around this map without a powerful operator of at least 4* at E1 Level 60 with a Rank 5 skill. So, before you get started, make sure you have at least decent operators.

If it’s your first time, you might feel overwhelmed because there are over TEN entries for the enemies and just ONE exit to guard. That’s six on the left, two for the drones up and down (though don’t worry about it, we’ll explain more later), one on the upper right, and another at the lower right. There’s just enough spaces for both foot and high ground operators as well.


Enemies during the first 100 waves will be easy peasy since you only need to deal with Soldiers, Rioters, and Cocktail Throwers. If you can, you can just deploy one or two operators for the first 100 waves.

But at wave 120, things start getting hotter. First of all, you’ll face Junkmen; tough hulks who you’ll need to take out with a heavy damage Operator. Second, Drones will start popping up although you only need one or two ranged Operators for those since they seldom show up anyway.

At wave 200, this is when things get a bit annoying; specifically because of the Wraiths and Wraith Leaders. Without a proper Slow-type Specialist or Debuffers, they’ll just breeze to your exit. Midway around 250, the pesky Casters will get summoned. Butchers will be a threat as well.

At wave 300 to 400, things will start to get messy with the addition of four more enemies: Caster Leaders, Loggers, Avengers, and Hateful Avengers. This is when Arknights starts testing your deployment skills and talent activations.
Arkknight the Best Operators to Get


Top Operator Picks

This roster is based on Dr. Matoy#9855’s picks. However, feel free to add in other Operators or alternatives if you like. Basically, you will need the following: At least one 2-block Vanguard, one back-up Vanguard (for either heals or additional block), one or two AoE Snipers, one ranged Guard, two Shielders (healer-types are most ideal), two medics, one Caster, and one Pull or Push Specialist. For the last two slots, fill in whoever else you like.


The most viable vanguard for this is Texas, thanks to her Sword Rain skill which stuns enemies and adds 10 DP. If you want a more effective way for the early game two-Vanguard meta, you will need a healer Vanguard; specifically Myrtle (or Elysium if you have him). This way, Texas can outlive for the rest of the Anni. Make sure to place her right beside the exit. Healer Vanguard must be above her. Alternatives for Texas are Zima, Plume, Scavenger, Vanilla, and Vigna. Courier should work well, too.


You really only need one—specifically, an AoE type like Catapult, Meteorite, or W. If you have any of the three, put her at the leftmost middle tile facing left. Her AoE has good splash damage that destroys idle enemies from the early game to the final wave. If you have two AoE Snipers, place the second one right below Texas facing left.


You only need one, particularly a ranged-based Operator such as SilverAsh, Lappland, Arene, or Midnight. If you have SilverAsh, this is definitely a breeze thanks to his Truesilver Slash that creams out enemies. Lappland and Ayerscape are also good, but you better need a solid Medic for them. Midnight may not do much but he’s a good expendable Operator to hold the line.

Put one on Texas’ upper-left, right in front of the healer, Vanguard. Guard should face left. Bring an extra single-target Guard if you need to.


Two shielders come to mind: a healer type and a 3-block type. Healers such as Saria, Blemishine, Gummy, and Nearl are very important since the work of two Medics won’t be enough at the last waves. Place one in front of Texas. The 3-block type will work as a back-up in case the ranged Guard or healer Defender dies.


Two is enough. You need one AoE medic like Perfumer or Ptilopsis and a single-target medic such as Silence or Myrrh. The AoE Medic goes right above the healer Vanguard. The single-target Medic should be at the bottom, right below the AoE Sniper. Medic must face upwards to heal the Sniper and healer Defender.


You only need one since his or her job is to flush groups of enemies in the middle. Place the caster to the left of the AoE Medic, facing downwards. This could be anyone, although Eyjafjalla or Mostima are the best for this. Ifrit is good too, but you’ll need active timing with her skill.


This one is perhaps the most important because no one else can stop the lower-right wave beside them. Before level 100, you need to place a pull-type Specialist at the very bottom right. Pick Rope or Cliffheart with an auto skill for this one.

If you follow the deployment positions and operators right, you should have no problem repeating the process on auto mode in the future. We’ll see you on the Anni 3 guide.

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