Garena Free Fire: Tips To Win Clash Matches

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Posted on September 24, 2021

Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous first-person shooting games right now. And it’s all thanks to its famous Battle Royale mode, where players are stuck on an island killing each other. But another mode that also scored a large fanbase is the Clash Squad mode. It’s a multiplayer mode where players battle in exciting 4v4 combat.

In Clash Squad (CS) mode, each team will fight over a small area in multiple rounds. Naturally, the team that wins a higher number of rounds will bring home the victory. But the in-game mode has made it more challenging to get the Booyah in CS mode. That’s because players need to focus on various factors such as skill set, character choices, weapons, team support, and so much more.

But there are many ways you can win in the CS mode. As long as you follow the tips and tricks listed below, you will be able to bring your team the victory you deserve.

Choose The Best Character

Whether you’re a new player or someone who plays Free Fire all the time, you should know that choosing a character is crucial. That’s because these characters have different playstyles you need to consider during CS mode. Since Clash Squad mode is played in a tight and close area, then it’s better to choose characters with strategic abilities instead of defense. Some characters you should consider choosing are Alok, Jota, Wukong, A124, K, and more. Players can also use multiple skills on one character through suitable combinations.

Prepare The Loadout After Each Clash

In CS mode, players can prepare their loadout before each round. They can purchase weapons using the money they receive in each game. So, players should buy weapons that they know can easily defeat their enemies. They need to maximize their cash for securing the loadout that suits their playstyle. Some will prepare by purchasing melee weapons for a more aggressive playstyle, while others prefer long-distance aiming guns. You can buy these weapons as long as you have the money to purchase them at the end of each game.


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Win The First Round Using Skills

The initial round is more about movement and survival skills than weapons. Aside from that, both teams don’t have the money to purchase a decent weapon that they can use during the first round. That’s why players are expected to sharpen their skills without using their weapons all the time in the first round. Instead, every player should utilize their character abilities to win. And if you win the first round, it will be easier for you to win the match since you have enough money to buy the best weapons.

Mind The Maps

CS mode maps are smaller than the Battle Royale mode, so you might get yourself twisted at first. But the best thing you can do is to mind the map all the time. You have to check if the enemies are planning on an assault, which can ruin your gameplay. Members and teammates are represented by blue arrows, while red ones represent the enemies. So be mindful of these icons and where they are positioned on the map. If you can’t find the enemy icons, they might be hiding somewhere. So, keep your eyes out on them at all times.

Choose A Good Weapon Combination

Before each round, players are expected to choose weapons using the money that they receive. Nevertheless, you should try to purchase a mix of weapons that you know will be a good combination. Most of all, it should suit close-range fights, especially since the map is small. Some of the preferred weapons are SMGs and shotguns because they have excellent short-range capabilities. Other great weapons are UMP Thompson, MP5, MAG7, and more.



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Establish Communication With Teammates

The key factor in every multiplayer game is communication. In CS mode, you and your team have to practice good communication. In Garena Free Fire, players can communicate through the in-game mic feature. Most of the time, players will communicate their position and the proper shot to create an excellent strategy to win the game.


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