Clash of Clans: The Basics of Clan Games

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Posted on November 8, 2021

Clash of Clans‘ Clan Games is an exciting event that Supercell introduced in December 2017. Here, you get to maximize your Clan’s rewards by completing challenges. If you want to know more about Clan Games, you came to the right place! You’ll learn all the basics about the game here.

In Clan Games, you need to work with your teammates to achieve big rewards and an exclusive magic item. You can get started by clicking the fairgrounds found on the left side of your village. Next, click the caravan, and it’ll take you to the Challenges screen. Here, you’ll find all the challenges available that you can choose from. Once a teammate chooses a challenge, it will disappear from the screen.

Remember, Clan Games can last for several days, and it starts at the same time for all Clans. You can contribute to your Clan’s overall score by completing individual challenges. The higher the points, the bigger the rewards your Clan will get. If you’re new to this event, below are a few tips to get you started:

Clan Games Gameplay

Clan Games will start when you see the Strongman’s Caravan set up on the left side of your village. You will find different challenges that players need to accomplish in the allotted time. The list of challenges is the same for the entire clan, so a clan should determine which members should participate in a specific challenge. Once a player takes part in a challenge, new ones will appear in its place so clans will never run out of challenges to complete. You can get higher points if you choose more difficult challenges.
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When you collect a certain number of points, you’ll also unlock a reward. These rewards will vary from resources to magic items. In addition, some Clan Games offer challenges with higher reward points, and these higher points are highlighted in gold. Finally, during the Clan Games, players can check each other’s point contributions at the clan tab. The players are ranked based on the total number of points they scored. If there’s a tie, the player who scored first will rank higher.

All About the Challenges in Clash of Clans Clan Games

The challenges that you’ll find in Clan Games are meant to test your strength in different areas. So, if you find a difficult challenge, you can ask a teammate who’s able to take it. Completing it within the time limit means your Clan gets points. You can also trash a challenge if you think you can’t finish it within the time limit, but you’ll need to wait for ten minutes before grabbing another challenge.

If the timer for the challenge has lapsed, it simply means you lost the challenge. But you can still proceed with the expired task by using Gems, or you can delete the challenge. The Gems can help rebuild the time limit that allows you to continue working on the task.

Reap Rewards

The rewards are the main point of Clan Games, which can vary from resources to Magic Items. The Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir that you get will depend on the capacity of your Treasury. Overall, it will mainly depend on the Town Hall level and Clan perks too. Additionally, players who participated and contributed to the Clan Games can choose a reward from each reward tier. And if a player reaches a certain threshold, such as the maximum points allotted, they can get another reward from any unlocked tier they want.
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All rewards have to be claimed by the clans at the same time. If there’s a bonus reward, the player can claim it separately. Resources are directly deposited in the Treasury. On the other hand, Magic Items are kept in the Town Hall or the Builder Hall if the player uses the Builder Base. If you don’t claim a reward, it will remain in the caravan for seven days. Here, it will be safe from attackers. Lastly, you can still claim a reward even if you left your clan after finishing a challenge.

A summary of the players’ and the clan’s scores will appear on a screen. Aside from the scores, you will also see the XP gained and the rewards that you claimed. There will also be a clan leaderboard with all the points each player contributed. The summary screen will be available once all rewards have been claimed.

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