IDLE Berserker Guide – Unlock Your Character’s Full Potential

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Posted on May 9, 2023

Idle Berserker is an exciting idle RPG that is easy to learn and perfect for beginners. The game features an idle gameplay mechanic where your character continues to progress even when you’re not actively playing, making it easy to progress through the game at your own pace. Additionally, this Idle Berserker guide will help you progress through levels by defeating enemies and bosses, collecting loot, and unlocking new content.

You’ll start with a basic set of skills and equipment. But as you progress through the game and earn gold and other resources, you can use them to upgrade your character’s stats, unlock new abilities, and equip stronger weapons and armor. It’s important to strategize and plan accordingly to defeat enemies, as each enemy has its own set of abilities and strengths.

By mastering the gameplay mechanics and upgrading your character’s abilities and equipment, you’ll be able to progress through the game and take on even more challenging enemies and bosses. And this guide can help you as you advance at each level.

Idle Berserker Guide

Below is a simple guide beginners can follow to become a master in Idle Berserker.

Stats & Leveling Up

In the world of Idle Berserker, Attack is the undisputed king of the battlefield. While Health may have its uses in certain situations like the guild boss or facing the dreaded Black Knight, for the most part, it’s Attack that will carry you to victory. As a beginner, you’ll want to level up your Health to around 100 or so to complete the starter quests, but after that, it’s best to focus your hard-earned gold on leveling up Attack.

Don’t be shy about pumping up your Attack stats, and sprinkle in the occasional level-up in Crit Chance and Crit Damage for good measure. Personally, I prefer to level up my Crit Chance and Damage whenever the upgrade cost is the same as Attack, but you should follow your instincts on what feels best for your playstyle. In terms of priority, make sure to focus on Attack first, then Crit Chance, and finally Crit Damage.

When it comes to gold upgrades, remember that Crit Chance maxes out at level 150, giving you a 15% boost to your critical hit chances. Meanwhile, Crit Damage can be leveled up all the way to 200, giving you an incredible 200% boost to your critical hit damage.


The acquisition of gear in Idle Berserker can be done in two ways: farming and summoning. It is highly advisable to avoid summoning rings as they increase your health which, as mentioned earlier, is a relatively useless stat in the game.

The rank of the gear is divided into four tiers, and once you acquire five pieces of the same gear, you can ascend it to the next tier. As you continue summoning gear, your chances of obtaining higher-ranked gear pieces increase.

In terms of priority, gear levels should be focused on in the order of Sword, Gauntlet, Necklace, and Ring.

It’s worth noting that gear contributes to your overall power, even if it’s not currently equipped. This can be observed by checking the “Effect when Owned” section. Even if you choose to invest enhancement stones in an older gear piece, it will still add to your overall power. There is no option to disassemble gear in the game.

When it comes to gear ability rolls, prioritizing crit chance is recommended. However, it’s not advisable to invest too many dice in gear early on since you’ll frequently be switching them out.
Moreover, passive bonuses are granted based on the total enhancement level of all your gear combined, which can be viewed at the bottom of each gear section. It’s recommended not to level up anything below S tier past level 30.

S tier gear can be taken up to level 50, and for SR gear, level them up as you see fit. Although these bonuses aren’t game-changing, they’re a nice addition to have if you have extra enhancement stones to spare.

gear idle berserker
Idle Berserker Farm Guide


Idle Berserker Build


The recommended active idle berserker best build for BOSS battles are Momentum, Blizzard, Orb of Silence, and Contempt. The suggested passive abilities are Lust, Survival, Dance, and Contract (A awakening). In order to deal maximum damage, you should utilize berserk mode and stack the Survival passive. Keep in mind that all debuffs count as crowd control (CC) in Idle Berserker, so all of these abilities will stack Survival.


To effectively farm in Idle Berserker, use Blizzard, Evil Grip, Judgement, and Bloody Blades as active abilities and Contract, Lust, Embodiment, and Feast of Blood (A awakening) as passive abilities. Keep the game open and go back to the highest stage where you can defeat mobs with your non-berserk basic attack. By doing this, you can continually complete the Repeating Quests for killing monsters, play time, and ascending gear, which can net you around 2,000 diamonds per hour.

skill idle berserker
Skills Idle Berserker



The masteries are resettable for free, and it’s necessary to reset them frequently depending on the activity you’re doing. The subsequent builds are reliant on the level you’re currently at. If your level is low, you will have fewer mastery points. It may not be worthwhile to maximize mastery if you don’t have sufficient points to invest in a raw attack later on. Therefore, you’ll have to experiment with allocation, in the beginning, to determine what works best. Generally, the following order of priority applies:

For BOSS: First, increase attack speed, then boss damage, crit chance, crit damage, and finally attack. Keep in mind that goblins, towers, mines, etc., are not counted as bosses. Only Stage Boss, Dragon, Ruins, Black Knight, and Forest count as bosses. Therefore, for these, you need to remove the boss mastery and add an attack instead.

Around level 650, you can also include Attack Amp in the list. However, the calculation of the Amp Attack might be flawed, and currently, it’s significantly worse than the raw attack. For Adamant Mine/Tower/Gobs, remove boss damage and invest all of it in the attack.

For FARM: Initially, increase the experience rate, then the gold rate, attack speed, and finally attack.

masteries idle berserker
Masteries Idle Berserker


Follow this Idle Berserker Guide for the Best Idle Gameplay

And with that, you’ve taken your first steps into the world of Idle Berserker. But remember, this is just the beginning of your journey. You have yet to explore the depths of the ruins, battle the fearsome dragon, and claim your rightful place as the ultimate berserker. Keep honing your skills, refining your strategies, and pushing yourself to new heights. The path ahead may be long and challenging, but with perseverance and determination, you too can become a true master of the idle berserker arts. Happy hunting!

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