Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – A Review Of Paquito

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Posted on March 12, 2021

It’s less than a month since Paquito was released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and he’s making a scene. He’s such a strong damage dealer with good skill sets that it’s hard to deal with him in the game. He’s one of the heroes that people ban in ranked games to eliminate the probability of facing a skilled player. Paquito may be as formidable as players say but it’s important to lay down all the cards. In this review, we’ll tackle the strengths and weaknesses of Paquito.

The Legendary Boxing Champion Paquito

Paquito is the newest fighter that you can play on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is a hero that’s based on legendary boxer Manny Pacquaio and was launched globally last January 15, 2021. To acquire him, players will have to spend either 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds. As a fighter, he is a melee hero, which means he fights in close range.

Though Paquito is technically a fighter player, he is very versatile in terms of role with his skillset. He can be tanky with the right items and the help of his first skill. His huge physical DPS makes him a viable damage ealer. He also has good Crowd Control (CC), which makes him a good hero to initiate clashes.

Paquito’s Fighting Skills & Abilities

His Champ Stance is what truly makes him special. It’s a passive skill that you can activate after the hero reaches four stacks. Stacks can be built by hitting enemy heroes with Basic Attack or damaging them with skills. Once the passive is activated, it enhances Paquito’s next skill dealing more damage the next time you use it.
Mobile Legends Paquito

What’s even better is that the Champ Stance also eliminates the cooldown of Paquito’s skills. This means that you can spam his skills while you are in Champ Stance. That can be a game-changer, especially during clashes. You can instantly use your Ultimate skill once again, further devastating your opponents. It’s this passive that makes Paquito such a dangerous and hard hero to deal with.

Paquito is also a fighter who has good Crowd Control Skills. His ultimate Knockout Strike can deal two types of CC, slow and airborne. Paquito will slow targets by 75% when his haymaker connects after pushing enemies to a destination with the elbow strike. If the Champ Stance is active, the hero will do an uppercut instead and knock enemies into the air. He can then do another K.O strike afterward.

He also has decent mobility, making it easier to move around. His Jab has a dash skill that allows him to move forward a certain distance. This skill can be used to initiate team fights or get out of bad situations. So he’s someone who won’t be an easy target to catch.

The Shortcomings of The Legend

As great as Paquito is, there are weaknesses to this hero that can make him perform badly during matches. Let’s discuss what’s bad about him in this section. As a melee hero, Paquito will have to fight enemies close-range. And this is something that he has to do, even when using skills. Paquito doesn’t have a long-range attack, as his Jab skill is more mid-range than long-range. This means that this hero needs to be in the thick of battle if you want to use him effectively.
Paquito Gameplay

Paquito has a shield that he gets after successfully landing his Heavy Left Punch. The problem is the shield is not that good, at least compared to other fighter heroes. So, you can’t rely on it to sustain you during fights. You will have to equip him with spell vamp items, or use defensive equipment to help him sustain more.

Using defensive items would be better with Paquito since he is a hero who’s also vulnerable to CC skills. If he gets hit with CC, the spell vamp would be useless since you can’t cast any ability. With defensive items, you will have a higher chance of surviving.

Since Paquito is a strong and versatile hero, expect that he will likely get banned a lot in Ranked matches. This could be a problem if you’re someone who’s planning on making him your main hero. But that’s not unusual, as strong heroes tend to get banned a lot so players don’t have to deal with him.

Playing As Paquito In Matches

Paquito is another hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that is easy to use but hard to master. He is a skills-based hero, which means he relies more on his skills to be effective. You also have to properly learn the right combos as one mistake could mean death.

Looking at what Paquito can offer, it’s safe to say that he’s a great addition to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is not perfect, as he does have several weaknesses. But these weaknesses are not enough to outweigh the strengths that this character possesses. He’s a great hero to get and master, and he can help you win a lot of games. Test out this boxing champ by playing MLBB on PC using our client!

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