Get to Know 6 Best Monster Truck Games to Play on PC

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Posted on June 25, 2021

Not all people who like to play games involving vehicles are looking for the usual racing games. Many of them prefer games that involve more action and vehicle destruction. If you’re one of these people, then maybe you’re looking for monster truck games. These are games where you get to drive pickup trucks equipped with monster tires.

Monster truck games are games that usually involve a lot of destruction. Well, what can you expect when you drive a monster truck, right? But of course, not all these games involve destruction. There are also other gameplays that you can enjoy. But like many other game types, there are numerous monster truck games available for you to play.

If you’re interested in playing these games, this blog post will serve as your guide. Here, we will list down the six best monster truck games to play on PC. So, make sure to see what game title you should try out.

1. Offroad Legends – Monster Truck Trials

One of the best monster truck games that you can play right now is Offroad Legends – Monster Truck Trials. This is not a monster truck game that involves you destroying other vehicles. But it doesn’t mean there won’t be lots of action in this game. It’s a side-scrolling physics-based racing game where you race up and down a steep hill while plowing through obstacles.

What’s great about this game is that it features three game modes, four vehicle categories, amazing graphics, and awesome gameplay. Ultimately, it’s a game where your skills in hill climb racing will be put to the test if you want to be the off-road king.


Real Monster Truck Demolition Derby Crash Stunts gameplay


2. Real Monster Truck Demolition Derby Crash Stunts

Another great monster truck game that you can play is Real Monster Truck Demolition Derby Crash Stunts. Unlike the first game on this list, this game involves a lot of action and vehicle destruction. Moreover, the demolition derby is the main game mode available here. In this mode, you get to use various monster trucks and battle against other vehicles. Furthermore, the goal is to destroy your opponent’s vehicle before they destroy you first.

The great thing about this game is that it features realistic effects and sounds. So, you’ll feel and experience the collision of the vehicles. Another game mode that is available to play is the Death Race, where your goal is to finish first. But you can also take out your opponent to do that.

3. Monster Truck Game for Kids

Of course, not all monster truck games are reserved for adults. There is also a fun and entertaining game that kids can play. Take the Monster Truck Game for Kids that’s published by Raz Games for example. It’s a simple monster truck game with easy-to-learn controls so kids won’t have an issue playing them. They just need to move forward or backward, run over vehicles on the ground, and jump over gaps. They just need to make sure that the monster truck won’t flip over.

There are also many unique and cool-looking monster trucks to choose from. What’s more, there’s also a balloon-popping activity at the end of the race. Overall, it’s a fun and simple game that any kid will enjoy.

4. MMX Racing

MMX Racing is another fun and awesome monster truck game that you can try. It’s also a different monster truck game where you participate in a race using large vehicles. The race will just be a straight race, so there won’t be any turns. However, there will be ramps and gaps you’ll have to jump over. The timing of your acceleration when you jump and land will be key in allowing your monster truck to move faster.

Overall, MMX Racing is a great monster truck game that’s filled with action. It features great graphics, several game modes to play, and many monster trucks to acquire, name, customize, and upgrade.


Monster Truck Crot gameplay


5. Monster Truck Crot

If you prefer a simple monster truck game that’s still fun and addictive, then Monster Truck Crot is your best choice. This game features lots of action and destruction. However, it’s not a demolition game, which means you won’t be trying to destroy vehicles to win. Instead, you’ll drive through a bunch of obstacles, including houses, cars, trucks, and so on.

Drive on top of these obstacles as you try to travel as fast as possible. But be careful since it’s a physics-based game, which means you’ll be prone to flipping if you’re not careful. However, you can also use that to perform exhibitions and stunts to earn points. Overall, it’s a fun game that features many different monster trucks to use and several different maps to drive on.

6. Repair Machines – Monster Trucks

Another fun and simple monster truck game available for kids is Repair Machines – Monster Trucks. It’s an educational game where kids get to experience what it’s like to repair and restore monster trucks. It includes changing flat tires, hammering bent fenders, patching up holes, and so on. It even includes cleaning the monster truck. To fully service these massive vehicles, you’ll also need to upgrade your equipment. Overall, it’s a fun and simple game to play that kids will enjoy.

There are many more monster truck games available out there for you to play on PC. But these listed on this blog post are the best ones right now. Find out more monster truck games available for download here at

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