Bloons TD Battles Guide – Best Strategies to Win More

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Posted on June 21, 2021

It’s always fun to play tower defense games. You get to test your ability to strategize and see if it’s good enough to hold off waves of enemies and protect your base. As fun as it is to see your defensive strategies succeed, it would be even more fun if you can also attack. Fortunately, there are many tower defense games available that also allow you to attack. One such game is Bloons TD Battles, a strategy game published by ninja kiwi.

Bloons TD Battles is a head-to-head strategy game, which means you will go up against another player. It’s a game where you get to defend against attacking balloons while also sending your army of balloons to attack your opponent. To win the match, you just need to deplete your opponent’s health. You need to do this while also defending your health from the attacking balloons.

Its gameplay provides unique ways to play tower defense. Hence, you need to come up with strategies for both offense and defense. But what good strategy can you use in this strategy game? How do you come up with a good strategy? Read on throughout the blog post. It will help you come up with strategies to win more in the game.


Bloons TD Battles Menu


The Basic Gameplay of Bloons TD Battles

Before we discuss the strategies, let’s first discuss the basics of the gameplay.

Bloons TD Battles is like any other tower defense game. You set up a defense at various points on the path to prevent the enemies from reaching you. There are usually two paths available for balloons to come from. One is used by the game AI and the other by your opponent. The path the AI uses will constantly have balloons attacking while your opponent’s path is usually a surprise.

Like with other TD games, you will also have various towers to use. You can also upgrade them to make them stronger. Aside from defending, you can also send balloons to your opponents. However, balloons will cost gold to summon but in return, you also earn gold from them.

Moreover, there are also various balloons you can use, but their costs differ. The stronger balloons that are more difficult to destroy usually cost more. But one thing you should bear in mind is that these highly resistant balloons are not available right away. You can only unlock them once you have reached the 6th wave.

The ultimate goal in this game is to deplete your opponent’s health points first. Once you do that while protecting your own, you win. It’s also important to note that you and your opponents can see each other’s defensive setup, so it makes it easy to try and counter it when you attack.

Dart Monkeys & Bomb Tower Are Your Go-To Towers

There are many different towers that you can use in Bloons TD Battles. However, in the beginning, your go-to towers would be the Dart Monkey and Bomb Tower. The Dart Monkeys are great all-around towers to use. They can quickly pop balloons and even detect Camo. So, using them is a great option. Meanwhile, the Bomb Towers can take out several balloons at once, so they’re also a good option to have.

Other towers that you can consider are the Tact Shooter, Ice Tower, Sniper Monkey, and Monkey Apprentice. The Mortar Tower is also a good mid to late-game tower that can take out many balloons grouped together. You’ll likely adjust the towers that you use as you progress along in the wave. But ultimately, the Dart Monkey and Bomb Tower will be your staple.

Don’t Hesitate to Sell Towers

As you progress along in the wave, balloons tend to become stronger. Even with upgrades, your current towers might not be able to keep up. When this happens, you’ll need more powerful towers. With that, don’t hesitate to sell your existing towers. You can use the space for your new towers and the added gold can help in purchase and upgrades.


Bloons TD Battles Gameplay


Always Pressure Enemies

When it comes to attacking, it’s actually better to be aggressive. If you let your opponents relax and farm, they’ll have an easier time earning more gold and setting up for an attack. Hence, always be aggressive and try to keep a constant attack on the enemy so they can’t relax and farm peacefully. Putting pressure on them can usually result in your opponents getting thrown off their game plan. They have to constantly defend and prepare for your attacks so they’ll have a hard time setting up.

Pressuring your enemies will also allow you to set up your actual attack. When you put pressure and fake rush their base, enemies will think it’s your actual attack when in reality, you’re just baiting them to do that, and then, suddenly, launch your actual attack. This might make them use their Tower Boosters and other power boosts to help defend their base. Thus, it makes it easier to destroy enemies.

Don’t Forget to Mix Up the Balloons You Use

You will have access to many balloons as the match progresses, so make sure you mix them up. Do not rely only on 1-2 types of balloons whenever you attack. Try mixing it up to put more pressure on your enemy. You can set up several balloon combos to keep your opponents off-balance and guessing what kind of attack you will do.

These are just a few tips that will help you succeed in Bloons TD Battles. If you have finally reached this part of the article, make sure to keep these tips in mind and use it whenever you play Bloons TD Battles on PC.

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