Pokémon UNITE Cinderace – A Small Attacker With Big DPS Output

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Posted on April 29, 2022

Pokémon UNITE multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is an action game that has only been around for less than a year. Being around for several months, this 5v5 PVP game has already garnered various accolades worldwide. In fact, this game from The Pokémon Company has been played no less than 70 million times. So if you’re new to the Pokémon MOBA craze, then you must be in search of valuable Pokémon UNITE guides to help you navigate the game better. Fortunately, you have come to the right place! Here, we’ll help you get to know more about Pokémon UNITE Cinderace items, moveset, and build.

Getting to Know Pokémon UNITE Cinderace Better

Firstly, Cinderace is a fire-type attacker in the Pokémon UNITE universe. Albeit not the strongest starter, this fiery little attacker’s damage scales massively as it evolves. Categorized as a novice champion by the professional players, Pokémon UNITE Cinderace has the ability to dish out nasty attacks from mid to end game. And unlike most Pokémon that possess two types, Cinderace is simply a fire-type pocket monster.

Therefore, in this MOBA, this monster features decent mobility with high damage output. However, its low endurance makes Cinderace vulnerable to high damage per second (DPS) characters. Despite that, you will be speeding across the map scoring goals, and killing enemies for your team as long as you utilize your buffs and range attacks.

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This S-Tier Pokémon can definitely dominate any match. But this will require a certain level of skill to fully utilize your items and outrun your opponents. So let’s go over the recommended Pokémon UNITE Cinderace moveset and items for newbies.

Behold This Fiery Attacker’s Skills

In terms of moves, Cinderace has really useful abilities that make this hero versatile and advantageous. You can play either as an aggressive hero on the frontline or play it safe at the backline while kiting enemies and dealing finishing blows. You will start every match as Scorbunny before evolving to Raboot and finally reaching your ultimate form as Cinderace. And until you reach your final evolution, your health points (HP) and damage are incredibly low.

Hence, it’s imperative that you farm early in the match and get to level 5 before engaging in any team fights. Hang back and play it safe while taking advantage of your ranged attacks. Stick to poking enemies should they enter your farming zone or goal.

Pokémon UNITE Cinderace Basic Attack & Passive

As mentioned above, Pokémon UNITE Cinderace is a highly offensive monster. You can play it as an attacker on the top or bottom lanes or as a jungler in the middle zone. However, don’t forget to be cautious and farm as much as possible to quickly reach higher levels. When played correctly, Cinderace excels in 1v2 most of the time.

Its basic attack gets a damage output boost on every third hit landing on the enemy. Its passive skill is Blaze; whenever Cinderace uses a skill, its subsequent basic attack becomes powered up. So whenever you hit the enemy with a special move or basic attack, that monster will be set ablaze. Attacking a cindered opponent several times will make them flare up and obtain more damage. Additionally, when Pokémon UNITE Cinderace’s HP falls below 50%, its critical hit rate increases and all basic attacks hit faster for a short period.

Early to Mid Game Moveset

Since you will be laying low during the early part of the match, Ember is a brilliant first move choice. Its decent range and low cooldown (CD) will help you KS (kill steal) creeps and jungle easier. Therefore, it’s best to coordinate a plan with your teammates so you can reach level 7 more quickly. Low Sweep, on the other hand, is also a useful tool thanks to its high mobility and moderate damage output. You can use this to narrow the gap and kill low-HP enemies but it’s handier when you use it as an escape route.

The moment Cinderace reaches level 7 is when things really start to pick up for this igneous hero. Pyro Ball and Blaze Kick are direct upgrades to Ember and are both effective in their own ways. During this mid-game phase, your moveset choice is entirely dependent on your playstyle. But for an aggressive playstyle, Blaze Kick is an ideal option. This Pokémon UNITE Cinderace moveset lets you dash towards the enemy while knocking them back. With sufficient upgrades, you can also gain more attack speed and invulnerability for a short period. And like Low Speed, you can also use this to make a speedy retreat.

cinderace blaze kick
Image Source: Best Cinderace Guide

Pyro Ball, on the contrary, takes a more laid back approach by letting you poke opponents even through walls. Its very long range creates more room to even KS wild Pokémon like Zapdos and Rotom.

