Blade Idle Guide – The Ultimate Guide to Conquer the Game

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Posted on July 24, 2023

Welcome to the ultimate Blade Idle guide, where we delve into the exciting world of this captivating game and equip you with all the essential tips and tricks to become a true master. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer seeking to level up swiftly, enhance your weapons and armor, or a fashion enthusiast eager to explore the delightful realm of costumes, we’ve got you covered!

With our help, you’ll be able to conquer foes with unmatched finesse, decked in dazzling attire, and seize victory on every quest. So, buckle up for an adventure like no other, as we equip you with the Blade Idle tips, knowledge, and skills needed to rise to the top!

Focus on the weapons & equipment

Your primary objective should be unlocking the bottom row of weapons and equipment, as this will grant you access to a plethora of stronger items. Remember to steadily upgrade the gacha to its maximum level of 15, starting from the beginning of your journey.

To optimize your progress, don’t overlook the “Merge All” button, which allows you to combine the weapons and equipment you’ve summoned so far, bolstering your arsenal even further.
Now, let’s delve into the maximum level for each growth stat:

  • ATK: 15000
  • HP: 15000
  • DEF: 2000
  • Crit Rate: 400
  • Crit DMG: 1500
  • Super Crit Rate: 400
  • Super Crit DMG: 1500
  • PEN: 2000
  • ACU: 2000
  • Hyper Crit Rate: 400
  • Hyper Crit DMG: 1500
  • Get all costumes

Make sure to seize the opportunity to obtain all these marvelous outfits. While some costumes are readily available in the shop, keep your eyes peeled for exclusive ones that can be acquired through the cash market, where real money is spent, or through special events like the daily login event.

Personalize your character by selecting the costumes that resonate with you the most. However, remember to be strategic about your choices, as different costumes offer varying stat boosts that can greatly impact your performance in different content.

blade idle weapons
Image Source: Blade Idle Gameplay


Use the free buffs

Try a simple yet rewarding method – watching advertisements. By opting for this route, an impressive array of free buffs shall be bestowed upon you, granting a substantial advantage in terms of stats. Embrace this opportunity to empower your journey, for these buffs may be activated not once or twice, but an incredible five times each day. As a savvy and discerning player who relishes the free-to-play experience, this choice undoubtedly becomes a paramount advantage worth seizing.

Carefully allocate your stat points to level up

As you progress, remember to judiciously distribute your stat points (not to be confused with actual skills) and gradually maximize your skills. Allow your prowess to bloom step by step.

The optimal sequence for skill-maximization should follow this path:

ATK -> Increase Stage Drop Rate -> Increase Skill Book Drop Rate -> Skill ATK -> Upgrade Final ATK -> DEF -> ATK SPD -> PEN -> ACU -> Increase Accessory Chest Drop Rate -> MOV SPD

While it’s prudent to focus on essential stats, such as ATK, you need not fret excessively about the Gold Increase stat unless all other avenues are fully explored. Tailor your stat point allocation to suit your preferences, but always make ATK your unwavering priority.

blade idle stat points


Upgrade your skills after setting it up

When you access the game’s main interface, you will be presented with 3 skill bars that you can customize to your liking. As a player, you have the privilege of choosing from a pool of 12 Active and 12 Passive skills. Naturally, you can only equip the Active skills for combat.

It is highly advised that you seize every opportunity to upgrade these skills since they can significantly impact your gameplay. Initially, the first set of skills (gray, green, and blue) have shorter cooldowns, but they deal less damage compared to the skills unlocked later in the game. However, as you progress, you will gain access to more powerful “end-game” skills (purple, yellow, and red) with longer cooldowns but substantially higher damage output.

To optimize your performance, consider placing the earliest acquired skills on your first skill bar. This arrangement will enable them to cycle swiftly, proving quite valuable during grinding sessions. On your second skill bar, you should focus on utilizing the more potent skills, saving them for challenging levels or instances. Finally, the third skill bar can become a canvas for your experimentation, as you blend both lower and higher cooldown skills to craft a well-balanced setup.

blade idle skill upgrade


The right way to spend your Diamonds

As an f2p player, you’ll find yourself needing to invest your hard-earned Diamonds wisely in Blade Idle to acquire essential equipment, weapons, alluring costumes, and invaluable Relics and accessories.

To make the most of your Diamonds, let’s prioritize your spending:

  • Start by acquiring, upgrading, and unlocking all the weapons and equipment. These items play a crucial role in your journey. So don’t hesitate to invest a significant portion of your Diamonds here.
  • Next up, consider purchasing the various costumes available. Fortunately, they won’t put too much strain on your Diamond stash. Additionally, having them all at your disposal allows you to switch between them effortlessly, depending on the content you’re tackling.
  • As you progress through the game, you’ll realize the utmost importance of Relics and Accessories. For the end game, these become the key elements to focus on. Allocate your Diamonds toward upgrading these items to their fullest potential. These will play a decisive role in your success.

Keep track of your supplies

In your Inventory, there’s a designated tab solely for your chests, which holds great rewards. To fully capitalize on these treasures, make sure to frequently check and open them, especially after hours of relentless grinding. Fortunately, the Inventory has ample space, so it won’t become overcrowded with your newfound loot.

However, the key to maximizing your potential lies in not only opening the chests but also taking the time to equip and upgrade any items you acquire. These actions will grant you valuable additional stats, empowering your character further.

Valuable Blade Idle Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro

Congratulations, brave adventurer! With the ultimate Blade Idle beginner guide at your disposal, you now possess the knowledge to conquer this captivating realm. Thus, helping you emerge as a true master of this role playing game. So embark on this extraordinary adventure, for the world of Blade Idle awaits your heroic deeds. Become the legend you were destined to be. May your name echo through the ages as the master of this captivating realm. The path is clear, the destiny is yours—forge ahead and claim victory!

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