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Posted on May 15, 2021

Multiplayer games are always fun and exciting to play because of how competitive they can be. You usually battle or compete against other players. Most of the time, everyone involved will try their hardest since they don’t want to lose. One fun and exciting multiplayer game that you can play is Eredan Arena PVP. It’s a multiplayer strategy card game that Feerik Games publishes.

Though the game has already been around, not many people know about it (unless you’re into card games). Not everyone will recognize the game’s title and what it’s about. If you haven’t heard or know anything about the game, then you’ve come to the correct webpage. This article will discuss in more detail what Eredan Arena PVP is all about.

What is Eredan Arena PVP?

As mentioned earlier, Eredan Arena PVP is a multiplayer strategy card game. It’s a game that involves card collecting, as there are numerous different character cards available for you to acquire. You can evolve these cards through battles. But when it comes to the fight, players will only be able to use five hero cards. The battle will also use a Dice System to determine your hero’s actions, like attacking, defending, or activating skills.

Your ability to do well in battle will be determined by the cards you use and your luck with the Dice System. There are over hundreds of different cards in the game, and each one is unique. You also have to evolve them to increase their stats further and make them stronger. Let’s discuss in the next section the battle system of the game.

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Eredan Arena PVP Battle Mechanics

Before you battle, you will choose five hero cards that you want to use. Once you’ve chosen your cards, you will then pick one that you’ll use for battle. After that, it will present you with 6 Dice before every round. The Dice shown will determine what skills your hero will use during battle. A Dice can roll either Red, Yellow, Blue, and Sword. The Red and Sword each have two faces on the Dice, so they’re the easiest to roll.

Once you’ve rolled, you can choose to accept the Dices that came out, or you can reroll. But once the battle preparation is over, your hero will now battle based on the rolled Dice. Your chosen card will have to deal more damage to win a game than your opponent’s card. Each card will have a number above them that will represent the damage the opponent deals. Once all moves are made, the match-winner is the one that dealt the most damage.

After that, you repeat the process by choosing a different card to use for attacking. The battle is over once all opponent’s cards are defeated or all your cards are defeated.

Strengthening Your Hero Cards

As mentioned earlier, a big factor for you doing well in battle will be using strong heroes. One of the best ways to do that is to evolve your hero card to increase their stats and give them new skills. Each hero card will have 3 levels and each level gives a new skill and increased Strength. The only way you can evolve a hero is by gathering all the hero cards. Each card will have a required number of hero cards to use to evolve.

The higher the level of your hero, the more hero cards it will need. Once you’ve achieved level 3, the hero will transform to its Mythical form, which means the card will have a gold frame. To transform your hero, you need to pay 12,000 crystals and achieve 3 trophies. Another way that you can strengthen your card is by adding Seals of Power to them. They’re permanent effects that boost their potential in battle.

Cards with seals will have a different border and they’ll always begin the battle with buffs. There are seven types of seals and each one will provide a different buff. Seals of Power are usually from chests that appear after the match.

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The Game Modes of Eredan Arena PVP

There are 3 game modes that you can play in Eredan Arena PVP. The game modes are Unranked, Ranked, and Survival. Unranked is the normal match where you will need 5 heroes to play. Winning or losing in Unranked battles won’t affect your rank points. The opponents you will face here will always be as strong as the cards that you are using. For example, you have two level 3 heroes, then the opponent you face will also have two level 3 heroes.

Ranked games are played under the League button and they’re matches where you can gain or lose rank points. The rank points determine what league you will enter. And the higher your ranking is at the end of the season, the better the rewards you will get. You also use 5 heroes here, but all of them need to be level 3. This means you won’t be able to participate in matches if the levels of the cards you’re using are not the same.

In Survival games, you are given two random level 3 cards and you choose one to include in your deck. You repeat the process until you have a full deck. Once you have a full deck, you will see what rewards you can get. You receive rewards for every 3 wins. However, you can also only lose 3 times since you’ll be given 3 lives. Once all lives are lost, you can’t participate anymore and you have to wait 3 days to participate again.

Final Thoughts

There are many more things that you need to know about the Eredan Arena PVP. But the ones discussed above will give you an idea of what the game is and its basic gameplay.

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