Are There Fallout Shelter Cheats To Help You Play?

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Posted on February 19, 2023

One of the most fun simulation time-management games you can play is Fallout Shelter. Published by Bethesda, it’s a game where you play as an Overseer and is in charge of building and making sure the underground shelter is functioning properly. Though the gameplay is simple and fun to play, it can take up a lot of your time. There’s also a lot of wait time for certain builds or upgrades to finish, and you have to deal with limited resources.

These things can be dealt with using microtransactions. But not everyone is willing to spend money on the game, and most of the things you can buy provide good value for money. This is why players are always looking for Fallout Shelter cheats and tips. But are there available? That’s what we’ll discuss in this blog post.

Are There any Fallout Shelter Cheats Available?

The short answer is yes. But there are only a few Fallout Shelter cheats. And it’s also not the kind of cheat where you can get infinite amounts of resources. But the cheats are helpful and we’ll discuss them in this section.

The Time Lapse Cheat

One of the annoying aspects of Fallout Shelter is the waiting time for upgrades or new buildings to complete. This is especially true when you’re going for high-level upgrades, which can take a while to complete. You can use resources to speed them up but that’s limited. Fortunately, there’s the time-lapse cheat which can result in speeding up the completion of the build, upgrades, or research in the game. This cheat will just require a bit of adjustment on your settings.

You just have to go to the device’s settings, go to the General tab, and then to the Date and Time. Once you’re there, you will just disable the set automatically option. After you do this, you can now toggle your device’s time and date, and this will impact the game’s own time and date. It will allow you to quickly finish certain upgrades or builds. But just keep in mind, this could cause the game to freeze if not done right.

You need to make sure that when you do the time lapse it would finish all current builds or upgrades. If you only adjust your date and time for certain upgrades while keeping others open can make your game freeze if you revert to the original time and date. So, make sure you adjust it in a way that completes everything.

Removing Rocks for Free

Another Fallout Shelter cheats you can take advantage of is removing the rocks on the soil for free. As you expand your shelter, you will need to place more buildings. Some areas in the soil are blocked with rocks, but you can remove them at the cost of caps. The cost is not that high, but you would want to save your caps for more important things. Fortunately, there’s a free rock removal cheat you can take advantage of.

Just pick a room you want to build, and you will be prompted to pick a space to put it. But instead of selecting a space, you just start deleting all the rocks you see until you’ve used up all your caps. Then you place the building in any space you want. This will result in all the rocks being removed and you not getting charged any caps for it.

Fallout Shelter Cheats


The Unlimited Lunchboxes Cheat

Okay, so there may be Fallout Shelter cheat that can give you unlimited lunchboxes and money in the game. But this cheat is only possible if you’re just beginning to play. If you’ve already established your base, this won’t work. When you’re starting, you will get easy objectives as part of your tutorial and be eased into the game. Be on the lookout for the objectives “Equip 1 Dweller with a Weapon” or “Sell 1 Outfit or Weapon”.

Once you see these objectives do not complete them. Just ignore these missions when one of them appears and complete the others. By not completing these objectives your other objective will just cycle between collecting 50 water, getting 50 food, or leveling up a dweller. These are very easy objectives, which effectively means you’ll be able to get unlimited lunch boxes and money as long as you don’t complete the two mentioned objective.

Fallout Shelter Cheats


Other Fallout Shelter Cheats To Use

Though these three are already great ways to play Fallout Shelter easier, there are still other things you can do to get more cheats. You can take advantage of third-party apps or software that can allow you to get unlimited resources in the game. Just keep in mind that there’s a risk in using third-party software. As appealing as they look, it’s best to just avoid them and not risk experiencing issues with your game or device.

Fallout Shelter Tips To Help You

Other than Fallout Shelter cheats, there are also great tips that can allow you to have an easier time in the game. And we’ll list down some of them in this section.

  • Complete objectives and sell things you don’t need for more caps
  • Send out high-level dwellers with high luck to explore to get caps and rare items/weapons
  • Make sure all dwellers are busy and doing something to maximize the space of your shelter



Using Fallout Shelter Cheats

The Fallout Shelter cheats can help make the game much easier for you to play. Though they’re awesome, it’s worth noting that they also diminish the challenges the game provides. There’s nothing wrong with using them, as long as they’re still available. But sometimes it’s much better and more fulfilling to experience all the challenges and hardships the game provides and overcome them with your efforts.

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