Everlasting Summer: Guide To Unlocking The Special Routes Ending

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Posted on June 1, 2021

Visual novel games are always entertaining and interesting to play. These casual games are just interactive novels where players get to participate in the game’s story. They make choices that can influence how the story will go. They’re usually fun and have interesting stories. One of the best interactive visual novels that you can play right now is Everlasting Summer. Published by Soviet Games, it’s a casual game that follows the story of Semyon who suddenly woke up in the middle of summer inside a bus.

This seems normal but it was in the middle of winter when he fell asleep. But what’s even more unusual is that he woke up in a pioneer camp called Sovionok. It’s a fun and entertaining game where you get to enjoy the game’s compelling story, while also participating in it. Like with any interactive visual story, Everlasting Summer features many different endings. And these endings will depend greatly on the choices that you make as you play. This means that this is a game that you can play repeatedly, just to try and accomplish all possible endings.

One interesting thing about Everlasting Summer is that there are the normal endings and then there are also the special routes endings. The special route’s endings won’t involve any of the main characters of the game. In this article, we’ll provide a guide on how to achieve two of the special routes endings in Everlasting Summer.

Everlasting Summer Special Route
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Miku/Masha Route: The ‘What is this? I don’t even’ Ending

The first special route ending that you can achieve is the “What is this I don’t even” Ending. It’s the ending where you will take Miku’s route. To unlock this route, it’s important that you first complete at least one good ending with the main characters. The main characters are Semyon, Slavya, Lena, Alisa, and Ulyana.

Each character will give you two endings, a good one and a bad one. You’ll need to at least get a good ending from one of these characters to be able to unlock Miku. If this is your first time playing, then this means that you’ll have to play the game several times first before you can unlock Miku’s ending. It won’t take long, considering the entire story takes place in just 7 days. You’ll likely take just a few minutes to complete one story.

Starting a Relationship with Miku

If you’ve already played the game before and have completed some endings (both good and bad), great. You can proceed to get the first special routes ending. To get Mika’s ending when you play the game again, this is what you must do. For the Prologue, you need to choose the option “No, I’ll stay here”. For Day 1, choose the option “Take the keys” and for Day 2, choose the option to get the cards “Alone”. Day 3 won’t have any bearing, so you can choose whatever you want.

Miku Route Game Guide
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For Day 4, your first option is to choose the “Bus Stop” and then select “Yes” when you’re asked, “Go with Miku?”. After that, choose “No” when you’re asked to eat the apple. You should also choose “go alone” when entering the mine. The last thing you need to do is to turn left or right a couple of times in the mine and Miku’s route will start.

Yulya Route: The ‘A Cat is Fine Too’ Ending

The second special route ending is the “A Cat is Fine Too ” Ending, or Yulya’s route. Similar to Mika’s route, there are some requirements first before you can access this ending. To unlock Yulya’s route, you need to achieve a happy ending for all 5 main characters. That’s right, you need to achieve the happy ending of Semyon, Lena, Ulyana, Slavya, and Alisa. You also need to get Miku’s ending to unlock Yulya’s ending.

This means that you will need to play this game at least six times before you can unlock Yulya’s route. It can even be more if you happen to make mistakes in your choices along the way. If you have a bad ending or somehow repeated the ending of one of the main characters. But once you’ve completed all the required endings, then you can unlock Yulya’s route.

Yulya Route PC Guide
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Getting Closer To The Special Route Cat

When you achieve all endings, you just start the game and make the following choices. For the Prologue, you choose “Yes, I’ll come with you” and for Day 1, you select “Leave the keys”. You don’t have to worry about Day 2 since choices there won’t have a bearing. But for Day 3, you need to make sure you avoid getting any evenings with Ulyana, Lena, Alisa, or Slavya. This means choosing options that make sure you’ll be alone.

For example, choosing “No” when asked to “Help Lena Tonight” and choosing “You Know, Olga Dmitrievna asked me to help her tonight…”. For Day 4, you choose “Yes” when asked to eat the apple and “go alone” when entering the mine. Before you make the final choice, it’s important that you Save first and then choose each girl after to get a CGI of each of them. Once done, proceed to the last choice, which is to “Go back”. After that, you’ll unlock Yulya’s route.

Now that you have these special routes tips, try them out by playing Everlasting Summer on PC. Use our Games.lol launcher for a fully immersive PC gaming experience.

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