Family Island – Farm Game PC: Player Level Guide

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Posted on July 22, 2021

Family Island – Farm Game is a fun simulation game that you can play on PC today. It combines different game elements from other genres like survival, exploration, and base-building. It also has breathtaking visuals on top of challenging gameplay. If you’re a fan of cool simulation games, then you might want to check this one out on PC.

Like most video games, the game will provide you with a brief introduction in the form of a tutorial. Some of them are even tied into levels with neat rewards. When you start playing Family Island, you’ll be given a series of missions. Completing them will let you net some neat in-game gifts. If you’re curious and want a head start before you play the game, then read up on this player level walkthrough for your convenience.

The First Three Levels of Family Island – Farm Game

Once you hit the start button, you’ll get transported immediately to the island. A happy family from the stone age will meet you there, and show you the ropes. Now as with all new players, the first level is going to be a tutorial. Your stone age mentor will teach you how to gather grass, stones, and other resources you need for various tasks. Clicking on a particular resource will task one family member to gather it for you. Once you have enough resources, you can begin building shelters and farms for your survival.

Family Island Farm Game

The next level will teach you about upgrades. You’ll most likely have a level one house, and to upgrade that, you’ll need more resources. Your first upgrade will need ten tufts of grass, stone, and sticks. Leveling up your home will also increase your energy production. This will allow you to do more tasks like gathering, building, and cooking. Cooking is important in this game, and to start, you’ll need a Hearth. Purchase it at the featured shop, then place it on the map. Once done, gather some roots and use them to feed your family.

If you’ve completed your tasks successfully, you’ll get to choose a reward between three secret cards. Make your pick, and proceed to the next level. Consider upgrading important structures that ultimately help you maximize your survival.

When you reach level three, you’ll most likely have an idea of Family Island – Farm Game’s core gameplay. You’re moving into its advanced stages, and some challenges demand more from you like building a stone workshop. You’ll also get introduced to exploration when you reach this level. If you have completed enough objectives, you’ll start to see other islands that you can explore.

The Mid-Game Grind of Levels Four To Six

Reaching this point means you can now manage the basics of the game with relative ease. To avoid losing data, you can link your Facebook account to your game credentials. Doing so will also reward you with 20 Rubies. By now, you already have a sizable family, with kids running around. Certainly, their food requirements will also increase, and if you don’t manage it properly, you might even run out of food resources. If you find yourself in such a situation, just use at least two rubies to get food quickly. But use them sparingly as they are very limited resources.

Family Island PC Guide

Remember that you get rewards for each level, and that includes the fifth one. Now as you already have laid the foundation for your new home, all you need to do is upgrade. You can also try to grow crops, and collect animal feed for your livestock. If you have any spare stones hanging around, try upgrading your house or other important structures. It’s maintenance at this point up until you reach level six.

Now, this level is interesting as you get bonus cards containing a Gold Key, a Gold Shovel, Pickaxe, and Saw. These are neat items that you might want to use when the opportunity arises. Someone new will now sail to your shore by the name, Ali Hapoor Ama Zon. He’s a traveling merchant that offers rare finds. The stuff he sells can’t be found in the regular shop so try to browse a few. You also have to take into account that he’ll hang around only for a limited time. So, if you want something from him, buy it as soon as possible.

Sending You Off At Levels Seven To Nine

Levels seven to nine are just rotations on managing, building, cooking, and upgrading. The game will no longer hold your hand, but rather give you more challenges. Of course, you get rewards as you complete them. You can also focus on beautifying your new island home with decorations. Just remember to use your resources wisely so you won’t run out. Try to constantly upgrade your production buildings and your home to increase your chances of survival. Take note that you will still receive rewards as you progress through the levels so don’t get complacent.

So, that’s about it for the player-level walkthrough of Family Island – Farm Game. You can take your first step by downloading this awesome game on PC for free. Use our launcher for a more optimized experience.

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