A Quick Guide to the Forge of Empires Emissaries

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Posted on November 19, 2022

One of the exciting strategy games that you can play in Forge of Empires. Though it has already been available since 2012, it’s still a game that’s worth playing even to this day. It’s a game where you develop and expand a city, starting from the stone age, up to the futuristic era. You get to build several buildings, do research, gather resources, defend your city, and many more. One of the things that can help in your development is the Forge of Empires emissaries.

They’re special characters you can unlock in the game and they can provide bonuses. They will occupy your town hall and provide bonuses that can help in the development of your town. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the emissaries to provide a guide on how they can help you in playing Forge of Empires

How to Unlock Emissaries?

The first thing we’ll discuss is how to unlock the Forge of Empires emissaries. It’s not that hard to do that. As you unlock the Iron Age technology Plowing in the game, you also get to unlock Cultural Settlement. It’s where you decide which culture you want your city to be part of. There are five different cultures to choose from, the Vikings, Feudal Japan, Ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs, and the Mughal Empire. The first three will be available first while the Aztec and Mughal Empire becomes available later on after you reach a new age.

As you complete a Cultural Settlement, there are times when it will also unlock emissaries. It means, you just need to complete Cultural Settlements to unlock emissaries to use in Forge of Empires. You can change cultural settlements anytime but it will abandon the current progress of the settlement. But after you complete one, then you can decide to change without abandoning the progress.

Forge of empires cultural settlements
Image Source: Forge of Empires Cultural Settlements


How Many Forge of Empires Emissaries Can You Equip?

The number of emissaries you can equip will depend on the culture you’ll choose. The Vikings have more emissaries available, thus they can also provide more free slots (three free slots). You unlock a new slot depending on your cultural settlement completion. For the Vikings, you unlock the other slots for completing your 2nd, 7th, and 13th run-throughs.

For other cultures, you only get two free slots since they only have four emissaries in total. You can also use diamonds to unlock more slots for you to use. You just spend 800 diamonds to unlock a new slot for emissaries. So, how many emissaries can you equip? The answer is 11 with 3 from the Vikings, 2 from Feudal Japan, 2 from Ancient Egypt, 2 from Aztecs, and 2 from the Mughal Empire.

Forge of empires emissaries
Image Source: Forge of Empires Emissaries


What are the Bonuses You Gain from Emissaries?

Why do you need emissaries in Forge of Empires? It’s because they provide a bonus when they’re placed in your town hall. But what kind of bonus? That will depend on the emissary and the culture. One of the things that you can expect is that each culture will have at least one emissary that’s providing you with one Forge Point.

That’s going to be the stable bonus in all of the cultures in Forge of Empires. For the Feudal Japanese culture, two emissaries will provide 1 Forge Point, one emissary provides 2 Goods from your age or era, and the last emissary provides 1 unit from your age. For the Ancient Egyptians, you can expect 1 Forge Point, Supplies (scales with age), 3 Goods from your age, and 2 Units from your age.

The Aztecs will provide 1 Forge Point, Supplies (scales with age), 1 Unit from your age, and 2 Random Goods from your age. For the Mughal Empire, you will have 1 Forge Point, Medals, 3 Goods of your age, and 3 Goods from your previous age. And finally, the Vikings provide 1 Forge Point, Coins, Medals, 1 Military Unit of your age, Supplies, and 2 Goods of your age. The bonus you’ll gain will depend on the emissary you’ll place on the available slot in your town hall.

Tips For Using These Emissaries

So, what’s the best way to use emissaries? Forge Points will be important early on since they’re one of the main resources in the game. This is why the first slot should always go to Forge Point. Going for Feudal Japan 2 times first and then Vikings 2 times will allow you to maximize the bonus Forge Points you can acquire in the game.

Once you have two slots for Forge Points, the next emissary you would want to have would be the Goods. It’s where the Ancient Egypt culture will come in since you can unlock the emissary that gives 3 goods once you complete 7 run-throughs. If you prefer to have a military unit bonus, complete Feudal Japan 6 times to unlock the emissary that gives a military unit bonus.

Improve Your Gameplay with Forge of Empires Emissaries

Forge of Empires emissaries are great additions to help you in your development. The bonuses they provide are welcome and if you’re strategic in how you acquire them, it can speed up your development further.

If you need more help or information regarding Forge of Empires, make sure to stay tuned here in Games.lol!

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