ML Adventure Tier List – Choose Only the Most Powerful Heroes

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Posted on October 22, 2022

Mobile Legends: Adventure is an interesting and exciting RPG that you can play. It’s interesting, especially if you play the MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang because you get to see the heroes in a different light. You’ll have a deeper understanding of the Mobile Legend characters with ML Adventure. You get to see their emotions, their stories, etc. It’s also important to note that like with MLBB, characters in ML Adventure are not created equal. And we’ll look at who is the most powerful in this ML Adventure tier list.

Like with any RPG, having powerful characters is needed to be able to progress properly in the game. And the tier list will help you in identifying who are the strong characters you can use in the game. But take note, having powerful characters is just one aspect. You also need to make sure you have the right team composition. But that will be a discussion for another day. For now, let’s see who are the powerful characters in this ML Adventure tier list.

The Different Factions ML Adventure

Before we get into the tier list, let’s first discuss the different factions in ML Adventure. Each character in the game is categorized by faction. It’s like a group and knowing these factions is important when it comes to team composition. Each faction will be strong against certain factions and weak against other factions. Factions will also play a role when it comes to building synergy between the heroes on your team. The game features seven factions and they are:

  • Order
  • Chaos
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Elemental
  • Tech
  • Martial

Ranking the Powerful Heroes in ML Adventure Tier List

There are many different heroes that you can use in ML Adventure. But not all of them are created equal. Some are just more powerful than others. And in this ML Adventure tier list, we’ll look at who the most powerful heroes are. We’ll also identify the faction the hero will belong to, as well as their class.

S-Tier Heroes – The Overpowered

We’ll start with the S-tier heroes, which are the overpowered characters in ML Adventure. They’re the heroes who can dominate in any situation, even in the toughest battles. They’re the most powerful characters, the current cream of the crop in ML Adventure. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll win the most challenging battles with them in your team. But you will always have a chance to win if you have them. They’re the characters that you want to prioritize when it comes to development.

Below are the S-tier heroes in ML Adventure:

  • Tokinibara (Chaos, Fighter)
  • Lunox (Order, Support)
  • Oberon (Order, Fighter)
  • Shah Torre (Chaos, Mage)
  • Shar (Chaos, Support)
  • Akashic (Order, Support)
  • Angela (Tech, Support)


ML Adventure lunox
Image Source: ML Adventure Lunox

Except for Angela, most S-tier heroes belong to the Order and Chaos faction. That’s not surprising since they’re the strongest faction. However, it’s also worth noting that they’re factions that are not easy to acquire. So it makes them harder to develop, which is why going for heroes in other factions is more advisable.

A-Tier Heroes – The Strong Ones

The A-tier characters are the strong heroes in the game. They’re not as overpowered as the S-tier but they can still hold their own. Many of the heroes on this tier list belong to other factions, which will make them easier to develop. There are still Order and Chaos heroes here, but you can at least find strong heroes from other factions on this list.

The A-tier heroes available are:

  • Xeno (Order, Tank)
  • Anna (Chaos, Mage)
  • Apostate (Chaos, Marksman)
  • Amaterasu (Order, Marksman)
  • Tia (Order, Mage)
  • Mecha Layla (Tech/Light, Marksman)
  • Miracle Clara (Martial/Dark, Support)
  • Argus (Dark, Tank)
  • Pharsa (Dark, Mage)
  • Odette (Light, Mage)
  • Wanwan (Martial, Marksman)
  • Nana (Martial, Support)
  • Esmeralda (Elemental, Fighter)
  • Atlas (Tech, Tank)


ML Adventure argus


B-Tier Heroes – The Great But Not Strong Enough Heroes

The B-tier characters in ML Adventure are great heroes that can be used in any team composition. However, they do have their weaknesses and limitations, which makes them not strong enough compared to the heroes in the S- and A-tiers. But they’re still good and it won’t be a waste of resources to develop these heroes and use them in team composition. It’s especially true since it’s not easy to develop the Order and Chaos heroes. So, the heroes here are still viable options.

For the B-tier heroes, you have the following:

  • Rista (Chaos, Support)
  • Karihmet (Order, Marksman)
  • Hwang Jini (Order, Mage)
  • Belerick (Elemental, Tank)
  • Valir (Elemental, Mage)
  • Nimbus Eudora (Elemental/Martial, Mage)
  • Harley (Elemental, Support)
  • Irithel (Martial, Marksman)
  • Clint (Martial, Marksman)
  • Hayabusa (Martial, Fighter)
  • Masha (Martial, Tank)
  • Silvanna (Light, Fighter)
  • Natan (Tech, Marksman)
  • Selena (Dark, Mage)
  • Lylia (Dark, Mage)


ML Adventure harley


C-Tier Heroes – The Good, But There are Better Options

The last ML Adventure tier list rank is the C-tier heroes. They’re good heroes to use in the game and can still be viable in many situations. But there are just better options available than these heroes. So, they should be placed in the least priority when it comes to development. But you can still use them if you have no other alternatives.

The C-tiers are:

  • Yu Zhong (Chaos, Fighter)
  • Martis (Chaos, Fighter)
  • Lolita (Tech, Tank)
  • Claude (Tech, Marksman)
  • Karrie (Tech, Marksman)
  • X-Borg (Tech, Marksman)
  • Gatotkaca (Light, Tank)
  • Guinevere (Light, Mage)
  • Kimmy (Light, Maksman)
  • Uranus (Light, Tank)
  • Alice (Dark, Mage)
  • Vexana (Dark, Mage)
  • Thamuz (Dark, Tank)
  • Akai (Martial, Tank)
  • Hanabi (Martial, Marksman)


ML Adventure claude


Choose the Best Heroes from the ML Adventure Tier List

There are many more heroes available in ML Adventure that you can use. But the ones listed above are the most powerful ones that you can use in the game. But if you’re looking for more tier lists like this one or updates about ML Adventure, make sure to keep your eyes peeled here in

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