Brawl Stars: 7 Tips For Beginners

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Posted on November 11, 2020

Brawl Stars is one of the most-played real-time combat games to this day. In this action game, two teams made of three heroes each fight in a battlefield that’s filled with obstacles and elements that players can interact with.

If you have started playing Brawl Stars, but you are as confused and lost as a 5 year old in preschool, we are here to help and guide you. We have gathered a handful of tips below that could make your journey in Brawl Stars as seamless as possible. Check it out!

1. Hide in the Right Spot

When you stand behind a wall, players will still be able to see you. But if you have picked the right spot on the map, you may become invisible to all the players in the match. Yes, most people don’t know that it is possible for players to actually disappear from the map.

But where is the right spot? The right spot is in the vegetation tiles. If you stand there, you will notice that your character will become transparent or invisible. Now, this is a very good starting point for a surprise attack if you don’t want to bother going around chasing enemies.

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2. Use Manual Aim

Using automatic aim is very convenient. However, it is significantly less efficient. By using manual aim, you can perform better. Aiming manually results in a precise and more efficient attack and damage to opponents.

3. Free Brawlers

You can get seven characters for free in Brawl Stars from your achievements alone. So instead of spending valuable in-game currency on heroes, be patient and wait for your free heroes. This way, you will be saving your resources and you can avoid acquiring duplicates.

free brawlers


4. Collect Gems From the Well

If you want to grab lots of gems, pay attention to the well. The well will be brightly lit right after the gems are spawned. It will also go dim after that. This will continue on a cycle, so this should be your signal whenever you need to get close to the well. When the well goes bright, try to go near it to get the most gems.

5. Don’t Grind Too Much For Gems

While you are busy fighting and collecting gems during the battle, do not forget to check the bars constantly. If the bar remains full for a good few seconds, it means some of your characters are carrying a good amount of gems already.

At this point, what you should prioritize is the protection of your team and all members. You should monitor who carries the most gems and get them on the move to be away from enemies. Meanwhile, those who carry gems must keep enemies at bay.

6. Go For Big Boxes

As you play through Brawl Stars and succeed in most battles, you will earn a generous amount of gems that you can use to buy loot boxes. Acquiring them, however, requires some good hustle and grind so it will be unwise to spend them on random items in the game.

There are two loot boxes you can purchase from the in-game store—the Big Box and Mega Box. Between the two, the Big Box is better because it offers almost the same rewards as that of the Mega Box, so why pay more? The truth is, the Mega Box only offers more rewards, but the kind of items and possibilities does not differ.

7. Unsure of Hero Capabilities? Try Friendly Games First

If you’re curious as to how your heroes will look and perform when they reach their maximum level, and you want to make sure if they are worth investing in or not, you can go for a practice run or a friendly game.

To create a friendly game, throw a hero of choice against an AI opponent. Every hero you select on the friendly game are all fully upgraded versions of themselves. This allows you to have a good look at how your hero at its maximum level will eventually perform in real-time battles.

Why Play Brawl Stars with

Playing Brawl Stars on PC with our game launcher allows you to experience a seamless transition and gameplay experience with the game launcher’s features. With a wider screen, you will have more advantages over your opponents by seeing the battlefield from a larger perspective. With the keyboard, you can easily set hotkeys for every command according to your preference. In addition, the mouse can give you better precision with your aims.

With all these tips featured, we can assure you a better and seamless gameplay experience for Brawl Stars. Convenience is the best way to enjoy games and that’s what we offer. We hope that these tips will be of great help to you. So now, let’s get brawling!

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