Boom Beach Gameplay Review

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Posted on May 29, 2021

For years, Boom Beach has been enjoyed by millions of players from across the globe. It’s a combination of casual simulation, real-time strategy, and top-down multiplayer. In this day and age, is Boom Beach still worth playing or has it already reached its end? We’re here to find out more about it.

A Clone or A Unique Game?

Keep in mind, Boom Beach was released a year later after Clash of Clans – Supercell’s super cash cow. When Boom Beach stormed the online stores, many Supercell fans got excited over its new type of theme. However, despite the different styles and atmosphere of the game, it is pretty much just Clash of Clans with guns. Or, as we’d like to call it, Clash of Guns.

Everything from the building timers to the unit deployment show resemblance to Clash of Clans. However, what it does manage to make itself unique from its predecessor is the inclusion of strategic combat movements such as blitzkrieg or tactical insertions. Other than those, this is pretty much Clash of Clans and Team Fortress 2 merged into one. But, is it a bad game? Of course not. If it wasn’t we’d never even do a review at all and just moved on to playing Brawl Stars.

Boom Beach
In-game screenshot


Embarking on a Great Crusade

Boom Beach centers you as the commander of the Navy as you take control of beachheads (islands) within the game. Much like any other casual RTS game, you will only get to occupy one plot of land first. Here, you deploy resource centers and unit recruitments. You need to build your own battalion of reliable soldiers to defend your base while having a whole brigade storm the front of other beachheads to claim more territory. We told you it’s the same as Clash of Clans.

But, gathering resources here is a bit more complex than CoC. This time, you will need to create research buildings to upgrade your units’ attack and defense points. Simultaneously, you need to create smithies to build weapons for your units. Remember, soldiers are more efficient if their weapons are reliable. However, as you keep on expanding to new islands, don’t expect the original inhabitants to come back without a fight. Eventually, you will also have to defend your conquered islands from other soldiers as well.

boom beach gameplay
In-game screenshot

The difficulty will vary depending on your level as well as how many resources you have. And, that is where the challenge comes in, too. At some point, the game will tend to overwhelm you with so much stuff to do that you have no idea which island you have to protect first, and which ones you need to give up. Some may call this the biggest con of the game while others see this as a better version than Clash of Clans.

Soldiers of Fortune

Create your own squads of highly effective soldiers based on their classes. Much like any other real-time strategy, the units’ strengths and weaknesses come as rock paper scissors. Some excel at defense but in exchange for bad attack points. Others have the biggest attack points but can die too easily. As for some, they’re just balanced in their own right.

Soldiers’ costs also depend on which one you want to build first. This one depends entirely on you. There’s really no meta around Boom Beach (unless you want to get really competitive with it) but you can always check the official wiki for the best strategies. Each soldier is upgradeable and you get the chance to get them some new gear to make them even more effective during clashes. Remember, the goal here is to conquer the island or defend your island. The deployment will depend on you and the layout of the enemy defenses.

Consistent Multiplayer

Fortunately, multiplayer here has never had a case of pay-to-win. Much like any Supercell game, you can entirely get superior without having to pay for anything. Just watch out for the horrendous timers and 48 hours of waiting for big buildings and upgrades. But, if you can stomach all of that, then you can become one of the mightiest beaches in the game. Also, you may want to join guilds and other parties for more rewards. After all, casual RTS games are nothing without guilds, right?


If you are into casual free-to-play RTS games, then Boom Beach may be for you. However, the thought of RTS may alienate some people because of how complex the game can be and that is fine. The game streamlines the mechanics so you don’t have to deal with the more extensive parts that usually make a strategy game feel overwhelming. If you prefer guns in your Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is definitely right up your alley.

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