Call of Duty Mobile Guide on Game Modes, Classes & Perks – Multiplayer & Battle Royale

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Posted on January 26, 2021

It is very hard where to start with Call of Duty Mobile. For a free-to-play game, there is so much to offer for the player. Just the Team Deathmatch alone has enough joyful playtime hours for you to sink in, and that is only 1% of the entire game. Suppose you are looking for more game modes because you found yourself suddenly feeling bored with TDM.

In that case, there are plenty of game modes to accommodate your murderous spree. Games like Domination, Search and Destroy, and Gunfight. There are even some limited-time game modes, including Capture the Flag, Sticks, Stones, and Juggernaut. If you want to see a breakdown of all the game modes found in this famous shooter title, read here for our Call of Duty Mobile guide.

Team Deathmatch

The bread and butter of pretty much any multiplayer shooter. TDM has a very simple set of rules: you choose one of two teams and rack the most points to win either before the timer runs out or reaches the maximum kill points. There is nothing much else to talk about here other than it’s the most basic and best entry-level game mode. Spawning in a map is random, so be ready for campers who have map knowledge.


Frontline serves as a “remix” to TDM if you will. Some call it a more refined version of TDM, and they’re quite correct. Frontline is a deathmatch game, except both sides will have a fixed spawn location. This part is another entry-level game mode for players and is arguably the more balanced version of TDM.

Search & Destroy

Search and Destroy is a classic game mode where one team must defend specific bomb sites while the other will try to defuse them. S&D is pretty much the Bomb mode of Counter-Strike except in a more fast-paced tone that Call of Duty is known for. Much like Bomb, S&D has no respawns, so make sure that you are quite careful per round. The player with the most successful rounds wins the overall game. Search and Destroy is considered the most strategic and competitive game mode in Call of Duty Mobile but in every Call of Duty.


Another competitive game mode is Domination. There are three capture points to seize on a map. The two teams then battle it out to see who gets to possess the capture points. Once a team takes over a point, they must defend this area before the opposing team gets its hold. The longer a group holds an end, the higher their score becomes. Capture 2 or 3 of the issues will rack up the score faster. The first to get to the highest possible score wins. Also, it is a classic shooter game mode that Call of Duty adapted. It is also one of the hardest game modes to win.


A gunfight is like a remix of Domination and Search & Destroy. You either eliminate all the enemies or capture the point before the timer runs out. The team that either has more survivors or captures the issue first will win around. Weapon sets also change every 2 minutes. Take note that there is no health regen. While this mode is fun, many would consider this game mode a gimmick.

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is Team Deathmatch but more competitive. When you kill an opponent, you do not get a score until you go over his dead body and collect a dog tag. One dog tag is a point. However, your score can get canceled if the opponent manages to gather his ally’s dog tag before you do. The same goes for your team.

If one of you dies, you will want to pick up his dog tag, so you deny a point of your enemy. This mode debuted in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in 2011 and has since become a staple.

Free For All

It’s deathmatch, but it is every man for himself. No help, no allies, just you, your gun, and your skills. You can play up to 8 players.

Limited Time Game Modes

These are rotating game modes that happen every week within CoD Mobile. These include classic maps with random game modes like High-rise, Gulag, and Rust. The featured game modes also have some tremendous iconic game modes like Capture the Flag, where one team must seize the enemy flag and bring it to their base. On the other hand, a gun game is free for all deathmatch where every kill you make spawns a new weapon. An iconic game mode such as Capture the Flag is also in the game, where one team must seize the enemy flag and bring it to their base. These are considered novelty game modes that focus purely on fun and nothing too competitive.

Ranked Matches

If you want to know the gist of an incredibly competitive environment in CoD Mobile, you play Ranked Mode. Ranked is a part of the game where you get to earn a position that will put you on the radar of some of the world’s toughest CoD players. The more you rank up, the harder it gets to climb to the world’s best professional players.

Once you enter a ranked game, you have four possible game modes that you will enter; you cannot choose which one you want when you click on Ranked. You either play in Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, or Search and Destroy. Just be ready for all the toxic players that will belittle you for every slight mistake you make. Oh, and be sure you have good map knowledge, a useful perk, and the best gun of your choice if you wish to take the game seriously.

Bonus Weapons

CoD Mobile takes the multiplayer formula of Black Ops 4 and implements it in the free to play version. Bonus Weapons are the saving grace for any player as it helps make comebacks and bring you back up with a better KDA as long as you can use them properly. These are high-powered weapons used to either one-shot or burst down a single or group of enemies. Their ammo is also unreplenishable, with weapons found inside the map.

Your power weapon is automatically inside your equipment but will not be available until the later part of the match. You can get it faster if you do kills and assists, moreover if you do killstreaks. If you need a general briefing of each gun available here, refer to the infographic found on this page.


Call of Duty Guide



Blackout is a standalone segment in CoD Mobile, which is a battle royale mode. Much like any BR game, you can choose between solo, duo, or quad in a large battle inside a 100-man skirmish. The last person who survives wins the game. The map is a compilation of all legendary maps in one location. The game is also riddled with bots to fill in for the missing players. It is a game mode that should not be taken because Blackout tends to have performance issues every time. You play with it.

It is also the only game mode in CoD Mobile where you can choose between different classes. Refer to the image to see what each type does. They’re all quite useful in any given situation as long as you have the skills to play them.

Some Call of Duty Mobile Tips to Consider

Not every map is built the same. Some maps are for close-ranged combat, while others are a haven for snipers. It would be best if you adapted to the situation at hand. However, suppose you are a one-trick pony (an SMG rusher or a no-scope sniper). In that case, you can take advantage of every map available.

Map knowledge is key. It is arguably more important to know each multiplayer map’s layout than just relying on your shooting. Even if you are bad at shooting, you can still do kills and assists from well-placed positions. Some perks are better for specific weapons than others. For example, pick speed-based bonuses like Sleight of Hand and Agile if you are an SMG-focused player. Choose Dead Silence, Hardwired, and
Call of Duty Game Guide

Ghost if you like stealth; bring silenced weapons for full effect. When you see someone with a bonus weapon, either hide or flank their position. Unless you have a bonus weapon of your own, you will almost always get outgunned by them. We hope our guide helps you get a bigger picture of how large-scale Call of Duty Mobile is. If you feel excited about it, consider playing it here for PC.

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