Genshin Impact: A Zelda Clone or A Game of its Own

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Posted on November 29, 2020

The game Genshin Impact has been much-awaited by many for numerous reasons. One of the reasons is because of its alleged ‘closeness’ in appearance to Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although, it’s a little unfair to the development team at MiHoYo. Especially since the game appears to have quite a few differences from the famous video game franchise.

Let’s take a look at the most sought-after game of this year, Genshin Impact. The game has the most popular elements of RPG such as gacha, co-op gameplay, and open-world roaming.

On Graphics & Similarity to Zelda

From initial playthroughs, the biggest thing players noticed about the game was its graphics requirements. If you thought a budget-friendly set-up could run it, you’d be hard-pressed to settle for at least a mid-ranged rig. The game runs questionably on anything but a PC with decent specs and PlayStation 4. That’s because the game plays out like a movie. It’s got decent cel-shaded graphics. Also, it looks like what you’d get when you’re playing an anime masquerading as a game – or vice versa.

Genshin Impact PC Game

At the very least, the developers did imitate something from the Zelda Switch game. The world map, as well as its surroundings, appear to have been re-made painstakingly in anime glory. Each tiny detail will make you appreciate everything that is there to see. These details are important since it will guide the players throughout the game. Specifically, it will let them know the challenges within the region.

Genshin Impact Story & Gameplay

At the beginning of the story, Genshin Impact treats players to an introduction that features a struggle. There is a pair of siblings going up against what looks like the classic evil demi-god archetype. Afterward, you’re introduced to them – they are your starting characters. You can choose between male or female. After that, you will be transported in the world of Teyvat. Depending on which gender you chose, the other sibling will be of the opposite sex. Then, you’ll be introduced to your current companion named Paimon and the other characters.

Genshin Impact Story

Like any good open-world RPG, the game introduces you to ‘World Quests’. It is Genshin Impact’s version of side quests. The main quest is just fine and it is long, but a dozen or so side quests wouldn’t hurt either. Most of these quests focus on different characters. Meanwhile, there are also those which the player unexpectedly stumbles upon in their travels. These quests tend to be more popular with immersive or realist gamers.

The Ever-Popular Gacha System

The game also introduces a Gacha mechanic, which is popular in anime-style games. You are given the chance to meet (or roll for) characters that complete your questing party. You can switch out your main into one of them at any time. Also, that’s not just for show – it’s more for tactics that will prove beneficial in battle. Having different characters with different attributes can help you defeat enemies. Specifically, it is advantageous when you have a character whose element is the enemy’s weakness. To get ready for that, always expand your character roster.

However, that’s the problem here. Genshin Impact’s gacha system is a bit broken at the moment. You do unlock three different characters aside from your main at the start. Yet you’ll need to have real-world money to spend for “Wishes,” or the name for the game’s gacha system.

With a character drop rate of 1% and a weapon drop rate of 0.6%, it really makes you reconsider. In fact, the rates will make you question whether you’d be better off spending money on other things instead. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to stick it out, then at least just try to stick to the re-roll technique. With this, you still have the chance to get the character you want without spending too much money.

Genshin Impact on its Early Stage

Perhaps players also need reminding that, despite its shortcomings, the game is still barely a month or so out. The current endgame has been said to be a little pale in comparison to other RPGs. There is also very little content that will tide you over until the next update. Nonetheless, there are guilds to look forward to in the game. This is where groups of players congregate in as well as going into random dungeons with unknown loot.

Genshin Impact Early Stage

Genshin Impact is a game that’s made a swing for the bases and it has managed to reach first or second base only on its beta release. That’s saying something for a game that was deemed to have been a “poor man’s BotW”.

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