Last Fortress: Underground Heroes Guide – Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential

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Posted on July 7, 2023

Welcome to Last Fortress: Underground developed by Life is a Game Limited, where you’ll dive into the intriguing post-apocalyptic world. In this game, you assume the role of a Commander leading a group of survivors who stumble upon an underground shelter after their last bastion, the Castle, succumbs to the relentless zombie onslaught. Your task is to reconstruct your community, expand the shelter, and guarantee the survival of your people.

In Last Fortress: Underground, you’ll come across a variety of heroes, each possessing unique skills and personalities. These heroes are vital for your triumph, and it’s crucial to know how to employ them effectively. To achieve this, this Last Fortress Underground heroes guide will help you familiarize with the game’s various factions to assemble the most suitable hero lineups.

Solari & The 4 Factions

In Last Fortress: Underground, heroes are categorized into two types: ‘Production’ and ‘Combat’. Production heroes, also known as Solari, are responsible for managing and expanding your fortress. They focus on tasks such as resource production, construction, and excavation to ensure your community’s growth and survival.

Last Fortress Underground Solari
Last Fortress: Underground Solari

Conversely, Combat heroes handle external activities like rescuing residents and battling zombies. These heroes form line-ups of up to five members and are divided into four factions.

1. Minutemen

The Minutemen are masters of guerrilla warfare and known for their adaptability and resourcefulness. They have heroes that excel in dealing high damage and using unique mechanics to gain an advantage in battle.

2. Vindicators

The Vindicators are a group of heroes that value justice and protection. They have balanced abilities that offer a mix of damage, protection, and support, making them versatile and effective in various situations.

3. Wildlings

The Wildlings are a faction of heroes with a strong connection to nature and the wild. They have abilities that harness the power of the elements and animal companions, making them resilient and powerful on the battlefield.

4. Watchers

The Watchers are a faction of heroes who value knowledge, wisdom, and strategy. They excel in strategic planning and adaptability, using their intelligence and tactical abilities to turn the tide of battle.

Crafting the Optimal Hero Lineup

To build the most powerful team in Last Fortress: Underground, it’s crucial to understand each hero’s abilities and roles within their respective factions. Heroes from each faction specialize in specific roles, such as damage dealers, tactical, and tank heroes. Striking the right balance is key to success when assembling a battle team.

Some potential hero combinations include:

  • Damage Dealer + Tank + Tactical
  • Damage Dealer + Damage Dealer + Tank
  • Tank + Tactical + Support
  • Damage Dealer + Tank + Support

Stacking various multipliers, such as faction bonuses and buffs provided by certain heroes, can significantly boost your team’s overall strength. By leveraging synergies between heroes, you’ll create unstoppable lineups that dominate the battlefield.

Last Fortress: Underground Hero Tier List

Here’s the Last Fortress: Underground hero tier list categorized by their roles:

Damage Dealers (Place in 3rd to 5th slot)

As the primary source of offensive power in a team, Damage Dealers focus on dealing massive damage to enemies. They often possess high attack stats and abilities that can target multiple enemies or cause critical hits. Their role is crucial in eliminating enemy threats quickly, ensuring their team’s victory. However, they usually have lower defense and health, making them vulnerable if left unprotected.

  • Minutemen: Benson, Roger, Doris, Cindy
  • Vindicators: Blanche, Max, Barron, Betty
  • Watchers: Galande, Qian Qian, Parkji-Mi, Duke
  • Wildlings: Kin Ogawa, Cloud, Dean


Last Fortress Underground Benson
Last Fortress: Underground Benson


Tanks (Place in 1st and 2nd slots)

Tanks are the team’s frontline heroes, designed to take the brunt of enemy attacks. They possess high health and defensive stats, enabling them to absorb and mitigate incoming damage effectively. Additionally, they may have abilities that taunt enemies, forcing them to focus their attacks on the Tank, thus protecting squishier allies. While Tanks excel in defense, they usually deal less damage compared to Damage Dealers.

