The Best Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters To Start With

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Posted on February 24, 2023

Disney Twisted Wonderland is an interesting and entertaining anime-based RPG. The game was named that way because it provides “twisted” male versions of popular Disney characters. There are twisted characters from popular Disney titles like The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, and more. Just like many RPGs, collecting different characters is part of this RPGs gameplay. One way to make sure you’re adventure in this game will go smoothly is to start with good Disney Twisted Wonderland characters.

But knowing which characters you should start with won’t be easy. This is what we’ll discuss in this blog post. We’ll provide a list of the best character you want to start your journey with. Good thing Disney Twisted Wonderland will allow you to recruit characters early on. Also, if you’re not happy with your first characters you can reroll it. But if you happen to get any of the characters we’ll list down, you don’t need to do any reroll.

Disney Twisted Wonderland Character Cards

When we’re talking about the Disney Twisted Wonderland characters to start with, we’re talking about the cards. There are a total of 22 characters in the game but each one will have several cards under them. The cards are what you’ll use in battle and this is why it’s important to have good character cards to start with. You want to make sure you’ll have good cards to help you in the beginning.

Like many games that also feature character collections, Disney Twisted Wonderland will provide a way to acquire good cards early on. But this will still use the gacha system, which means you can’t choose which character card you’ll get. This is why you can always reroll if you’re not happy with what you got. But if you start with any of the character cards below, you won’t need to do any reroll.

1. Riddle Dorm Uniform

One of the best Disney Twisted Wonderland character cards you can start with is Riddle’s Dorm Uniform card. What makes it the best is it has the highest max attack stat in the game. So, you can still use this card later in the game. His damage and attack will still be viable, in the middle or end parts of the game, so it would be a good start to get the Riddle Dorm Uniform card. You won’t need to reroll anymore with this card.

Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters
Riddle Roseheart Dorm Uniform


2. Leona Dorm Uniform

Another good attack card you can start with is Leona’s Dorm Uniform card. He may only have the fourth-highest attack in the game, but he also has good max HP. This means Leon is an attacker that won’t die easily as well. This makes him a good character to start with in Disney Twisted Wonderland. Rerolling is also not needed if you get him, even if he’s the only great character you’ll start with.

Leona Kingscholar Dorm Uniform
Leona Kingscholar Dorm Uniform


3. Trey Dorm Uniform

The Trey Dorm Uniform card is another great Disney Twisted Wonderland character card that you can use in the game. Unlike Riddle and Leona, this card is a defense type. This means he specializes more in healing or providing buffs/debuffs. Also, the Trey Dorm Uniform provides modest HP restoration, which is very helpful if you’re just starting. The defense type character is more important than the attack type since you can easily replace them with other attack-type cards. So, no need to reroll if you get this card.

Trey Clover Uniform
Trey Clover Uniform


4. Malleus Ceremonial Robes

If you’re unlucky and didn’t get any of the best SSR to start with, the SR card Malleus Ceremonial Robes is a great alternative. It’s an attack-type card with decent max attack and good max HP. What makes him a great card is that his skills also provide a modest power boost to the caster. This means he will buff power whenever he uses his skill. This is a good skill to have, which will allow him to deal more damage to enemies. A minor power boost to the caster is also gained due to his buddy bonus with Leona.

Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters
Malleus Draconia Ceremonial Robe


5. Ortho Archetype Gear

Another good defense character card you can start with is Ortho Archetype Gear. He doesn’t provide healing, but he does give a modest power boost when he uses his skill. This is another valuable skill, especially in the beginning, when you’re still building up your cards and teams. A power boost is always welcome to have in any team composition and battle.

Ortho Shroud Archetype Gear
Ortho Shroud Archetype Gear


6. Cater Ceremonial Robes

Here’s another character card that can provide you with a power boost with his skill. Cater Ceremonial gives a minor power boost whenever he uses his Flame Blast skill. You can never go wrong with characters who can provide a power boost since they’re helpful early on. This is why strong characters that also give a power boost are good options to begin your journey in Disney Twisted Wonderland.

Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters
Cater Diamon Ceremonial Robe


7. Rook Labwear

The Rook Labwear character card is another great card to start with. It’s an attack-type card with good max HP and decent max attack power. What makes this Disney Twisted Wonderland Character card good is its skill that also deals modest damage cut to enemies for 1 turn. This will allow you to deal more damage to enemies, even if your attack power is not that high or you don’t have an attack boost. The attack boost is still preferable, but the damage cut is a great alternative if you don’t get any character cards that provide that.

Rook Hunt Labwear
Rook Hunt Labwear


8. Riddle Labwear

Riddle’s other character card, the Labwear, is also a good card to start with for the same reason as Rook’s Labwear. His skill also deals cut damage to an opponent, but it’s just minor cut damage. This is why he is ranked this low but it’s still way better than not having any at all, especially for an attack-type card. Added damage is always welcome to allow you to quickly take out opponents.

Riddle Roseheart Labwear
Riddle Roseheart Labwear


9. Kalim Labwear

The Kalim Labwear outfit also provides the same ability that deals minor damage cuts to opponents for 1 turn. But this time as a defense-type card. This means his attack power is way lower than Riddle Labwear, but he does have a higher HP. This gives him more survivability and is a good option to have on your team if you already have too many attackers.

Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters
Kalim Al Asim Labwear


10. Jamil Ceremonial Robe

The Jamil Ceremonial Robe is a decent character card with decent attack power and HP. What makes him better than other cards is that his skill deals strong floral damage. He has higher attack power than the Malleus Ceremonial Robes card. But that’s the only thing he has. His skills, though great, are considerably lower compared to the skills of other character cards on the list. Nevertheless, he is still a strong character card to have and good to start with.

Jamil Viper Ceremonial Robe
Jamil Viper Ceremonial Robe


There are Other Good Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters

There are many strong Disney Twisted Wonderland character cards available. This is why it’s not easy to decide on which good character you want to start with. Any character can be useable early on. But the ones we provided on this list are the best ones you should go for.

But take note, you will consider not rerolling if you get one of the three SSR characters mentioned on the list (the top 3). For the 4th to 10th characters on the list, you can still do a reroll if you’re not happy. But they’re good characters to have already at the start. So, if you don’t want to reroll, that’s also ok.

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