Call of Duty Mobile Guide on Weapons – Multiplayer & Battle Royale

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Posted on January 26, 2021

Call of Duty got its reputation for its loud and explosive gameplay. It is also a highly accessible first-person shooter game that you can enjoy on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo. When word got out that Call of Duty Mobile would come out as a free-to-play game, many were excited about how it would play out.

After its release in 2019, it quickly became the most downloaded game of the year and went on to win the best Free to Play Shooter on Mobile. It is also very known for its weapons, lots of them. In this Call of Duty Mobile guide, we will focus on the weapons that made it to the game and see each of their effectiveness on multiplayer and Blackout modes.

If you wish to see each weapon’s description and specs, please refer to our infographics. We will only go through the weapons in general, not the most useful attachments for each.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the most common and arguably the most useful weapon type in the game. They can be used in all kinds of ranges, be it closed, mid or long-distance combat. With a great clip, a variety of fire rates, and various scopes to fit with, assault rifles are always reliable no matter what map you are on.

Firing Rate & Modes

Most of the assault rifles are fitted with a fully automatic mode and a decent firing rate. With the good magazine capacity to go with the firing rate, assault rifles are easy to aim. All thanks to their well-balanced recoil and good range that feel pleasantly relevant in all kinds of maps. Although, its DPS is more effective if used in mid-ranged combat. Open areas in Yacht or waiting enemies inside a building in Crash are always significant to carry an assault rifle around.

Should you use a semi-auto in certain situations? Yes, you can. But, in a fast-paced game such as CoDM, firing in semi-auto is mostly situational. You’d want to go all-in with a full clip.

The M16, in particular, is a polarizing weapon. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Still, those with good aim and map position will always find the M16 a grim reaper to the eyes of the enemy. One good burst on an armorless enemy can guarantee a kill. Plus, the burst helps you shoot from chest to head area in a vertical fire.

Situational Combat

An assault rifle is suitable for all situations, although some weapons stand out more than the others. For example, the M4 and AK47 are some of the most used weapons in the game, not just because of their reputation from other shooter games but also because they are useful. The M4 may not be so brutal in damage, but the pinpoint accuracy makes it feel like a laser cutting through butter.

It’s also the best assault rifle for stealth-focused players who like suppressors. The AK47 may be more inclined to close to mid range combat. Still, its stopping power certainly makes up for its otherwise low accuracy. The Type 25 and AK117 are decent, but they only show their real potential if played with the right attachments and the best trigger finger.

Sniper Rifles

Sniping in CoD is like a wet dream for any gun nut without regard to the high skill ceiling. It’s where the 360 no-scope and MLG memes come from, and if you like sniping, CoD’s hits and fast time to make sniper mains in the game become the most formidable enemies. It is also the second most used type of weapon in the game.

Firing Rate & Modes

Every sniper rifle found in CoDM is a semi-auto except for the DL-Q33, aka the Intervention rifle, a bolt-action type. It may have the slowest firing rate, but it does have the biggest damage per shot than any other small gun. There are two main weapons that players love to focus on: the M21 and the DL-Q33. The M21 excels at a good rate of fire at long range combined with low recoil. It may not be the best damage dealer, but it’s excellent for nit-picking, fast-moving players.

The DL-Q33 is the game that made sniping popular in CoD. It’s that one weapon that makes one-hit kills with its bolt-action damage. Yes, you can still do no-scope shots, but we recommend sticking with its scope if you are not that experienced yet. It’s relatively easy to aim, except it does have high recoil. If you want players to rage quit, equip this, find a good camping spot, and do potshots. Just make sure to bring a claymore with you in case they know your position.

Situational Combat

The sniper rifles are usually only good in long-range maps. Still, some players manage to use them correctly in smaller maps. The Arctic and XPR-50 have decent stats, but why bother with these if you already have the more superior M21? You either go with the M21 EBR, the DL-Q33 or go broke.


