Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List – The Best Characters Right Now

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Posted on December 24, 2022

The Final Fantasy franchise is likely one of the favorites of many people when it comes to RPGs. Not only do they provide a compelling storyline, but they also introduce awesome and cool characters. Unfortunately, these characters were only available in their respective Final Fantasy games. That is, until Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE), where you’re able to summon and use these characters for battle. It’s a great feature since it allows players to use some of their favorite characters across the final fantasy franchise.

But this also presents a new set of problems because there are many different characters across different final fantasy games. This makes it difficult to decide which character you should use for your team. You can only use up to six at a time, so you need to choose which among them is the best. But this blog post can help you with that. This is a Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list, where we’ll identify the current best characters to use in the game.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List – Who Are The Best Characters

In a game like FFBE where there are hundreds of different characters available, a tier list is important. It helps players identify who are the best and strongest characters currently in the game. And in this section, we’ll list down who those characters are.

The S-Tier Characters – The Overpowered Characters

The best of the best in FFBE belong to the S-tier. They’re what you call the overpowered characters. These are the characters that will significantly increase your chances of winning as long as you have at least one of them on your team. Their kit can easily dominate a battle, whether it’s in dealing damage, buffing your team, applying debuffs and breaks, and so on.

FFBE Warrior of Dawn Galuf
Image Source: FFBE Warrior of Dawn Galuf

They’re the ones you want to focus on when it comes to leveling up and developing. The S-tier characters are Warrior Of Dawn Galuf, Wylk, Paladin Cecil, Wylk (Morale), Louise (Morale), Lucas, Tide Bringer Kaito (Morale), Alphonse Elric, Storm Seeker Esther, and Lightning (FFXIII-2). Continuing the S-tiers are Storm Seeker Esther (Morale), Reberta & Ignitos, Angel of Death Kuja, Olivera (Morale), White Knight Noel, Frostblade Fryevia, and Sacred Shield Charlotte.

Completing the S-tiers are Frostblade Fryevia (Morale), Lunafreya, Skye (Morale), Rena, Samurai Chizuru, Nichol of the Epsilon Star, Samurai Chizuru (Morale), Rikku (FFX-2), Healing Avatar Lid, Awakened Warrior of Light, Hallowed Aegis Charlotte, and Seeker of Freedom Vaan. These are the characters you want to have on your team as much as possible.

The A-Tier Characters – The Powerful Characters

A good alternative to the S-tiers is the A-tier characters. They’re also powerful characters in the game, but just didn’t quite reach the level of overpowered. But they are still viable options and can still dominate the battle in many different ways. They’re also characters that you can still level up and develop. For A-tiers, you have Sieghard & Ignacio, Triumphant General Celes, Ignis, Taivas, Flame of Rebirth Jake, Superior Being Hadlar, Garland (FF IX), and Shoreline Fina & Daisy.

FFBE Taivas
Image Source: FFBE Taivas

Continuing the A-tiers are Kitone, Poppy -Warrior’s Prayer-, Emperor Foo, Olivera, Doctor Aiden, Noppy (Morale), Sylvie, Mage Popp, Daughter of Destiny Vanille, and Lehftia -Warriors Prayer-. Other A-tiers are Benevolent Beauty Rem, Lara Croft -Neo Vision-, Elephim, King of Leonis Mont, Warrior of Light Lenna, King Behemy, Kryla, Kaktiria, Qin, and Immortal Hyunckel. The A-tiers include Regis, Ibara (Morale), Sieghard, Hero Dai, Yuraisha, Grahf, A.I. Katty, Fledgling Warrior, Sakura & Ayaka, Dragoon Kain, Wildcard Ace, Dark Rain, Sweet Luka, Angela, and Summer Fina & Lid.

You can also add to the A-tier list Ygni (Morale), Adventure Locke, Whimsical Winter Tiana (Morale), 2B, Tide Bringer Kaito, Aerith, Starlight Elena, Olka, Starlight Elena (Morale), Myra, Runda, and Chow. And to complete the A-tiers, you have Ricard & Wyvern, Rico Rodriguez, Paladin Sylvie, War Hero Raegan, Maeve, Sylvando, Knights of Grandshelt, Dancing Heart Panelo, Full Moon Karten, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Dragon Knight Baran, Noel, Divine Beast Chow, Zenaida, Dark Finna -Warrior’s Prayer-, Umbral Dragon Dark Fina, and Olberic.

The B-Tier Characters – The Good, But Not That Great

We’re now getting to the lower half of the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list, the B-tiers. They’re characters that are still good to use in the game. But they’re not very great. They’re inferior to the S- and A-tier characters. But they’re still viable options if you don’t have better alternatives. You just need to put them in the right situation and have proper team composition. Starting off the B-tiers are Machina, Warrior of Dawn Dorgann, Avalanche Leader Barret, Summoner Yuna, Four Winds Physalis, Paus, Gilgamesh (WOTV), Noppy, Kimono Fina, Mediena, and Lezard Valeth.

