Blissey Pokémon UNITE – Recommended Build, Moveset, & Items Guide

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Posted on June 20, 2022

Pokémon UNITE is one of the many MOBA action games that has taken the world by storm. It features iconic characters from the Pokémon anime series, taking on various roles namely attacker, speedster, all-rounder, defender, and supporter. One of the best Pokémon UNITE supporters and a champion that shouldn’t be looked down on is Blissey Pokémon UNITE. Being a melee healer, Blissey needs to stick close to her allies to ensure that they stay alive for the longest time possible. This pink pocket monster will heal and protect teammates easily once it evolves into Chansey.

Whether you prefer playing a supporter role or just want to try it for fun, you have come to the right place. Learn what you can about this cute egg lover by reading our Blissey Pokémon UNITE build, moveset, and items guide.

Who is Blissey Pokémon UNITE?

At first glance, Blissey is downright adorable. However, don’t let her cute appearance fool you. This Happiness Pokémon can single-handedly turn weak allies into competent powerhouses thanks to her skills. But of all the support Pokémon in the game, Blissey relies mostly on her teammates, which is also her Achilles heel. Alone, she’s not much of a threat. But with an ally, she can be a beast.

As such, Blissey needs to be active on the map to be efficient and effective. She’s by no means a passive supporter of Pokémon UNITE. With that said, this Pokémon is best in the bottom lane accompanied by an all-rounder type.


Blissey Pokemon UNITE


How much does Blissey Pokémon UNITE Cost?

This pinkish round pocket monster is relatively cheap if you want to acquire her. You can find her license from the Unite battle Committee in-game shop for only 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. If you’re looking for Pokémon UNITE Blissey items like skins, the game’s current patch has 4 available. These skins mostly change Blissey’s costume from the default nurse outfit to a checkered style, starry night style, sweet style, and pokebuki style.

Blissey Pokémon UNITE Moveset

Because Blissey is a support type in the game, we have come up with the best Blissey Pokémon UNITE build below. Note that our recommendation is based on Blissey Pokémon UNITE moveset in the latest available patch of the game.

Passive, Basic, & Early Game Skills

Blissey Pokémon UNITE moveset focuses on empowering teammates with buffs like increased attack speed and movement. Furthermore, she also provides healing or shields. Her passive is called Natural Cure and it removes all status conditions inflicted on her teammates. But unlike other Pokémon’s passive abilities, Blissey’s Natural Cure has a cooldown (CD) after every use.

Consequently, her basic attack gets a boost and increased damage output after a certain time. For Blissey Pokémon UNITE moveset at the start of the match, it’s important to gain experience as quickly as possible. Hence, we recommend getting Pound first for its shorter CD at just 6 seconds. Blissey Pokémon UNITE hammers in a direction and inflicts AOE damage to enemies while decreasing their movement speed when hit. If you accidentally choose Heal Pulse, that’s still okay. With 10 seconds of CD, it heals an ally’s HP for a short period.

Mid to Endgame Blissey Pokémon UNITE Moveset

Upon reaching level 4, you must choose between Soft Boiled and Safeguard. Both skills assist you and your allies. However, we recommend getting Soft Boiled first. With Soft Boiled, you throw an egg to an ally to heal both of your HP. Additionally, you have 2 more egg reserves stored that you can use every 2 seconds before it goes into CD for 12 seconds. On the other hand, Safeguard is still a good option since it grants you and your teammate a shield for 3 seconds. Moreover, Blissey also grants immunity to crowd control (CC) effects and invincibility for a few seconds.

When Blissey reaches level 6, she can upgrade her Pound skill to either Egg Bomb or Helping Hand. For this, we suggest getting Egg Bomb so you can still deal with ranged AOE damage to enemies with higher attack output. Helping Hand greatly increases Blissey’s and nearby allies’ mobility and basic attack speed. While it’s a good Blissey Pokémon UNITE moveset, you will still need some firepower to survive longer during team fights.

Blissey’s UNITE move unlocks at level 8 where she also evolves to Chansey. Her UNITE move is called Bliss Assistance. For this, Chansey dashes to an ally and gives it an egg that grants a shield and increases their Attack and Special Attack by 20% for 6 seconds. Consequently, Chansey intercepts 50% of the damage received by that teammate and throws away enemies for 8 seconds that she hits while dashing toward the ally Pokémon.


Blissey Pokemon UNITE gameplay
Image Source: Blissey Pokémon UNITE Guide


Pokémon UNITE Blissey Items

Before concluding our best Blissey build Pokémon UNITE, let us go over our recommended Pokémon UNITE Blissey items – Held and Battle Items per se. The latter acts as passive items that improve the wearer’s stats for a certain period. Each Pokémon can carry a maximum of three Held Items per match. For Chansey, we recommend getting the following:

  • Buddy Barrier synergizes with Chansey’s UNITE move as it adds more shield and HP recovery statistics.
  • Focus Band boosts Chansey’s already great HP pool. It also grants Defense and Special Defense plus HP recovery per second.
  • Exp Share is good for Chansey if she is the lowest level Pokémon in her team. This Held item grants experience points every second to its wearer.

Battle Items can be activated while playing but has a long CD. For Chansey’s Battle item, we recommend getting the Eject Button so she can escape sticky situations as much as possible.

Blissey Pokemon UNITE build
Image Source: Blissey Build and Tips

So that’s it for Blissey Pokémon UNITE’s build, moveset, and items guide. Always be on the lookout for the latest MOBA games news and Pokémon UNITE guides here in!



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