Call of Duty Weapon


Light Machine Guns

While LMGs never had a good history in the CoD series, they perform exceptionally well in Mobile. Suppose you like to focus on a tank-type loadout. In that case, the LMG is an excellent choice if you want to suppress enemy positions for your team to move out.

Firing Rate & Modes

All LMGs are fitted with full auto shots because that is what they are built for. They are also significantly slower in terms of firing rate, but they all makeup with a large drum magazine. The RPD has the most 120 rounds, letting you continuously fire at enemy positions before reloading. Just be aware that reloading is also the slowest among all types of weapons in Call of Duty as an exchange for the large magazine capacity.

Situational Combat

If you want the best choice of all-around LMG, the UL 736 is your best bet. It may not hold the most rounds, but its long-range, significant damage and low recoil make it feel more like an assault rifle than an LMG. However, that is not to say the other weapons are destructive. They are suitable for one situation: suppression. If you want to force enemies to lock down on their spot for you to either charge in or let a faster ally come in to shoot them from behind, the LMG is always a great pick. Just keep it’s a slow switch to iron sights.

Sub-Machine Guns

SMGs are the best buddies of players who like to rush to key enemy positions and quickly burst them down. While they are incredibly terrible for long-range, they become uncanny in short-range shootouts. They are so useful in close quarters, you can hip fire while crouching, and you’d get double triple kills.

Firing Rate and Modes

The PDW-57 and MSMC are full auto SMGs, while the CHICOM is a burst-type machine pistol. They also hold the fastest firing rate out of all the weapons but have the least damage output. However, if used in small corridors or rooms, they become more lethal than any other weapon, except shotguns.

Situational Combat

A yacht, Rust, and Nuke Town are the best maps to use the SMG with. However, not everybody can use SMG effectively. Some may call this the worst category of guns, but they don’t use any other gun except an assault rifle. The ideal way to properly use them is to fit your loadout with speed-based perks like Agile, Lightweight, and Skulker. If you know how to rush an enemy properly, they can never hit you back.


Another weapon category that is bad for long-range yet amazing in close combat. However, in CoDM, shotguns are rather more situational than any other weapon in Call of Duty. The only time you would use them is if you are matchmaking in a close quarter map.

Firing Rate & Modes

Shotguns have the most diverse firing rates and modes than other guns. The Striker is a semi-auto, the BY15 is a pump-action, the Model 1887 is a lever-action, while the HS2126 is a burst type. They also have the slowest firing rate right next to sniper rifles. However, much like sniper rifles, they are also very deadly in stopping power. One good shot can kill a player instantly.

Situational Combat

Unfortunately, in a meta full of mid-ranged combat, shotguns are instead for very situational moments. If you spawn in a closed area, a shotgun is useful. If you play on a small map, the shotgun is excellent. However, that’s just about it since most players would fight mid to long-range.


The only time you would use a launcher in Call of Duty is to shoot down an enemy aircraft. Is it useful against enemies? Yes, but only if they are holed up in a tight position. Even so, it will not always guarantee a kill.

Firing Rate & Modes

There are only two missile launchers here: the FHJ-18 and the SMRS. They’re both single-shot weapons with very slow reloads. If you want to use it, do it against aircraft.

Situational Combat

As said, launchers are only best against aircraft, especially the FHJ-18, since it is designed to lock-on on airborne targets. The SMRS is for manual aim and can get used against foot soldiers.


The only time you would use a pistol is to run out of ammo or have no time to reload if you are facing an enemy.

Firing Rate & Modes

Both the J358 and MW11 are single-fire guns. However, the J3 is slower but has a more powerful design because it uses magnum rounds.

Situational Combat

All we can tell you is recall the wise words from Captain Price: “Remember, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading.”

Your Weapon of Choice

We don’t need to explain the knife anymore because everybody knows about it. Anyway, there is no actual BAD weapon in the game, only good ones that stand out from the rest. Even then, they are all equally powerful if you use them in the right moments. We hope our Call of Duty tips and guide has helped you get a clearer understanding of each weapon type.

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