  • Minutemen: Bolton, Coleman, Brom
  • Vindicators: Enrique, Matthew
  • Watchers: Roland, Lunn
  • Wildlings: Harman, Irma


Last Fortress Underground Roland
Last Fortress: Underground Roland


Tactical (Place in 2nd to 5th slot, depending on formation)

Tactical heroes serve a versatile role on the team, providing support through various means such as crowd control, buffs, or debuffs. They can disrupt enemy strategies by stunning, silencing, or slowing them down, giving their allies an advantage in battles. Tactical heroes can also strengthen their teammates with damage, healing, or defense buffs or weaken enemies with debuffs. Their presence enhances the team’s overall effectiveness in combat, making them valuable assets in any lineup.

  • Minutemen: Rebecca, Alisa, Natalie
  • Vindicators: Quinn, Kate, Ivan
  • Watchers: Laurel, Suzuki Ren, David, Patrick, Winston
  • Wildlings: Marlen, Kaya, Jessie, Duncan


Last Fortress Underground Quinn
Last Fortress: Underground Quinn



Buffs are temporary enhancements that heroes can provide to themselves or their allies, increasing their effectiveness in battle. Some heroes specialize in Siege Defense and Assault buffs, while others can provide Mass Buffs that affect all allies.

Siege Assault

Here are the heroes who can support you during Siege Assault;

  • Quinn: Damage and weapon damage buff
  • Kin Ogawa: Damage bonus

Siege Defense

While, these heroes can support you during Siege Defense;

  • Alisa: Damage mitigation buff
  • Suzuki Ren: Damage mitigation and initiative bonus

Mass Buff

On the other hand, mass buff refers to the abilities of certain heroes that can grant various buffs to all allied heroes simultaneously. These buffs can include enhancements to attack power, defense, speed, and other attributes. As these buffs are applied to multiple heroes at once, they can significantly boost a team’s overall performance and effectiveness in battle.

Heroes with mass buff skills are highly valuable in building strong and cohesive teams. By stacking these buffs, your team can gain a considerable advantage over opponents, as the cumulative effects of multiple buffs can lead to exponential increases in each hero’s capabilities. Including heroes with mass buff abilities in your lineup ensures that your entire team benefits from their skills, creating a formidable force to be reckoned with in any battle scenario.

  • Bolton: Damage mitigation
  • Enrique: Bonus Damage
  • Galande: Bonus Damage
  • Harman: Damage mitigation
  • Kelly: Bonus Damage
  • Laurel: Bonus damage and damage mitigation

Remember to consider each hero’s abilities, faction bonuses, and synergies when creating your lineup to maximize your team’s overall strength.

Chief Leaders

Meanwhile, chief leaders are crucial characters in each faction, also providing significant bonuses and buffs to their fellow heroes. Knowing who the chief leaders are and how to use them effectively is key to maximizing your lineup’s potential.

  • Benson: Damage bonus
  • Blanche: Damage bonus
  • Marlen: Damage and health bonus
  • Roland: Damage mitigation, health bonus, and initiative bonus


Last Fortress Underground Blanche
Last Fortress: Underground Blanche


Last Fortress Underground Heroes Guide: Wrapping Up

In this Last Fortress Underground heroes guide, we have explored the value of mass buffs and their impact on your team’s performance in combat. By carefully choosing heroes with mass buff skills, you can build a powerful team that brings out the best in each hero.

Don’t hesitate to try out various hero combinations, considering the synergy between their abilities and how they enhance one another. As you advance in the game, keep refining your team and adjusting your tactics to tackle new obstacles and opponents.

We trust this guide has offered useful insights and helped you gain a deeper understanding of Last Fortress Underground. With this information at your disposal, you’re well-prepared to dominate the battlefield and guide your team to victory. Best of luck, commander!


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