Summoner Yuna
Image Source: Summoner Yuna

You also have Lone Lion Squall, Awakened Rain, King of Destruction Zoma, Cloud Strife, Haveh, Beowulf, Guardian Blade Charlotte, Mercenary Ramza, Gladiolus, Rivera, Fina -The Return-, and Dark Spirit Sol. Continuing the B-tiers are Dragonlord, Auron, Cressnik, Blue Mage Fina, Cleome, Edward Elric, Assassin Shadow, Seifer, Akstar -The Return-, Mont Leonis, Yshe, Sol, Ygni, Tifa (FFVII: AC), and Tulien. Included in the B-tiers are Strange Gourmand Quina, Raegan -The Return-, Rakish Thief Zidane, Madam Edel -Neo Vision-, Quistis, Kiros & Ward, Seaside Nichol, Ice Reaper Kurasame, Untamed Wolf Edel, and Firion -Neo Vision-.

You also put characters like Supreme Deva Akstar, Emperor of Palamecia, Xuan Wu And Qing Long, Eldryn (Morale), Adam Jensen, Duran, Mystical Ice Lasswell, Doma Samurai Cyan, Neverending Hope, Bulwark & The Melodic Mascots, Selphie, Beast King Crocodine, and Serena as B-tiers. Others in the B-tiers are White Dragon Ling, Beryl, Whimsical Winter Tiana, Basch, Summer Sniper Physalis, King Bradley, Sol -Neo Vision-, Demon Rain, Royale Puppeteer Aphmau, Kimhari, Rain -Warrior’s Prayer-, and Infernal Fire Rain.

There’s also Melia, Madam Edel, Mazurka, Wilhelm, Marilith, Yuna, Louise, Beatrix, Lasswell -FFIV Form-, Cetra Descendant Aerith, Laguna, Daisy, ID, Diverti, and Gabranth -Neo Vision- in the B-tier. And completing the list are Golden Rizer, Fei, Guy, Elena (Morale), Kall, Cid, Legendary Guardian Auron, Christine (Morale), Legendary Hero Sephiroth, Beach Buoy Shinju, Martial Artist Maam, Avalanche’s Tifa, Nichol -The Return-, Solitary Patron Snow, Riesz, Skye, Rinoa & Angelo, and Sakura -The Return-.

The C-Tiers – Decent, But Not Recommended

Lastly, we have the C-tier characters who are still decent, but not recommended. They’re characters that you’ll only use if you have no other option and you need particular skills or abilities to help you in a battle. Other than that, you mostly ignore these characters because there are way better options out there. Starting the C-tiers are King Edgar of Figaro, Warrior of Light Bartz, Taivas & Yshe, Tifa, Morgana, Riku (KHIII), Black Mage Vivi, Rain & Fina, Bart, Raegen, Awakened Onion Knight, Nyx, Ayaka, and Draconian Princess Fina.

Black Mage Vivi
Image Source: Black Mage Vivi

Other C-tiers also include Crimson, Dark Fina & Sol, Cloud (FFVII: AC), Citra, Blue Sky Belle Fran, Chorale, Star Player Tidus, Aranea, Elly, Akstar & Cleome, Irvine, Vinera Fennes, Graceful Champion Fang, Sora (KHIII), Nagi, and Roy Mustang. Continuing the C-tiers are Primrose, Pure-Hearted Vivi, Wizardess Shantotto, Lasswell & Raegen, White Lily Dark Fina, Faris -Neo Vision-, Zeno of the Beta Star, Shadow Lord, Reberta, Melo, Knight of Pluto Zidane, Emperor Vlad, Zargabaath, Edward & Alphonse Elric, Agent Olive, Reno (FFVII Remake), Ardyn, Prompto, and Dragon Knight Freya.

You also have Bkunshira, Kadaj, Yoshikiri, Levinson, Kryle, Erik, Vermillion Blade Ardyn, Yunalesca, Terra -Neo Vision-, Awakened Dragon Akstar, Summoner Rydia, Christine, and Summer Folka & Citra. Completing the list are Cobalt Blade Noctis, Rain -Neo Vision-, Gilgamesh, Ninja Master Hawkeye, Immortal Knight Garland, Magic Mermaid Freesia, Jecht, Lehftia, Lightning Fast Zidane, Ilmatalle, Lord of the Seas Nichol, Barret (FFVII Remake), Lotus Mage Fina, Alena & Marquis De Leon, Ninja Edge, Al Bhed Girl Rikku, Oracle Maiden Lunafreya, Zell, Physalis -Neo Vision-, Sterne Leonis, Queen, Sage of Thunder Sakura, and Roca.

Choose the Best Characters in The Tier

Knowing who the strongest characters are is important. This Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list provides you with an overview of the best characters. But it’s also important to know that you still need to build the right team with characters that work well together to perform better during battles.


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