Forge of Empires Cheats – How to Power Level Your City’s Progress

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Posted on November 12, 2022

Forge of Empires started as a browser-based strategy game before getting mobile versions for iOS and Android operating systems. The game’s primary objective is to develop a metropolis from the stone ages until the modern days. It is loosely based on SimCity and Clash of Clans but with a unique twist of its own – the addition of turn-based strategy elements. With much success and a large fanbase worldwide, Forge of Empires earned an estimated $568 million in lifetime revenue last 2019.

As a real-time strategy game, patience and management skills are essential here. You need to save coins to construct infrastructure. But you also need to build things to earn coins. At first, you will be greeted with a limited space which you can expand gradually. The tip is to stock up on coins and tools collected from production and residential infrastructures. Otherwise, you can purchase diamonds and technological upgrades using real money.

Forge of Empires Cheats for Newbies

Beginners could find it daunting to expand and upgrade things in-game. Hence, we aim for this Forge of Empires cheats (or tips) as an in-depth guide to playing the game.

Firstly, you need to check your buildings tab to see if you can pick any good-paying missions especially when your building is approaching the next stage. Make sure to always keep at least 1 pack of forge points. Whenever you are prepping for the next era, finish all contribution points first for the tech you want to unlock.

If you are more of a casual player, you need to leave ample space for production right in the middle of the city. Move your buildings to the corners to help prevent any enemy attacks.

Forge of Empires Buildings
Image source: Forge of Empires Official Page


Forge of Empires Cheats to Know During Battles

Never opt for quick battles especially if your winning chances are at 75%. Pay close attention to each battle even in auto mode. As much as possible, attack and retreat, and then attack some more. Doing so benefits you by getting a good look at the terrain and seeing enemy troops. Spend ample time analyzing the enemy and use troops that can exploit them. Tactically, you should frequently alter your defenses and note that of your opponent.

Obtaining Building Plans & Resources

Befriend players who have buildings that you want but unfortunately do not have a plan yet. Get these plans from the forge donations. Should you have two or more plans on hand, trade or sell them separately. Ultimately, make sure that the person you want to send a friend request to has all the amazing buildings you are eyeing. Doing so is vital in acquiring specific plans for improving buildings. Take note of this important Forge of Empires cheats and tricks.

Forge of Empires build


Acquiring Diamonds & Spending Them

Diamonds are the premium in-game currency that you can buy using real money. With that said, make sure not to spend diamonds on big buildings. As much as possible, save the diamonds for additional expansions. Generally, the big buildings will be replaced by better non-premium tech as you advance to older ages. While spending diamonds on big buildings hastens your growth, you can still do it naturally as you play. Hence, spending diamonds will only sacrifice your city’s urgent need for expansion.

Forge of Empires Expansion Tips & Military Strategy

If you have already played the game for quite some time, then this Forge of Empire cheats can be a bit basic. Space is a scarce commodity in the game so saving space begins with wisely planning your construction projects. Note that your environment is constantly changing so your plans should be able to adapt to those smart changes.

Avoid detours and focus on direct routes. Build as few highway passages that connect buildings as possible. Buildings, roads, and plants can be moved frequently anywhere on the map, so adjusting your territory to adapt to new conditions is easy. A viable Forge of Empire cheats to save space is by constructing a market at the top and a village below.

As with simulator games, satisfying your populace is the alpha and omega of the game. They can increase productivity by almost 120% when satisfied. So, keep your populace in a good mood with cultural offers so they can use their free time well. If possible, keep your residential building and production infrastructures ratio balanced. Make sure you have enough coins and resources to continue upgrades and expansion.

Forge of Empires daily special
Image source: Forge of Empires – MooingCatFoE

Another tip is to make use of synergies by joining a clan in the game. This makes farming much easier as you cooperate and trade with in-game friends for free. Clans also help you in battles and obtaining resources that you might find difficult to get through alone.

Final Thoughts

This is the end of our Forge of Empires cheats (or more of a guide) to master the game in as little time as possible. Browse through our blog content here in for other game cheats and tricks that might interest you.


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