Clash Royale Guide – Tips & Tricks for Beginners to Win More

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Posted on October 8, 2021

When it comes to strategy games, Clash Royale is one of the popular ones available. It’s published by Supercell, the developer behind popular and addictive games like Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and more. This is actually a card strategy game where you get to assemble a deck and use it in battle. What’s interesting is that the cards you’ll use will be familiar if you’ve played Clash of Clans before.

What’s interesting in this strategy game is that the cards you’ll use will be familiar if you’ve played Clash of Clans before. You will see most of its troops, spells, and defenses. You will even see most of your favorite characters, too, including the Royales.

Although the game is fun and exciting to play, it’s also difficult to win, especially for beginners. You’d likely lose more matches than when you’re just starting out. Fortunately, this Clash Royale guide will hand out some tips and strategies that you can try to increase your chances of winning.

Clash Royale Gameplay

Let’s briefly discuss the gameplay of Clash Royale first so you’ll have an idea of what to do here. As mentioned above, this is a strategy card game. You will be collecting and assembling a deck of cards consisting of characters, spells, and defensive towers. You will then use that deck during battle. To put cards down, you will spend elixir, which gradually fills up as you play. Each card will have an elixir cost, and that will determine how much elixir you need to put down.

During the battle, you and your opponent will have three towers each. Each tower will attack enemies within range, and the main tower will be located in the middle. The goal to win a match is to destroy the main tower. Once you do that, the match is over.
Clash Royale Guide Gameplay

For the most part, the gameplay is easy. However, winning is not that simple. You’ll need to have a good strategy in place first. And then, you’ll need the right cards to make that strategy work. That is going to be the core of what will make you a successful player.

Let’s now discuss the Clash Royale tips and strategies that you can use. In this way, you’ll have something to help you get started in this strategy game.

Clash Royale Tips & Strategy

Winning constantly in Clash Royale is just like with any strategy game. You will need a good strategy and powerful cards. But as a beginner, having powerful cards won’t happen outright, so you’ll have to rely on strategy.

Always Be Patient

One of the most important strategies that you should remember when playing Clash Royale is patience. Assess the situation and the kinds of cards that you drew for your hand first. That will allow you to look at what you have and begin the strategy that you plan on using. Of course, there will be strategies where you need to rush. But for the most part, being patient is necessary since it prevents you from making rookie mistakes during battle.
Clash Royale Gameplay

Being patient also allows you to earn more elixir, which can be very helpful if your deck is built with high-cost cards. Being patient also makes your opponents keep on guessing your strategy and allows you to counter them easily.

Stick to One Strategy When Assembling a Deck

There are different strategies available in Clash Royale, and each strategy requires specific cards. That means when you adopt a strategy, your deck will likely be made of cards for the said strategy. Now, all strategies have their weaknesses and counters. Don’t try to compensate for this by creating a hybrid strategy, which is combining different strategies. Doing this will not bode well for you since you’re going to make it hard for your deck to achieve its winning condition.

There’s no way you can counter all strategies that you face, so it’s best to stick to one strategy when assembling your deck. You can have several decks, allowing you to have different strategies available. But always make sure you’re only sticking to one strategy when battling.

Learn When to Push & When to Slow Down

During the battle, you might be tempted to keep on pushing and attacking, especially if you feel you have the advantage. But this can also be just your opponent baiting you into doing that. That means you’ll be falling into a trap and letting the advantage you have to disappear. Learn how to read the battle and see if it’s a good idea to continue pushing or scaling down a bit to avoid being baited.

Learn About the Different Types of Deck or Strategy Available

It’s important that you also learn about the different types of strategy so you’ll know the type of cards in the deck. That is how you will be able to win most battles in Clash Royale. Being able to identify the type of strategy the enemy will use early on during the battle will let you know what cards they have. That means you will be able to make a proper counter to what your opponent is planning.

That is something you won’t be able to do outright. But with enough practice and experience, this will be a valuable tip that can help you win most of your matches.

Final Thoughts

Despite how fun and exciting this strategy game is, Clash Royale can be a bit frustrating to play. That is because winning won’t be easy to come by. But with the Clash Royale tips provided here, you’ll increase your chances of winning battles.

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