Gardenscapes Cheats, Tips & Tricks that You Should Know in 2022

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Posted on July 27, 2022

When it comes to unique puzzle games, Gardenscapes is one of the best choices. Since its inception in 2016, the game is still one of the most in-demand match-3 puzzle games. It features a fun gameplay experience of matching garden elements. Well, this game’s fun characteristics are suited to all, regardless of what age you are.

The puzzle game is published by Playrix and takes you into an abandoned virtual garden. Your task in the game is to restore the beauty and glory of the garden to make it look like before it was abandoned. If you are one of Gardenscapes fans, our compiled tips and tricks will surely guide you to advance your Gardenscapes gameplay in 2022.

Gardenscapes Cheats, Tips & Tricks in 2022

If you are one of the millions of Gardenscapes players, chances are you are searching for articles like this. Fortunately, the cheats, tips, and tricks offered here will give you a quick overview of how to play the game. Though this is just an overview, you can still derive here clues to add to your player toolbox. So, without further ado, here are the Gardenscapes cheats, tips, and tricks in 2022.
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Always Use Combos When Necessary

Like other puzzle games, you will encounter various combos that will help you maximize your gameplay. You have to match these combos to get several helpful boosts in the game. Generally, boosts range from firecrackers to TNT barrels, and they can help you empty the tiles more quickly.

To provide you with an example, once you match the four objects you will receive a firecracker that will help you progress in the game quickly. Other than that, you will also get a bomb once you match five pieces, and a dynamite booster if you combine six pieces. Luckily, if you manage to match seven objects, you will be granted a barrel of TNT booster.

Wait For Sale Items & Other Special Offers

Like most games, you will quickly progress when you purchase essential items and perks with cash. However, that is not what we are recommending here. The abrupt decision of purchasing the essential items and other perks will only give you a potential deal. Rather, you can purchase these items and perks by waiting for sales.

You will still spend money but at a more reasonable price. In Gardenscapes, you can avail of these sales if you want to purchase coins from the store. These offers are regularly available every week, so you will not wait for long.

Claim the Daily Prizes

Claiming your daily prizes is one of the most simple cheats you can do in Gardenscapes. The game offers plenty of daily prizes, so do not forget to collect them all when you log in. Daily prizes range from boosters and hearts. You can even collect coins through these daily offers. Doing so will allow you to gain more advantage in advancing every facet of the gameplay.
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Don’t Forget to Scan the Board

Another simple tip that you can do is to always scan the board. This is so easy, and all you have to do is to look at your screen. Scanning the board on each level will give you a strong start. Specifically, the main purpose of board scanning is to look for chains of fruits and flowers.

As you play the game, connecting these fruit and flower chains will create a reaction enabling you to match many pieces quickly. By doing so, you will not only earn hefty points, but you can also save more moves. Scanning the board will grant you bonus points at the end of the level.

Earn More Resources

There are many resources to acquire in Gardenscapes like coins, stars, and even lives. Each item can help you efficiently progress in the game, but only if you know how to acquire them. You can obtain these resources in other game modes more quickly than in the normal mode.

To earn more coins, you can participate in joining the cascade events like Sweet Adventure and Herbarium. Sweet Adventure is a time-limited event that allows you to play candy matches and complete the event stages. Herbarium, on the other hand, is also a time-limited event in which you need to collect leaves and flowers. Same as coins, you can earn stars by playing these cascade events. In addition to Sweet Adventure and Herbarium, there are more cascade events in the game.
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In terms of Lives, you can only have five as the game starts. Lives are the number of times you are allowed to play the game. They decrease when you don’t beat the level. Once you exhaust the five lives, you have 30 minutes to charge it and start playing again. Fortunately, you can acquire unlimited life as a special reward. You can attain it by competing in regular events such as Fireworks Festival, Orangery Flower, and many more. You may opt for other options, such as completing the day and purchasing them during sales.

Enjoy the Gardenscapes Game

Lastly, enjoy the game. Gardenscapes is supposed to be a fun and exciting puzzle game, not a pressuring and exhausting one. If you are a new player or struggling to level up this game, just enjoy your gameplay. Advancing to higher levels using these tips and tricks while enjoying the game is the best thing to do. The game is only here to entertain you, not pressure you in succeeding at every level. So chill out, get your PC, and enjoy the game.


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