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Posted on January 19, 2021

Clash of Clans has been one of the pillars of MMO games. Since its inception, the game has taken the world by storm, amassing millions of downloads from players across the globe. From clan wars to base-building, every element is what makes the game interesting to play. One of these elements is the hero troops. They are the most powerful, if not the essential elements in the game. Continue reading to know more about the powerful heroes in the game.

What is Clash of Clans Heroes?

Hero troops are considered the most powerful group of warriors in Clash of Clans. These units need only one training session due to their immortality. One downside to these warriors, however, is that it takes time for them to regenerate if defeated. This means that you need to make sure that you use each of these troops strategically to take full advantage of their abilities. Furthermore, there are multiple types of hero troops available in the game. We will be taking a quick look at each of these troops through our visual presentation below.

Types of Heroes and Hero Skins

Heroes and Hero skins are two different items in Clash of Clans. Heroes are unlocked through upgrades—Barbarian King requires Town Hall level 7, Archer Queen requires Town Hall 9, Grand Warden requires Town Hall level 11, Royal Champion requires Town Hall level 13, and Battle Machine requires Builder Hall level 5 to unlock. As mentioned before, heroes, once unlocked, will be part of your units forever.

Hero Skins, on the other hand, are purely aesthetics and do not affect the abilities and skills of heroes. Getting ahold of hero skins requires a $5 Gold tier for the second season and completion of the various challenges required. With that said, check out some of the hero skins available in the game below.


Barbarian King and Archer Queen


Barbarian King & Archer Queen

The infographic above highlights all the abilities and attributes of the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. The Barbarian King currently has 10 skins for you to collect, which are the Barbarian King, Gladiator King, PEKKA King, Skeleton King, Jolly King, Primal King, Clockwork King, Party King, Champion King, and Pirate King. One of the main attributes of the Barbarian King is that he will defend the village from attacks given that he is not regenerating HP.

The Archer Queen, on the other hand, has nine skins. These skins include the Archer Queen, Gladiator Queen, Valkyrie Queen, Autumn Queen, Ice Queen, Warrior Queen, Primal Queen, Clockwork Queen, and Pirate Queen. Just like the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen will also defend the village from attacks as long as she is not regenerating HP.


Grand Warden and Royal Champion


Grand Warden & Royal Champion

The second infographic highlights the attributes and skills of the Grand Warden and Royal Champion. The Grand Warden currently has six skins for you to collect: the Grand Warden, Party Warden, Primal Warden, Clockwork Warden, Gladiator Warden, and Pirate Warden. One of the main attributes of the Grand Warden is the ability to initiate a passive life aura that grants additional HP to all allied units. He can also boost or buff defensive troops in the field.

The Royal Champion only features two skins made of the original Royal Champion skin and the Winter Champion skin. Similar to other heroes in the game, the Royal Champion will defend the village as long as she is not in health recovery mode. One of the notable attributes of the Royal Champion is that this hero will prioritize or focus her attacks on the main defenses. She will ignore other buildings in the field and go straight to the main defense line of the camp.


Battle Machine


Battle Machine

The third infographic contains everything you need to know about the skills and attributes of the Battle Machine. Unlike the rest of the heroes in the game, the Battle Machine does not have any skins available except for the base skin. This is because this hero undergoes a process similar to metamorphosis wherein it undergoes a change in appearance as it levels up. Also, this is the only hero that will not defend the camp from enemies due to the various tasks assigned to it.

One thing that you should consider when looking at these infographics is that the attributes shown are from level 1 to maximum. This means that the highest number in the attribute section pertains to the hero achieving max level or max upgrade and the least number for the base level.


Clash of Clans Acquire Hero Skins


Acquiring Hero Skins

The infographic above showcases all of the available skins for each of the heroes available in the game. It also shows the season when the specific skin was released and how to obtain them. For Clash of Clan players who want to obtain various skins for their heroes, the information above is crucial as it serves as a guide for you to get the hero skin you want.


Clash of Clans Gameplay Guide


Clash of Clans’ Game Modes and Clan Gameplay

As a summary of the infographic above, Clash of Clans features three game modes: Practice, Single Player, Raids, which is the multiplayer part of the game, and the Season Challenges. You can also find details on the Clan Gameplay modes in the infographic, which pertains to the various multilayer modes you and your team can partake in. These modes include the following:

Clan Games

  • Takes place when the Strongman Caravan appears
  • Features various challenges and tasks
  • All challenges and tasks are available for all members
  • A new task will appear if a specific task is taken by a clan member
  • Some challenges award more rewards than other challenges on the board

Clan Wars in Clash of Clans

  • Employs the use of the game’s matchmaking system in selecting your clan’s opponent
  • Clan Wars are initiated by the clan leader or co-leader
  • No cooldowns
  • Experience, trophies, and the number of victories does not affect matchmaking

Clan War Leagues

  • Runs once per season
  • Has a two-day sign-up period
  • War League lasts for eight days
  • The best performing clans are promoted to a higher league after day 8
  • Participants get medals and trophies

Clan Challenges

  • Usually lasts eight hours on Regular setting
  • Lasts three hours in a small setting
  • The intense setting has a 1-hour limit
  • Epic Setting has a two-time limit that lasts for 1 -2 days

The final multiplayer mode is the Versus Battle, which is the regular versus multiplayer mode exclusive to the Builder Base. With that said, those are the main features waiting for you in one of the most iconic multiplayer game in the world. If you want to explore more of the exciting features of Clash of Clans on PC, download and play it for free here at Games.lol.

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