Dragon Robot 2 Full PC Gameplay Review

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Posted on January 19, 2021

Imagine this: you control a towering steel-clad robot that can transform into a three-headed dragon. It can fly, and breathe fire on oncoming cars, pedestrians, and buildings. Then, imagine changing into a 10-foot-tall crazed bipedal behemoth and stomping on pretty much everything. You’re a living harbinger of destruction. You’re the bane of mankind and more!

If those things pique your interest, then Dragon Robot 2 is the game for you. Created by Naxeex Robots, the game sees you command the eponymous dragon and complete various missions across a huge map. Along the way, you can stomp on cars, passersby, and other moving objects you deem unworthy of your presence! But apart from that, what other stuff can you do in this game? Let’s take a closer look.

Such a Big World, But Nothing Much to Do

One of the main things that will immediately catch your attention when you play this game is its map. Dragon Robot 2 boasts surprisingly huge maps that are littered with various scenery and objects. For example, one map sees you traversing across an expansive futuristic city complete with levitating cars, technologically advanced skyscrapers, and futuristic city folk.

Other maps in the game see you scaling mountainous and snow-covered areas to get to new and hidden spots. The maps offer some variety, and while the cars and passersby do their best to convey bustling metropolises, most of the explorable areas seem to be devoid of anything interesting to do. The cities have tall buildings and look somewhat impressive. However, the environment becomes stale the longer you play it.

Dragon Robots 2 Review
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Rampage Either by Land or Air

One thing the game brings to the table is the ability to transform your character into two different modes. You can change into a three-headed dragon or a big-rig truck. In your robot form, you can run amok across the cityscape to stomp around and smash all the vehicles you see. If you fancy assaulting people from the air, you can transform into a three-headed dragon and spew fire from above. Finally, you can take the appearance of a truck that also spits out fire and lets you run over everything.

Among the three forms, the dragon is the most appealing-looking one to use. Since you can fly around the map in this form and reign down fire on your targets,. The robot form is somewhat okay as well since you can smash and punt cars while stomping. The truck is the least interesting one to transform into because it’s somewhat sluggish. Even if it has a built-in flamethrower and the ability to ram cars, it still can’t pass the coolness test.

Quests & Character Upgrades

Each map has several quests for you to accomplish, but they’re not particularly difficult to accomplish. You will have to travel to the quest givers marked on the map before you can begin your tasks. For the most part, quests involve you flying around the map looking for items on top of buildings and towers. Some will ask you to squash several baddies trying to stop your rampage. After you’ve accomplished your assignments, you can head back to the quest giver to complete them. You will then receive some in-game rewards.

Dragon Robots 2 PC
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Dragon Robot 2 has some character progression in the form of upgrades. Your robot initially fights unarmed. As you progress through the game, you will be rewarded with some new weapons and power-ups. This includes different armaments like handguns, bazookas, machine guns, and rifles, along with their respective ammunition.

Equipping your robot with these weapons allows you to hit enemies with ranged attacks. This is useful when enemies send in heavy artillery–like helicopters– to stop your rampage. You can deal with those pesky choppers with your firearms. If you want to get more hands-on, you can burn them with your dragon form.

By far and large…

Dragon Robot 2 is a somewhat serviceable action game. The transformation options are decent and provide a fun break from the monotonous grind of the quests. That said, the quests leave a lot to be desired, and the enemy types could have been more diverse. The game’s developers feel like they missed an opportunity for a great smash-em-up game on par with the Rampage series. A few unique enemies, like a monster or an opposing dragon robot, would make it more interesting.

Dragon Robot 2 has some interesting and fun ideas, but the execution and end product, unfortunately, didn’t hit the mark. Mecha fans can definitely give this a try but really wouldn’t pass as an outstanding game. You can hit it up if you want to pass the time or just blow off steam by smashing puny humans. But other than that, it’s best to look for more engaging titles out there for your robot game fix.

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