Everlasting Summer Ending Guide: Semyon & Slavya

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Posted on June 1, 2021

Everlasting Summer is a Russian visual novel developed by Soviet Games. It revolves around the story of Semyon, a loner who is addicted to his computer. On a fateful day, while riding a bus to meet his childhood friends, he was flung to the past. Now he’s at the Soviet pioneer camp along with some girls. It’s finally Semyon’s chance to score some action, but the question is: Will he do it right? Everlasting Summer lets you play the role of Semyon. Your job is to start a romantic relationship with one of the girls.

Now the game will force you to make choices in certain scenarios. Depending on your decisions, you can score positive or negative points. Getting enough good points from your interactions with the girls will get you a good ending. However, making the wrong decision also gets you a bad ending. That’s the tricky part since there are many ways where you can go wrong in this game. Although it wouldn’t hurt to experience both endings for the awesome game achievements. Regardless, getting either a good or bad end isn’t an easy task. So this is where this guide comes in.

Mr. Forever Alone Samyon Ending

You’d most likely think that only girls have a good and bad ending, we’ll you’re wrong. The main character has an ending and it involves not scoring any girls at all. The path is also forked into a good ending and a bad ending. Now, this is going to be a spoiler-free guide so we’ll leave out the nitty-gritty details. Let’s check out how we can get both. We’ll start with the good ending.

Everlasting Summer Samyon
In-game screenshot
  • So, once you start the prologue you’ll be presented with the choices “Yes, I’ll come with you” and “No, I’ll stay here.” Choose the “No, I’ll stay here” option. Then, once you enter Day 1 and play out the next part of the story, you’ll encounter another set of crucial choices. Choose the “Leave The Keys” option. Once done, you’ll meet everyone in the camp. The next important choice would make you decide whether you want to stay seated or not. Choose to “Remain Seated”. Note that this choice will pop up on Day 5.
  • Finally, on Day 7, you will encounter a mysterious voice that is beckoning you. Choose not to follow the voice. Once you’ve finished the entire story, the cutscene for Samyon’s good ending will play. To get the bad ending, just make the same decisions up until Day 7– where you’ll follow the voice instead.

The Beautiful & Elegant Slavya

Let’s move on to the beautiful blonde Slavya. So she’s one of the main girls you can court in Everlasting Summer. To get the good or bad ending, you need to make the right choices from Day 1 to 6.

  • First, when you enter the Soviet Pioneer Camp, you’ll get contacted by Slavya. Replying to her will score you some points. Then, on Day 2, you’ll need to choose “Go get the cards with Slavya”, “Do not bet with Alisa”, “Lose the tournament”, and “Go to the bust stop”. Just play out the scenarios of Day 2, and wait for these choices to pop up.
  • Once done, you’ll once again have an opportunity to talk to her on Day 3. First, reply with “You know, Olga Dmitrievna asked me to help her tonight.” Then as the conversation goes on, tell her “Who cares? I’d better keep on looking for answers”. After that, choose to help Slavya when the opportunity arises. Your next set of decisions should be “Run away”, “Go to Olga Dmitrievna’s house”, “Do not ask about the bundle”. Then finally, accompany Slavya.


Everlasting Summer Slavya
In-game screenshot
  • If you manage to do all of that before Day 5, then you’re on the right track. The important part during this day is to stick close to Slavya, and thank the girls for their help when they do. Once done, you’ll once again be presented with the choice to leave or remain seated.
  • The right path is to remain seated. Then look for Slavya. Come Day 6, just choose “I want to get something from Slavya ” and “I have nothing to justify myself for ”. That should get you a good ending. Like Samyon’s ending, you’ll do the same set of choices from Day 1 to 5. Then just choose the opposing choices on Day 6.

Getting The Good & Bad Endings of The Game

A more general tip would be just to keep the girls happy when you make the decisions. You may choose to go in raw, and figure things out on your own as you play Everlasting Summer. But for the achievement hunters, this guide will help you in your journey. So, try the game out on PC today. Use our Games.lol client for a more optimized experience.

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