The Best Black Desert Mobile Classes You Can Play

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Posted on January 27, 2023

Black Desert Mobile is an exciting world-class multiplayer online role-playing game that you can immerse yourself in. You play as an adventurer who lost his/her memories and is on a new continent. You have to explore this new land and try to uncover the mysteries and truths about the ancients of the world. To help you in your adventuring, the MMORPG gives you different character classes to choose from. And each Black Desert Mobile class is unique.

Each has different skills, abilities, progression, and even different game styles. Thus, making choosing the right class for you a bit difficult. What makes Black Desert Mobile unique is that the majority of the classes available are just awakened or ascended forms of the base class. It means you have to choose the right base class first to get to the more powerful classes you want. Though all classes are unique and strong, some are just considered overpowered. And in this blog post, we’ll identify what those classes are.

The Strongest Black Desert Mobile Classes to Use

Black Desert Mobile features 25 base classes and each one will have an awakened and ascended version. It’s why it’s difficult to decide what class to pick since there are too many of them. We’ll try to narrow down that selection by listing the strongest Black Desert Mobile classes available right now.

Sage Class

One of the most powerful classes you can select in Black Desert Mobile is the Sage class. It’s also one of the newest classes added to the game. But despite being new, it’s already shown that it’s a force to be reckoned with. A caster type that deals powerful damage and can fight in close or ranged combat. What makes it powerful is its spatial skills. It can open rifts that you can enter or another dimension and unleash a powerful spell. It makes the character very hard to predict, which makes it also difficult to deal with.

The awakened and ascended classes are even more powerful. But even if you just stick to the base Sage class, that’s enough since it’s already a force to be reckoned with. One challenge with this class is learning how to properly use it. You’ll need to master the use of its skills and how best to apply them during combat.

black desert mobile sage
Image Source: Sage Gameplay


Lancer Class

Another powerful class available in Black Desert Mobile is the Lancer. It’s the awakened version of the Valkyrie and is still one of the strongest classes in the game. Her piercing makes her a devastating one-on-one character to deal with. She also has improved defense because of her shield. What’s great is that she’s also agile, compared to tanks. It means that you can easily maneuver and get close to enemies, which is great since she’s a melee character.

Though she is powerful, she does have a harder time dealing with enemies that are spread on the battlefield. She can’t take advantage of her abilities that much since she needs to move from area to area to fight enemies.

black desert mobile lancer
Image Source: Lancer Gameplay



Another class that uses powerful spells you can try to focus on is the Archmage. It’s the ascended version of the witch and specializes in making use of the fire and ice elements in battle. She’s a class that just deals raw damage against enemies. What’s great is that there are various skills you can use. You’ll have AoE skills and targeted skills. A true cannon in the sense that it’s a character class that’s just designed to deal tons of damage.

Just make sure you stay far from enemies. Unlike the Sage, the Archmage can’t disrupt enemies. This character also has weak defense and health, so a powerful melee opponent getting close will usually spell doom for you.

black desert mobile archmage
Image Source: Archmage Gameplay



A strong melee/range hybrid that you can use in the game is the Raven. It’s the ascended version of the Sorceress and uses spells to attack enemies. What’s interesting is that these spells allow. you can either fight in range or close combat. It gives you freedom and flexibility during fights. It also gives you plenty of options on how you’ll deal with enemies.

She’s also one of the highest damage-dealing classes in the game. So, you know you’re getting a character that can punish enemies at both close and long range. One main issue with the Raven class is the relatively long cooldown of its skills. It’s hard to maintain consistent damage during fights if your skills are constantly on cooldown.

black desert mobile raven
Image Source: Raven Gameplay


The Destroyer

If you want a character that can both dish strong attacks while also tank some damage, then The Destroyer is your class. It’s the awakened version of the Giant. Though this class equips a cannon, it’s still classified as a melee class. Its new weapon will allow it to fight at a short distance, but it’s more devastating if you’re blasting that cannon at close range. Besides, the skills of this character still focus primarily on close-ranged combat.

One downside to The Destroyer is its mobility. It’s something that many tank classes suffer from. They’re not the most mobile characters in the game. Fortunately, The Destroyer uses a cannon, so it won’t be easy to kite you.

black desert mobile the destroyer
Image Source: The Destroyer Gameplay



And finally, there’s the Musa. This character class is great for players who prefer fast-paced gameplay. And you don’t even need to wait for its ascension or awakening to enjoy this class. It already possesses great skills and abilities in its base form. Using its martial arts prowess, the character provides fast gameplay where you execute various combos to deal with enemies. And you can ascend to the Blade Master, which is an improved version of the Musa, or awaken to the Warlord which provides more crowd control.

The Musa, though, is not easy to master. It will require practice to be able to execute combos properly and swiftly. And this is in both PVE and PVP gameplay. But once you master it, you’ll see how great the character class is.

black desert mobile musa
Image Source: Musa Gameplay


Enjoy the Strongest Black Desert Mobile Classes

There are many more character classes available in Black Desert Mobile. But the ones listed above are some of the most powerful in the game. You can never go wrong if these are the character classes you’ll focus on when you play. And if you need more help playing this MMORPG, stay tuned here in

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