How To Use The Gacha Club Studio For Scenes & Videos

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Posted on October 11, 2021

Welcome to the world of Gacha Club! There are ten main characters and about 90 extra characters to explore too! In addition, you choose your hair, eyes, and accessories to make them look like you. And most of all, you can engage and interact with other Gacha characters in a social setting.

There’s so much you can do in Gacha Club, and you can even create your immersive storyline through Studio Mode! So, if you’re ready to start your adventure, just step right into the world of Gacha Club and begin making your scenes and videos through the Gacha Club studio.

In addition, you can change the backgrounds and foregrounds to establish a setting. At the same time, you can add pets and other objects, too. There’s so much you can do in Studio Mode, and you’ll learn some of them here right now.

Use Gacha Club Studio To Create Engaging Scenes

The Studio Mode allows you to create stunning and engaging scenes with your Gacha characters. You can add up to ten characters on the screen to create an immersive storyline. A narrator can also be added for story-telling scenes. In addition, you can add custom boxes to give dialogues or thoughts for each character.

The first thing you can do is to choose a character on the right side of the screen. Remember, you can add more as your story goes on. The Gacha character you will add can be customized to have unique hair, eyes, and pose. You can also add dialogues by drawing chat boxes. There are also various backgrounds that can help you establish the location of the scene.
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Next, you can include a pet if you want. You can also add a custom box to make your pets look like they’re talking or have a dialogue of their own. You can also flip them and change their size, just like your characters. After that, you can add an object that you want in your foreground.

There are many objects you can check on the menu such as a scooter, a wheelchair, a tank, a motorcycle, and so much more. These things will give your scenes more meaning. The best thing about the objects is you can add as many of them as you want to ensure consistency in your scenes.

Continue editing your scene until you can capture the perfect story. Don’t forget that it’s your studio, and you’re the director. So, add as many characters as you want (with a limit of ten), add pets, choose different kinds of objects, and so much more. And once you’re done, you can start saving your scenes. If you forgot to add something, you can go back to each scene and continue editing. Furthermore, you can save and load up to 15 scenes. Surely, you can bring your creativity to life through Studio Mode!

Play Gacha Games For Free

And what good to know all these tips if you won’t try playing the game? Download Gacha Club here for free and you can even enjoy the game on your PC! There are also other Gacha games that you can try in here such as Gachaverse and Gacha Studio Anime Dress Up.

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