Clash Mini Characters – 4-Elixir Minis Rundown

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Posted on April 1, 2022

Having launched last December 2021, Clash Mini has accumulated over 2 million downloads. This latest game from Supercell has already made a name for itself among other strategy games. This is a remarkable feat considering the developer already has other popular game titles like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, both of which already have a solid fan base. It also features some of the most iconic characters, this time miniaturized, from its sibling titles that we mentioned.

The Basics of the Clash Mini Game

Clash Mini is a part of the Clash franchise from Supercell. It lets you collect Heroes and Minis that you can deploy for your real-time matches against other actual players. Use the Clash Mini characters you have collected to form teams for battle. Just like other strategy games, this also comes with a wide array of Minis and heroes to collect, customize, and upgrade. This gameplay provides a combination of elements that makes players of all ages competitive and entertained for hours. We know how famous this game has become. That’s why we didn’t think twice about creating a 3 elixir character list that you can check out after this.

Clash Mini gameplay 2


Unlocking Heroes & Minis in Clash Mini

As previously mentioned, there are 2 types of characters in the Clash Mini game – the Heroes and the Minis. Each one is special with its unique abilities, range, and appearance. And you can view your current arsenal, each one’s skills, and info, by checking your “Collection” tab. Furthermore, you can claim chests by completing quests, progressing in the current Season Road, and purchasing directly from the shop using in-game currency or real money. Use these chests to unlock new Minis and Heroes in the game.

Heroes are your main Clash Mini characters whereas Minis act as support. Heroes have abilities that can change the tide of the battle; hence, you can only bring one every time. You can unlock major abilities and new skills for your Hero when it reaches level 5 and level 10. Moreover, you can bring up to 5 Minis to battle and use elixir to deploy them. Depending on the Clash Mini character, it can cost 2 to 4 elixirs to deploy one to battle.

Additionally, star levels determine how powerful they are. Fret not, star levels are upgradable after collecting enough duplicate fragments of that Mini. This is how it essentially goes — you will need one duplicate to upgrade from 0 star, three duplicates from 1 star, and six to upgrade from 2 stars.

Clash Mini Characters – 4-Elixir

At the time of writing, the maximum elixir needed to deploy a Mini is four. Here are the characters requiring 4 elixirs to be summoned.

Battle Healer

The Battle Healer Mini is a single-target and melee type of unit. Looks-wise, she dons long white hair with small white wings around the ears. She wears golden armor and holds a sword with her left hand. With high accuracy and low damage, this Mini can be outstanding support for your team by continuously healing allies around her and still being able to deal damage to enemies within range.

clash mini battle healer


Electro Wizard

The Electro Wizard is a single-target unit with a long range. Despite having low accuracy and attack damage, he is still a considerably powerful Mini with an even powerful Super skill. Appearance-wise, he has black hair shaped like lightning and a bolt-shaped mustache. Additionally, he wears a blue robe and carries no weapon on his hands. He is best placed on the Supercharger tile of the field to instantaneously zap enemies as soon as the battle begins.


The Fisherman is a melee and single-target type of unit wearing a blue wet suit. His eyes are hidden under his blue cap and you can only see the orange beard on his face. His weapon of choice is a fish on his right hand and an anchor on his left. Furthermore, he can drag himself towards a building or throws a hook to pull opposing troops towards him and deal damage. He has moderate accuracy and attack damage.

Clash mini fisherman


Magic Archer

Unlike the first couple of Clash Mini characters we have mentioned so far, the Magic Archer is not a single-target unit. Instead, it is a long-ranged unit with a low accuracy but high area damage of effect. Appearance-wise, he has white hair with brown eyebrows and glowing eyes. Moreover, he wears a green tunic with brown gloves while holding a glowing magical bow with his left hand. Lastly, he specializes in stealing energy from opponents and deals more damage to those with blocks and shields.

Clash mini magic archer
Image Source: Clash Mini – Archer


Mega Knight

The Mega Knight is another single-target, melee unit with high accuracy but low attack points. What it lacked in attack, it compensated for its health and stomping power. He looks like your typical knight with a black plated armor and helmet donning a feather of the team’s color. He also holds one spiked ball on each hand and wears a belt on his stomach. His specialty is stunning enemies while keeping them from using their skills.

clash mini mega knight



The P.E.K.K.A. is also a single-target, melee unit boasting high accuracy and attack damage. Albeit slow, this Clash Mini character is strong and has a powerful swing and high HP. Looks-wise, he looks pretty similar to his little sibling – the Mini P.E.K.K.A. – except that he has two blue eyes and two fully evolved horns on the head. His specialty is blocking damage and healing himself over time.

clash mini p.e.k.k.a



The Prince is a melee unit that specializes in charging forward and pushing back the first enemy on its path. He can deal high damage and take on opponents at the backline if his Clash did not hit. The Prince has blonde hair, a brown mustache, and rides a pony. The feather on his helmet corresponds to the team’s color. He wields a white and blue or red (depending on the team color) lance on his right hand.


Last but not the least of Clash Mini characters is the Witch. She holds the power of the dark and can summon skeletons on the field to fight enemies on her path. She wears a purple dress and veil plus a golden belt. Plus, she holds her weapon, a long staff with a skeleton head in her right hand.

Have a Blast with Clash Mini on PC

Clash Mini is definitely a must-try game of the year! Have you listed your possible units to form your formidable team? If so, then you should now test your deck and play Clash Mini! You can also check our other strategy game titles here at!

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