Furistas Cat Cafe: Unlock All Cats in the Game

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Posted on March 15, 2021

There is no denying that Furistas Cat Cafe is a super adorable and charming game. It’s a simulator where you own a Kitty Cafe, have a bunch of cats in it, and make customers happy. However, did you know that there are plenty of cats to unlock? If you wish to get all of them, make sure to keep on reading below to see some no fuss, no cheat way to collect every cat. It’s the purr-fect opportunity to catch ‘em all.

And don’t worry, there aren’t any modded files and 3rd party cheats for you to download. Just follow our lead.

Prioritize High-Level Customers

There are various customer types that you should acquaint yourself with as soon as you start the game. Yes, high-level customers will have better effects on your cats, especially if both of their levels match. But if you want to quickly gain some leverage on your overall level, treat these customers like VIPs.

Give them your best cats, even if they are not under the best match. Even if you give them any cat, the boost is more significant than pairing a low-level customer with a cat. It is quite an unorthodox method but trust us, it works.

Furista Cat Cafe Customer Personality


Take Note of Customer Types

There are a variety of personalities to take note of in Furistas Cat Cafe. These personalities will also reflect on what cat they want in your cafe. Once you see the personality blip pop up, give that customer the same personality as the cat. That way, you earn rewards from customers twice more than pairing them with the wrong cat. This is also the easiest method in the game, as long as you are still starting with just a handful of cats.

Always Check Your Bonus Basket

The bonus basket reward in the store is the freemium way to earn rewards for no charge. Of course, this also means that the rewards are random, too, instead of having the option to pick what you want. If you do want to pick the prize you want, you will need to pay for the game. But, if you insist on strictly being an F2Player, then the bonus basket is a great feature.

You can only get goodies from it every four hours in real-time. Although, you can hasten that cooldown and even get two rewards per pull, as long as you watch the ads. Well, that’s still better than whaling in the game, right?

Invest in Cat Upgrades

If you aren’t getting enough Fish to unlock a new cat in the store, you might as well make use of the cats you have. We are referring to the cat upgrade items found in the store. You see, every cat has a certain number of required materials to improve them. If you have specific cats with high-enough levels and a great pick for customers, you might want to spend a couple of dimes just to improve them. That way, with better Cats, you also get better rewards in return, stacking up to even MORE Fish.

Furista Cat Cafe Exclamation Points


Exclamation Marks Lead to Potential Rewards

Every so often, you will find exclamation marks in Furistas Cat Cafe. If you click it, the game will lead you to a mini-game where you get rewarded with coins (and even Fish).

No, these are not daily challenges. Rather, they are easy, non-time-limited mini-games. It only takes a minute or less to do them, too, and it’s the easiest way to earn more coins. These mini-games include petting your cat, cleaning paw prints, or serving beverages to customers according to their liking.

Log-in Bonuses Yield Good Stuff

Log-in bonuses are nothing special in a F2P game. However, if you are rushing to get all the cats with the fish and coins you have, you better make sure to log-in every time you play the game. A log-in bonus always happens every 20-30 minutes of real-time.

Decorations Do Not Do Anything

There are a handful of fancy decorations found in Furistas Cat Cafe. Honestly, they are quite tempting to get. However, do take note that decorations do not have any benefits at all. AT ALL. There are no level boosters, no increased happiness, and no coin bonuses. Seriously, though, they are just there for you to spend excess money on.

And, if you feel like your cafe needs to have a little more pizzazz into it, just don’t. Use your money to save up on cats. Once you get all the cats, then it is a good time to buy decorations.


So, there you have it. These are our few simple tips for you to get started and rush to unlock all cats in Furistas Cat Cafe. Take note that this guide is specifically tailored for F2Players and not premium users.

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