Last Shelter Survival Guide – Strategies for Dominating the Wasteland

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Posted on July 19, 2023

Are you a newcomer to Last Shelter: Survival? Discover this unique Last Shelter Survival guide tailored specifically for you, filled with invaluable tips, cheats, and strategies to enhance your gameplay experience.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to play Last Shelter Survival, from understanding the progression system and transitioning between states to embarking on national quests and managing your troops effectively.

Additionally, you’ll gain insights into heroes, medals, their upgrades, and various other aspects crucial to your success. Get ready to dive into the world of Last Shelter with this exclusive guide and uncover essential tips along the way.

Last Shelter Survival Gameplay – Tips & Tricks

Your primary goal in this game is to effectively manage various base activities, including building structures, launching attacks, and fortifying your defenses. To grow your base, you’ll need to upgrade essential facilities such as oil wells, hospitals, institutes, and food resources, among others. It’s crucial to protect these valuable resources from both dangerous creatures and other players who might attempt to raid your base.

Here are some tips to help you succeed in Last Shelter Survival:

  • If you’re aiming for rapid progress, we recommend focusing on the main quests. They provide significant rewards and help you advance swiftly in the game.
  • To level up your hero quickly, head to the world map and engage in zombie hunting.
  • Training troops should be a regular activity in Last Shelter Survival. Build a formidable army to defend your base and launch successful attacks.
  • Don’t forget to heal your troops in the hospital after battles to ensure they’re in top condition for future engagements.
  • The skills of your hero have a direct impact on the outcome of battles. Enhance and upgrade their abilities to gain an edge in combat.
  • Activate buffs in the institute to give your base and troops additional advantages.
  • As you progress, the cost of upgrades will increase. Prioritize upgrading resource facilities to boost production and support your growing base.
  • Remember, the class of your base influences all its activities. Consider the implications of your base’s class and plan accordingly.
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Image Source: Last Shelter: Survival Troops

Last Shelter Survival Guide To Resources

In Last Shelter Survival, you will rely on various essential resources to thrive in the game world. These resources include Food, Water, Fuel, Wood, Iron, and Electricity, each playing a crucial role in building, upgrading, marching, and researching. To ensure a steady production of these resources, follow the tips and cheats below:

  • Food: Construct a Farm near a rich soil area to maximize food production.
  • Water: Set up a Water Filter close to a water source to ensure a steady supply of clean water.
  • Fuel: Establish an Oil Well near an oil deposit to extract fuel efficiently.
  • Electricity: Generate electricity through Wind Turbines or Power Plants to meet your base’s energy needs.
  • Wood: Increase lumber production by building a Lumber Mill near a logging site for a steady supply of wood.
  • Iron: Construct a Refinery in proximity to an iron deposit to optimize iron production.

Understanding the Basics of The Last Shelter Survival Heroes

As a beginner in the game, understanding the mechanics of heroes can be challenging. However, fear not! In this section, we will provide you with all the essential Last Shelter Survival tips you need to know about heroes:

Heroes play a vital role in your journey. They assist you in various ways, such as leading your army on marches, enhancing production at resource centers, and utilizing their unique skills to gain advantages. Let’s break it down step by step:

Obtaining Heroes in Last Shelter Survival You will receive your first hero for free when you begin the game. Following that, you can recruit additional heroes at the Heroes Hall. Wondering what the Heroes Hall is? Once you reach a specific level, you can construct this facility in your base.

To recruit heroes, you’ll need recruitment tickets, which come in three different types:

  • Super Tickets: These allow you to recruit superheroes with extraordinary abilities.
  • Advanced Tickets: Use these to recruit advanced heroes, providing you with enhanced capabilities.
  • Normal Tickets: Recruit ordinary heroes using these tickets, offering a solid foundation for your team.

By utilizing the appropriate recruitment tickets, you can assemble a formidable group of heroes to aid you on your journey through Last Shelter Survival.

How to Level Up Your Heroes

You’ll encounter various types of heroes, including combat-focused heroes and those specializing in development, production, or military affairs. To level up your heroes effectively, follow these tips:

For Combat Heroes:

  • Appoint them as the leader in the Barrack facility. By doing so, they will lead your army into battle.
  • Send your army to attack zombies. Victorious battles will grant your heroes valuable EXP, allowing them to level up.
  • To access the hero menu, tap on the hero option located at the bottom-right side of the screen. Here, you can view the complete list of heroes available in the game. Tap on a hero icon to check their skills and current level.
  • To track the progress toward the next level, tap on the level option at the top-left side of the hero menu. This will display the amount of EXP required to level up.

For Development Heroes:

  • Station them in appropriate buildings and activate their special skills. Head to the Stationing Management facility and tap the station button.
  • The game will automatically assign the hero to the most suitable building. For example, Nora, a hero specializing in development, can be placed in the farm.
  • Utilize rapid production on the assigned building, such as the farm. This will generate a substantial amount of EXP for the hero stationed there.
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Image Source: How to Level Up Heroes

Last Shelter Survival Medals

Medals play a vital role in upgrading skills, conducting research, and facilitating development. To acquire medals, including courage medals, wisdom medals, and hero medals, follow these strategies:

Obtaining Courage and Wisdom Medals:

  • Complete quests and participate in events. These activities often reward you with courage medals and wisdom medals.
  • Engage in zombie hunting. By defeating zombies, you can earn courage and wisdom medals as valuable loot.

Acquiring Hero Medals:

  • Recruitment offers a chance to obtain heroes. If you receive a duplicate hero during recruitment, the game converts it into a hero medal.
  • Exchange hero medals in the Military Academy. This facility allows you to trade hero medals for wisdom medals, which are essential for leveling up hero skills.

To exchange hero medals:

  • Navigate to the Military Academy in the game.
  • Look for the option to exchange hero medals.
  • Trade your hero medals for wisdom medals, which can be used to enhance your heroes’ skills.
last shelter survival medals
Image Source: Best Research Day Tips

Follow this Last Shelter Survival Guide to be a Master in Survival

As you dive deeper into the Last Shelter Survival experience, continue to refine your strategies, strengthen your base, and forge alliances with other players. Adapt to the ever-changing landscape and challenges that await you, and let your determination and strategic prowess shine.

The Last Shelter Survival guide has provided you with invaluable knowledge and insights, but it is your resilience, resourcefulness, and decision-making that will ultimately determine your success. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure, gather your troops, and conquer the wasteland. Download this action game here in to experience the action.

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