Angry Birds Evolution – Everything You Need to Know About the Game

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Posted on July 29, 2021

If you’re a big fan of RPG turn-based games, then it’s time for you to enter Bird Island and start kicking out those pigs in Angry Birds Evolution. It was formerly known as Angry Birds TNT and was produced by Rovio Entertainment Corporation and Chimera Entertainment. Angry Birds Evolution is designed to appeal to older audiences with a different kind of gameplay and mechanics. In addition, it has many pop culture references, adult visuals, and humor.

A trailer for the game was released on May 24, 2017, and those who pre-registered will receive a Starter Pack worth $7.99. After that, the game officially launched worldwide on June 15, 2017. Following its success, many players worldwide continue to love the game. What’s more, it was the first unique and different Angry Birds game that anybody of all ages could play. Here, you will know everything there is about the game, especially the more critical parts. So let’s get on with it and learn more about Angry Birds Evolution right here.
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The Main Gameplay

Each level of the game consists of a square field with pigs inside. It would be best if you beat them for you to win the level. But for you to do that, you have to launch the birds straight to the pigs. The birds can be seen at the bottom of the screen, which is your “camp.” To propel a bird, tap and hold the bird, drag it to whatever direction you want, make sure to aim at the pigs, pull it downwards to select the distance, and stop holding to launch.

Once the bird is launched, it will start running across the field. If it hits a pig, it will deal damage until they lose their lives. And each time a bird hits something, it will bounce until it loses its momentum. Then, it’s the pigs’ turn to attack. You keep on launching your birds until you finish off all of the pigs on the field.

All About the Angry Birds

All birds hatch from eggs in real life and the Angry Birds Evolution game. You can obtain eggs after defeating determined pigs, to which each region provides different kinds of eggs. For example, in the Jungle, you will receive an egg, Yellow Dessert gives yellow eggs, the Blue Woods give blue eggs, the Black Crater gives black eggs, White Peaks give white eggs, and the Red Canyon gives red eggs. You can hatch these eggs in the Hatchery. You will receive a Regular Egg that gives you a 1-4 star bird or a Premium Egg that hatches 2-5 star birds.

Event Birds

Event Birds only come from Premium Eggs, and all of the birds you get will show up in your inventory. However, you can also get birds from the story. For example, the first bird is Chuck, which you can obtain after the Tutorial. Red is after you beat the last level of the Yellow Dessert, Terence, after winning the last level of the Blue Woods.

Bomb after beating the last level of the Black Crater and Matilda once you beat the last level of the White Peaks. After some turns, the birds will be inactive. After the turn ends, the birds that were previously inactive can perform Super-Shots, which are:

  • Red Birds kick a target or throw an object at a pig
  • Yellow Birds speed up around the stage while ignoring pigs
  • Black Birds will pounce and explode a particular area
  • White Birds will launch a carpet with spikes to damage pigs
  • Blue Birds will create clones of themselves.

You can select up to five birds for each team. You only need to tap and drag a bird to a slot to select which bird will be playing in your next game.
The Angry Birds clan


Evolve Birds

Evolving a bird is easy. First, on the team’s screen, select a bird you want to evolve. After that, select birds or totems, then click the Evolve button. The prices of coins posted vary. Once done, your birds will become more powerful. For example, at Level 20, the bird will evolve to Bronze Level. All of the birds at this level will evolve to their next phase.

At Level 40, the birds will evolve to Silver Level – so on until Level 100. All of these will cost Evolution Materials and Evolution Essence. Once a 5-Star Bird reaches Max Level, you can choose to Awaken it. Awakened Birds have an Awaken Skill, which will help in battle.

Meet Your Enemies

The main enemies in Angry Birds Evolution are Pigs, and they are all around Bird Island. It would be best if you defeated them to prevent them from infiltrating your island. There are different kinds of Pigs you have to watch out for:

  • Small Pigs
  • Medium Pigs
  • Large Pigs
  • Huge Pigs
  • Boss Pigs

Once you defeat Pigs, you will receive a bunch of rewards: Coins, Gems, Eggs, Evolution Materials, Dungeon Keys, and Event Items. You can use all of these items on various parts of the game, such as Quests, Adventures, Dungeons, or stock up your Collections.

Angry Birds Evolution – Bottom Line

Angry Birds Evolution is a free-to-play game, which is a unique installment of the franchise Angry Birds. It has many elements, which makes it attractive for older audiences. Overall, it’s the kind of game you shouldn’t miss out on because of its immersive storyline and gameplay.

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