Arknights Beginners Guide – All About This Strategy RPG

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Posted on October 2, 2021

If you’re someone who enjoys playing RPGs, then you will love Arknights, a strategy RPG published by Yostar Limited. What’s interesting about this game is that its battle sequence features tower defense elements. But instead of towers, the game uses characters called operators. The goal of this game is to make sure the enemies don’t reach you and deplete your health.

Overall, you will enjoy playing this unique strategy role-playing game. But the problem is that it can get a bit overwhelming to play, especially if you’re new. Since it has unique gameplay, it might be difficult for you to master it easily. But that won’t be a problem anymore since this blog post will be your Arknights beginner guide. Here, we’ll provide some information that can help you get a good start in this strategy RPG.

Learn More About the Arknights Gameplay

To help you understand Arknights better, you must have an idea of the gameplay. Your role in this game will be that of a doctor who has amnesia and is in charge of deploying operators to areas that need protection. Moreover, a big part of the gameplay would be the battle sequence, which, as mentioned above, is similar to tower defense. During the battle, there will be grids on the floor, which is where you’ll place the operators.
Arknights gameplay

Each operator is unique and plays a certain role, depending on their class. There are eight classes in all, namely Defender, Caster, Specialist, Vanguard, Guard, Medic, Support, and Sniper. Each class will play a certain role during battle, and there are many different operators available for each class.

To place the operator on the battlefield, you’ll need Deployment Points (DP). Each operator will have a different DP cost, so you can’t place them all at the same time. Moreover, the DP replenishes over time, but you can speed that up as you kill enemies. You win when you successfully defend against attacking enemies.

Your success in the game will depend on the team you assemble. But before you can do so, you need to recruit operators. Take note that this RPG is a gacha game, so you can’t freely choose any operators to recruit.

There are two ways to do Arknights recruitment. You can use Headhunting, where you can get a random operator by spending premium currency and tickets. The other way is through Recruitment, where you get a semi-random operator by using the Recruitment Ticker and LMD. It’s semi-random since you’ll be choosing inputs, so the one you’ll get will be based on that.

Operator Classes in Arknights

As mentioned above, the game features eight operator classes, and each one plays a certain role. In this section of the Arknights beginner guide, we’ll briefly explain the different operator classes and what their roles are.

Defender Class

The defender class is like your tank since they specialize in covering and blocking. They have high HP and Defense, which makes them a good operator to place at the front to block enemies’ attacks. However, defenders can only block up to three enemies at a time. Therefore, enemies can still move forward. Moreover, they have short-range attacks that are weak, so don’t expect them to deal high damage to enemies.

Vanguard Class

The vanguard class is like your basic units. They’re the operators with low DP costs, which is why they’re likely the ones you’ll use at the beginning of a battle. Their role is to speed up DP recovery, so you can start putting down more powerful units. They may not deal lots of damage, but they have higher attacks than defenders.
Arknights Vanguard


Support Class

The support class is the team of operators that can buff other operators or debuff enemies. They’re very useful in any battle situation because of these abilities. They can also summon minions, which is a great help during the battle.

Medic Class

The medic class is the healer of the team. They’re the ones that will make it possible for other operators to survive and stay on the battlefield. They won’t attack enemies, and their attack stat is what will determine the amount of healing they can provide.

Guard Class

The guard class is your melee damage dealer that mainly deals physical damage. They’re one of the recommended classes to use for dealing damage to enemies. Since they’re melee damage dealers, they’re also best placed near the front.

Sniper Class

The sniper class is also a team of physical damage dealers, but they’re the ranged type. That means they don’t need to get close to enemies to attack them. They’re the operators that you should place at the back and take advantage of their long-range attacks.

Caster Class

Similar to the sniper class, the caster class is also a team of ranged damage dealers. But instead of dealing physical damage, they deal Arts damage, similar to mages. Arts damage can’t be reduced by physical defense, but it can be reduced by Arts resistance, which most enemies will also have.

Specialist Class

The last class is the specialist class, which are operators that specialize in certain functionalities. Depending on the operator, they can easily destroy priority targets or take advantage of the battlefield’s terrain. They can also act as a diversion or perform other specialized functions. Moreover, they’re the operators that you’ll likely use in certain situations.

Now that you have a general idea of its gameplay and classes and their roles, let’s now proceed to some helpful Arknights tips for playing.

Arknights Beginners Guide & Tips to Playing

Your success in the game will depend greatly on the operators that you have, which is why you need to take advantage of bonuses or features that will help you get high star operators. As a new player, you will be guaranteed a six or five-star operator in the New Player banner. You will only have 21 pulls available (including the tutorial pulls) for this banner for you to get a strong operator to use in the game.
Arknights Beginner Guide Recruitment

You are also guaranteed to get a five-star or a higher operator in your first 10 pulls on any banners. So, it’s wise to save 6000 Orundum when a new banner is available soon. That will guarantee you at least one strong operator on your first 10 pulls. Furthermore, the game also features a pity system, which guarantees you a high star unit in any banner after 50 pulls of not getting one.

In terms of team composition, you should have two operators, each from the Vanguard, Caster, Medic, and Sniper classes. Then, one or two from the defender class. You can also include a Guard and a Support on your team for general use. Meanwhile, Specialists are situational operators. You won’t need them in all battles.

Another Arknights tip is to focus on the structure of your team. Team composition will take precedence over having powerful operators in the beginning. That means having a good team composition will propel you to success early on instead of having powerful operators. But as you progress further, that is where the high star operators become a requirement.

Final Thoughts

There are many more tips and information about Arknights. But most of them are easy to figure out as you play. The ones provided on this Arknights beginner guide will help you tremendously in having a great start in this strategy RPG.

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