Late Game Pokémon UNITE Cinderace Moveset

At level 8, you can choose upgrades for Low Sweep wherein you can either choose to be on the offensive or defensive. Flame Charge is Low Sweep 2.0 wherein you can now damage and slow enemies standing on this skill’s line of path. It’s especially handy for chasing escaping enemy Pokémon and handier for saving yourself from an untimely demise. Meanwhile, Feint boosts your movement speed and grants you invincibility for a short while. Albeit brilliant for ganks and attack evasion, this Pokémon UNITE Cinderace moveset is tricky to master. Hence, if you’re not that confident about going into team fights, go with Flame Charge instead.


Cinderace’s ultimate move, Blazing Bicycle Kick, can turn the tides in your favor as it punches the enemy Pokémon to their guts. Unlocked at level 9; this creates a huge ball of fire that you can kick towards your opponent’s location. Upon landing a hit, it releases a fierce shock wave damaging enemies in its area of effect (AOE). Use this to either finish off an escaping Pokémon with low HP or target the opposing team’s healer or DPS.

cinderace blazing cycle kick


Best Pokémon UNITE Cinderace Items to Use

When playing, a player can carry up to three Pokémon UNITE Held Items regardless if these are all the same ones. These are items that give any Pokémon passive buffs throughout the match. Since they are passive, they cannot be activated manually and can only provide stat boosts or special skill effects during specific conditions.

Recommended Held Items

For a DPS Pokémon UNITE Cinderace build, you can choose any three of the best items for Cinderace Pokémon UNITE below.

  • Muscle Band boosts the basic attack output of the wearer depending on the enemy Pokémon’s remaining HP. This also increases the attack speed by a specific flat rate per upgrade.
  • Scope Lens increases the Pokémon’s critical hit rate and critical hit damage per upgrade. Additionally, it increases the damage output of critical hits from normal attacks. So the higher the Pokémon’s attack, the higher the damage output will be.
  • Buddy Barrier gives the Pokémon additional HP. This also grants a nearby ally with the lowest HP a shield equal to a certain percentage of their max HP.
  • Attack Weight adds extra attack to the wearer’s base stat and increases its attack by a certain flat rate when scoring a goal.
  • Float Stone not only boosts the attack damage but also increases the movement speed of a Pokémon that is not in combat.

Ideal Pokémon UNITE Battle Items

Unlike Held Items, Pokémon UNITE Battle Items can be activated and used in a match. Just like your Pokémon’s UNITE moveset, Battle Items have their unique effects and CD. However, you can only bring one per match so choose wisely.

  • Eject Button teleports a Pokémon to a short distance and increases its movement speed.
  • X-Attack enhances a Pokémon’s normal attack speed and damage as well as the moveset damage output.

Additional Pokémon UNITE Tips to Note

At this time, you may be enthralled by how cool a novice champion Pokémon UNITE Cinderace is. You may be thinking of getting your hands on its license and adding him to your hero roster.

Obtaining Pokémon UNITE Cinderace’s License

You can get it in two different ways. The first one is to use real money and top up 400 Aeos gems to purchase the license from the UNITE Battle Committee shop. Should you not want to use real-world currency, you can save up to 8000 Aeos coins and buy Cinderace from the same in-game shop. If you joined Pokémon UNITE during its initial launch, you can obtain Cinderace by consecutively logging in to the game for 14 days.

Is Cinderace a Basic Attacker or Special Attacker?

All heroes in the Pokémon UNITE MOBA specialize in basic attacks or special moves. This differentiation helps dictate what kind of enemies they are weak and strong against, and how to use them in battle. Aside from that, knowing your Pokémon’s attack specialization will help you decide the most effective build and items for them. In this case, Pokémon UNITE Cinderace is a normal attack hero, which means he deals physical damage.

If you’re looking to master other champions in Pokémon UNITE, we got you covered! We have a Pokémon UNITE Zeraora or Pokémon UNITE Blastoise guide that you can check out here in Games.lol.

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