Gacha Club Beginner’s Guide – Tips On How To Level Up in the Game

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Posted on October 10, 2021

Gacha Life by Lunime is a popular game that many kids and teens enjoy playing. It’s a game where they can express themselves and their creativity, showcasing their talent in creating mini videos and stories. This is why many people were excited with the announcement of Gacha Club, a second installment of the franchise. It provides similar features and gameplay to the first one, which means players will still be able to express their creativity.

However, there are also new elements that the casual game has introduced, and that’s the RPG element. That’s right, Gacha Club is not just a game where you can be creative, it also provides a storyline, progression, and battles. Though this adds to the game’s fun and excitement, this can also make the game more challenging to play. But you don’t have to worry since this blog post is a Gacha Club guide. We’ll provide tips and information for beginners to have a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Gacha Club game
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Gacha Club Gameplay

If you’ve played Gacha Life before, you would already have an idea of most of Gacha Club elements. You’ll still be able to edit and customize the characters that are in the game. You can still also create various scenes since there’s still the Studio and other modes. But as mentioned above, there are also new elements to the game like the Club, which is now part of the character profile.

The clubs that the characters belong to will determine what they like. You can edit this depending on what you like your character to be affiliated with. But the main feature that will surprise many would be Battle Mode. It’s the mode where the RPG element can be found. Inside, there are 4 sub-modes available, training mode, tower mode, story mode, and Shadows of Corruption.

All modes would involve battles using the characters you customized. And like with any RPG, you’ll be able to add more to the characters that you already have as you play in the Shadow of Corruption. Let’s now discuss some tips to help you play Gacha Club properly.

Gacha Club battle
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Tips In Playing Gacha Club

The more challenging part about Gacha Club is the RPG element since there is now progression in the game. This can be confusing for many, especially those who don’t know how to play RPG. In this section, we’ll provide tips on how to level up in Gacha Club so you can properly play the game.

Progressing in the Game is Through the Story Mode

One of the main features of Gacha Club is the storyline that they’re offering to players. This adds excitement and entertainment to the game. It also gives you something to play for and not just stick to creating various content. You’ll have a storyline that you can follow and play through in this game. To progress in the game’s storyline, just keep on playing the Story Mode.

This is the mode where you’ll find Gacha Club’s storyline. The story is not that long since there are only 2 chapters. But it’s not going to be easy to progress since you’ll also have to make sure you also develop your characters. As you play and battle, your character will gain experience, along with gems and other resources. The experience will help you in leveling up your characters while the resources are what you use for upgrades, getting gear, and so on.

The further you progress, the better the rewards you’ll get. This is why you’d want to progress since you can earn better rewards as you complete levels.

Always Try to Assemble a Balanced Team

Gacha Club will feature over 180 different characters for you to use in the game. Each character will belong to 1 of the elemental affinity in the game. The elements are Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark, Shadow, Corruption, and DJ. Each element will have an advantage and disadvantage against certain elements. Aside from belonging to an element, each character will also have certain specialties.

Gacha Club Characters
Image Source: Gacha Club Gameplay by Uptodown

A character may specialize in dealing with single damage, AOE damage, healing, supporting, and so on. With a diverse set of characters available, it’s important that you create a balanced team. The reason for this is that you would want your team to be able to deal with various situations. If you put up a team full of Fire characters, then you’d put yourself at a disadvantage against Water characters.

Similarly, if you concentrate on Water only, then you’d be weak against Wind characters. This is why you need to have a balanced team so you won’t be put at any type of disadvantage.

Don’t Try to Upgrade All Your Heroes

There are many characters available in the game. But it’s important to remember that you won’t be able to enhance and develop all of them. If you try to do that, you will likely have a harder time progressing. This is because you’ll be spending resources and time trying to develop all the characters you have. Imagine if you just used those time and resources on the heroes that you will likely use during battle? This would allow you to quickly develop the heroes you’re using. This would help speed up your progression in the game.

Play the Mini-Games

Gacha Club will still feature mini-games and it’s actually important that you still play them. Why? Because the mini-games will allow you to earn gems. This will help you in developing your heroes and progressing in the storyline. So, make sure you also play the mini-games.

Final Thoughts

Gacha Club is a game that’s fun and exciting to play. It still features the creative modes that were popular in Gacha Life. But it also features some newer elements like the RPG mode. The RPG mode can be frustrating and overwhelming to play. But with the tips provided in this blog post, you won’t have a problem with how to level up fast in Gacha Club. Play it now!

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