Genshin Impact: Managing Your Resins, Daily Commissions & Challenges

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Posted on March 11, 2021

Genshin Impact can be quite a tiresome game, especially for gacha players who are more used to AFK farming in other games (ahem, Girls Frontline and Azur Lane). Then again, all miHoYo games require you to take some time to actively farm for resources. And if you think you can get away in Genshin Impact for just AFK-ing and letting your precious whale money do the job for you, that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo. In this article, we will talk about three important daily and weekly activities: commissions, challenges, and resin consumption. Read more below to know more.

Why You Should Participate in Daily Commissions & Challenges in Genshin Impact?

Whether you are a F2P player or a full-on whale, there is no escaping the Genshin Impact grind. Since resources and upgrade items cannot be bought, it’s crucial to put both free players and whales on a stalemate and explore all around Teyvat for the precious commodities.

For F2P Players, you already know that completing these tasks will reward you with Primogems. You do not want to miss out on at least 160 primogems to have a chance to get your desired waifu or husbando, right? Even if you only have a 0.5% chance and 99.5% maximum salt? Yeah, we feel you. But if you want to snag a good 10x pull, you have to work for it. Fortunately, the activities in Genshin aren’t too taxing or laborious as what FGO or GTAV does (God forbid whatever Rockstar is doing with the GTA Online community).

Not only do you get Primos everywhere whenever you accomplish a task but you also get some other important items such as materials to level up your characters. You can’t just buy these in shops. And when they do, they are usually only available during events.

So, let’s break down the three daily tasks.

Genshin Impact Daily Commissions


Resin Consumption

While Genshin does not have any energy limit for you to keep playing the game, there is, however, a resource that acts just like that: Resins. Resins are consumed whenever you finish boss fights, daily challenges, and temples. Depending on your level, you can only have 120 to 220 Resins per day. And, completing any of these tasks can range from 20 to 60 Resin consumption. You’d want to use your daily resins if you want to grab all those exclusive resources.

“But if I completely lose all my resins for today,” you ask? Well, that is what Fragile Resins are for. They’re an emergency back-up to replenish 60 Resins. Make sure to use it wisely because the next replacement will be primogems. And you do not want to use it just to complete that level 30 temple, right?

Daily Commissions

Daily Commissions are… well, daily commissions given to you every time the game resets for the day. It is also the easiest and quickest way to earn a small number of primogems (up to 50 a day). Moreover, there’s a total of four commissions per day. These usually include defeating hilichurls or destroying hilichurl towers.

Daily commissions in Genshin Impact also serve as a great way to test out your characters’ prowess and overall stats. Furthermore, the 4th commission is usually a small narrative between you and an NPC with unique tasks. Most of them are easy to do (emphasis on the “most”).

Each completed commission will reward you with 10 primogems. If you go to your guild to collect your daily commission reward, you get an additional 10 primos, totaling 50 primogems. Moreover, you also get elemental fragments and Hero’s Wits.

Genshin Impact Daily Commissions


Daily Challenges

Challenges may include temple raids, tests, boss fights, or the dreaded Abyss challenges. They’re considered the hardest tasks in Genshin Impact and will require you to consume Resins to collect the rewards (except for Abyss).

These are the reasons why you would want your character to level up because they always drop tons of great materials to help your characters ascend or morph your weapons into stronger equipment.

Temple raids are found on your map as diamond shapes with a blue center. You can fast travel to them using teleports. Moreover, temples are also dependent upon what day you are playing, making it a reason why you would want to go to different temples in a day. On one hand, you may find yourself looking for an upgrade for your claymore but the temple is only available on Tues-Thurs-Sat. Other times, a temple may be only available every Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun. If you want to know when they’re available, hover over your character’s weapon and check the description of the materials needed.

Boss fights are almost the same but on the open areas of the map. Moreover, you should find their unique symbols on the map. They’re great for farming materials to ascend your character.

Keep Up with the Grind in Genshin Impact

Fortunately, while it all sounds too grindy, battling in these missions is arguably quite fun anyway, so there’s really nothing to lose. Whether you are a whale or a free player, you are not safe from having to grind materials to get your beloved SSR waifu or husbando to level 90.

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