Pokémon UNITE Venusaur – Choose to Fight from Afar or in Close Combat

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Posted on April 18, 2022

You might be new to the Pokémon UNITE multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) action game. So you searched for Pokémon UNITE tips to help improve your matches. Thankfully, you have come to the right place! Only this time, we will be talking about Pokémon UNITE Venusaur. Here, we will outline what are its recommended items, moveset, and how to play it in a match. So let’s get to it!

What Type of Pokémon is Pokémon UNITE Venusaur?

Venusaur is one of the first 20 pokémons you can get when you start your Pokémon UNITE adventure. This vine whipper starts each match in its base form, Bulbasaur. Additionally, ts role in the popular MOBA from The Pokémon Company is that of a damage dealer. As such, he is an ideal choice for players who prefer the top or bottom lane of the arena. As an attacker with grass and poison type attributes, Pokémon UNITE Venusaur offers a solid area of effect (AOE) damage during ganks or team fights. Furthermore, he deals decent damage using its basic attacks and special moves. Additionally, his Special (Sp) Attack can barrage several enemies at once, making it vital in hurting enemies from afar.

Pokemon UNITE Venusaur battle guide
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Recommended Pokémon UNITE Venusaur Moveset

Although Venusaur can be built for either close or ranged combat, proper positioning is imperative if you want to be safe from counter-attacks. Make sure you are aware of the map at all times and plan your upgrades and placing accordingly.

Passive & Basic Attacks

Pokémon UNITE Venusaur’s basic attack deals additional damage on the third hit. Correspondingly, this boosted attack pulls the enemy inward between its vines. On the other hand, his passive ability is called Overgrow wherein his damage output increases whenever he is low on health points (HP).

Early Game Venusaur Moveset

Since you can unlock this vine whipper’s early game abilities at level 3, we recommend that you prioritize one over the other. So at level 1, choose Razor Leaf instead of Seed Bomb. Both deal area of effect damage to opposing pokémons. The latter casts a large seed dealing damage to enemies in a circular field. Razor Leaf, on the contrary, has a longer range and can hit multiple enemies along a straight line. And because you want to be at an advantage early on, you have to start dealing more damage to level up quicker. Use Razor Leaf to farm in the jungle so you can quickly evolve.

Pokemon UNITE Venusaur seed bomb


Mid-Game Abilities

Stay away from combat, as much as possible, until you reach level 5 or 7 and evolve to Ivysaur, the second evolution of Pokémon UNITE Venusaur. By this time, you can unlock one of the two moves available – Sludge Bomb and Giga Drain. For Sludge Bomb, an unsanitary goo is thrown into an area and deals damage per second (DPS). At the same time, slowing down the movement speed of the opponent. This move can be ideal if you have a healer or support-type pokémon always accompanying you to battle.

Pokemon UNITE Venusaur sludge bomb

Otherwise, we think Giga Drain is a better pick because its sustained effect or healing power will help Venusaur stay alive longer. Additionally, Giga Drain depletes HP from multiple enemies at a time and reduces the damage inflicted on the user for a short time.

Late Game Skills

When you reach level 7, you will again need to choose between two skills for Pokémon UNITE Venusaur. The first one is Solar Beam and it blasts a light beam in a linear path while dealing damage to pokémons in its area of effect. The second one is Petal Dance where scatter petals surround the user while increasing his movement speed and damaging enemies around. However, take note that Giga Drain lets you get closer to enemies because of its sustain.

Pokemon UNITE Venusaur petal dance

For you to take full advantage of this, we recommend getting Petal Dance instead of Solar Beam. Not only will you get a movement speed boost but also extra damage and a faster skill CD. Furthermore, using this combo could potentially make Venusaur an invincible, vine whipping monster.

End Game Moves

Only when you reach level 9 will Bulbasaur fully evolve to Pokémon UNITE Venusaur. And while we recommend steering clear of fights in the early game, it’s during this phase that you can shine brightest. You can now unlock your ultimate skill, Verdant Anger. This launches a large seed that then splits into 4 to deal damage to enemies within the area. Aside from that, this skill reduces their movement speed for a short time. Using this UNITE Venusaur moveset can prove vital during team fights and defending your goal from opponents.

Pokemon UNITE Venusaur verdant anger


Pokémon UNITE Venusaur Items

All monsters in this MOBA are categorized into Basic Attack and Special Attack users. This categorization will help choose an ideal Venusaur build for his Held and Battle Items. You can choose 3 held items and only 1 battle item to bring to a match.

Held Item – Venusaur Build

You can either go for Held Items that help with Venusaur’s durability or damage output. For this, we recommend choosing 3 from the following items.

  • Focus Band recovers the user’s HP, when it is low, for three seconds at a certain flat rate.
  • Assault Vest grants a shield that nullifies Sp Attack damage equal to a certain percentage of the user’s max HP when not in combat.
  • Buddy Barrier gives a shield to a nearby ally with the lowest HP when the user casts its ultimate move.
  • Choice Specs increase the damage of moves by a specific amount when it hits enemies. So the higher the Sp Attack of the user, the greater the damage output.
  • Wise Glasses increase the Sp Attack of the wearer by 3%, 5%, and 7% respectively.
  • Sp. Atk Specs increases the Sp Attack of the user by a specific amount when it scores a goal.


Pokemon UNITE Venusaur held items


Battle Item

Since you can only bring 1 Battle Item, we suggest getting the Eject Button to offset Pokémon UNITE Venusaur’s lack of mobility. This item makes your hero teleport to a specific direction instantly. So use this as an escape route when in a pinch or to initiate team fights if you’re using a tank Venusaur build.

And that’s it for our Pokémon UNITE guide! We hope you have learned something from this guide to help improve your match performances. Do check our Pokémon UNITE Zeraora and Trevenant guides only here at Games.lol.

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