Clash of Kings Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading the Castle

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Posted on December 1, 2023

In Clash of Kings, strategic brilliance often hinges on the power of your castle. As you embark on a journey to conquer towns, cities, and resources, mastering the intricacies of castle upgrades becomes paramount. This guide delves into the significance of Clash of Kings castle upgrades, the role of Prestige, and the essential requirements for fortifying your empire.

How important is the castle in Clash of Kings?

The castle, towering over the expansive landscapes of Clash of Kings, is the epicenter of your burgeoning empire. Its significance transcends mere aesthetics, as it provides a panoramic vantage point, offering a commanding view of your city and the surrounding territories. However, its role goes far beyond being a visual centerpiece; the castle is the linchpin of your strategic endeavors, shaping the destiny of your empire.

As the nerve center of your operations, the castle becomes the focal point for all your strategic decisions. Upgrading the castle goes beyond cosmetic enhancements; it catalyzes unlocking a cascade of opportunities. Each upgrade opens the gates to a realm of advanced buildings, formidable troops, and tactical advantages that are indispensable for asserting dominance in the complex game dynamics of Clash of Kings.

clash of kings castle upgrade

With each level of upgrade, the castle transforms into more than a fortress of stone; it evolves into a symbol of your conquests and a testament to your strategic prowess. Its towering presence becomes not just a structural marvel but a representation of your ascendancy in the game’s intricate power play.

What is Prestige?

In the dynamic realm of Clash of Kings, Prestige introduces an additional layer of significance to the concept of castle upgrades. The term “Prestige castles” encompasses structures ranging from level 31 to 36, symbolizing a higher echelon of power and influence in the game. Achieving Prestige status is not a mere milestone; it is the culmination of meticulous planning, resource management, and strategic foresight.

Prestige castles stand as beacons of authority, representing the pinnacle of accomplishment within the game. Every upgrade in this Prestige tier puts your empire in a class by itself, with enhanced strategic advantage and cutting-edge capabilities. The journey to Prestige is not just about ascending levels; it’s a narrative of calculated decisions, resource allocations, and the evolution of your empire into a force to be reckoned with.

Why do you need to upgrade your castle?

Upgrading your castle in Clash of Kings is far from a perfunctory ritual; it is the key that unlocks a realm of possibilities. Each upgrade is a strategic leap forward, enhancing not only the visual grandeur of your fortress but, more crucially, its defensive capabilities. Your castle evolves from a rudimentary stronghold into a formidable fortress, capable of withstanding the onslaughts of rival clans and marauding adversaries.

The imperative to upgrade lies in the doors it opens—a gateway to advanced buildings that bolster your infrastructure, formidable troops that command respect on the battlefield, and the attainment of prestigious status within the game’s hierarchy. Beyond the aesthetics, each upgrade is a step towards expanding your empire, forging alliances with other clans, and engaging in strategic warfare that defines the narrative of your dominance in the Clash of Kings universe.

What are the requirements for upgrading?

Clash of Kings Castle Upgrade

Navigating the path of castle upgrades in Clash of Kings requires meticulous attention to resources and prerequisites. As your castle advances, the demands for resources intensify, underscoring the importance of strategic resource management. Here’s a guide outlining the resource and building requirements up to level 10:

Castle Level Resource Requirements Building Requirements
1 Wall: – None
2 Wall: 1, 2.8k Wood, 2.8k Food, 72 Energy None
3 Wall: 2, 3.9k Wood, 3.9k Food, 147 Energy None
4 Wall: 3, 5.8k Wood, 5.8k Food, 282 Energy Sawmill Level 3
5 Wall: 4, 9.4K Wood, 9.4K Food, 534 Energy None
6 Wall: 5, 16.9K Wood, 16.9K Food, 961 Energy Depot Level 4
7 Wall: 6, 32K Wood, 32K Food, 1.6K Energy Barracks Level 6
8 Wall: 7, 64K Wood, 64K Food, 2K Energy College Level 7
9 Wall: 8, 128K Wood, 128K Food, 3K Energy Military Tent Level 8
10 Wall: 9, 257K Wood, 257K Food, 4K Energy Depot Level 9


Note: Resource requirements increase with each castle level, and certain levels require specific buildings to reach a designated level before upgrading. Upgrading to Castle Level 11 will start requiring Iron, and Mithril will become a requirement to upgrade to Castle Level 16.

Understanding the Castle in Clash of Kings

Mastering Clash of Kings castle upgrades is the cornerstone of your journey towards supremacy. The castle is not just a structure; it’s a testament to your strategic prowess. With each upgrade, you fortify your position in the game, unlocking new buildings, troops, and the coveted Prestige status. The journey is arduous, the requirements demanding, but the rewards are immense.

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of Clash of Kings, remember that your castle is not merely a bastion of stone and mortar; it’s a symbol of your conquests, alliances, and the resilience of your empire. Upgrade wisely, manage resources strategically, and let the walls of your castle echo with the triumphs of a ruler destined for greatness. In the intricate dance of power, Clash of Kings Castle upgrades position you as the orchestrator of a grand symphony of victory.

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