Clash Royale Balance Changes Update in 2022

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Posted on January 3, 2022

Supercell’s epic multiplayer tower defense game, Clash Royale, has recently received new updates and balanced changes straight from the developers. So, if you have yet to get the details of the new update and the changes that came with it, then you are in luck as we have the sweet details any avid fan should know.

Clash Royale Balance Changes in Buildings

Buildings are some of the most important structures in the game since they serve as your primary defense and offense contraptions. With that said, below are some of the most recent Clash Royale balance changes for some of the structures in the game. The nerfing of the attributes was due to the rise of spawners which according to the patch notes is leading to unbalanced battles.

Clash Royale Balance Changes 1
Clash Royale Balance Changes 1



As indicated in the image above, the first building that received some adjustment in the game is the Furnace. The first change in the structure is the Lifetime which was nerfed from 49s down to 33s. In contrast with the Lifetime nerfing is the buffing of the Spawn Rate which is now one second less from the previous version. The Hitpoints on the other hand received a decent nerfing of 17%.

Goblin Hut

Similar to the Furnace, the Goblin Hut has received a decent nerfing on Lifetime from 40s to 31s. As for the Spawn Rate, the structure now has 4s instead of 4.5s. The Hitpoints also has a nerfing of 17% just like the Furnace.

Barbarian Hut

Like the other two aforementioned structures, the Barbarian Hut also received a nerfing on its Lifetime 50s down to 40s. The building also received a buff on its Spawn Rate which is now at 10s from 12.5s. While the Hitpoints of the said structure are now 15% less compared to the previous version.


Of the structures that received some balance changes, the Tombstone is the only one that was able to retain its original Hitpoints. Like the rest of the structures on this list, the Tombstone received a nerfing on its Lifetime attribute which is now at 30s from 40s. The Spawn Rate of the structure also received a nerfing which is now up .2 milliseconds.

Other Cards that Received Balance Changes

Here is the list of other cards that received balance changes.

Clash Royale Balance Changes 2
Clash Royale Balance Changes 2


Fire Spirit

One of the major concerns regarding Fire Spirit cards is that they are hard to hit. However, the recent balance changes in the game will help ranged units take care of the fire projectiles without getting hit.


After a long while, The Executioner has received an HP buff of 5% just enough to make him relevant in the game.


Another card that received some much-needed buffs is the Rascals. As per the recent patch notes, the low use rate of this card made it an instant candidate for a buff. To make the Rascals relevant again, the developers decided to give Rascal Girl a 9% buff on its Speed attribute.

Goblin Cage

One of the most interesting cards that can counter any card in the field is the Goblin Cage. To balance out its power, the developers have decided to nerf the HP of this card to 23%.

Mother Witch

Mother Witch or the Mother of All Witches is also a recipient of the recent balance changes. As per the recent patch notes, the developers decided to counter the overwhelming power of this card with more options to counter her defense. This means that this card is now affected by arrows and zap in addition to the fireball.

Clash Royale Balance Changes 3
Clash Royale Balance Changes 3



Tesla is another building affected by the recent balance changes. As the most powerful building in the game, the developers decided to nerf the Hit Speed attribute of this card to 9% to make it more manageable.

Battle Ram

The Battle Ram is another card with low usage in the game. Thus, to make it more relevant, the developers have decided to buff the connection damage of this card by 8%.

Ice Wizard

The Ice Wizard will now have a cold effect upon deployment. This means that this card can now inflict slow down and slight damage once deployed.

Dart Goblin

To make this tiny card more effective against high-HP cards, the developers had decided to buff its damage by 9%. It may not be a huge change but it will do the trick nonetheless.

Play Clash Royale on PC

Now that you have the basic knowledge needed to make your deck more effective in 2022. Your next mission is to play Clash Royale on PC. All you need to do is follow the download instructions here on

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